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    PAT is the French equivalent of FTF... premier/première à trouver. Thank you for the helpful reply. To some others, please remember that the getting started forum is a place where people new to the sport come with earnest questions. Flip, snide or critical responses are not appropriate here. agreed. not only that, the OP may not be from america and may not know how to spell english words well, which could be the case here.
  2. i practically never even look to see what's in a geocache, it's all about the hunt for me.
  3. i don't see much of a difference in battery drain between my two garmins, one with electronic compass, one without. never understood what the big deal was.
  4. if you register the unit/start an account on mygarmin then you can click on extras, click on go geocaching, put in a zip code and load away. it won't be paperless, but it works pretty well i think. it's free.
  5. that's what i do, and you can load more than 20 at a time without unplugging your gpsr, you just have to hit 'send to gps' a few times. i may get all those other things like gsak and/or easygps in the future, but for now the garmin site works great for me.
  6. i have the vista hcx and i love it. i believe it is the same as your's except mine has an electronic compass. happy caching.
  7. i've never experienced any of those issues with my vista hcx (knocks wood). i just uploaded the latest track on there before posting this and it was spot on. not saying people haven't had issues, just that i never have.
  8. i had like 80 finds and still felt like i wouldn't do a good enough job of hiding. however, i had an area that i thought might be good and it had none so i went for it. not enough people have found the two i put out yet for me to get a good idea of their quality, so i'm still concerned about them being decent.
  9. After reading your profile I find this reply a bit disingenuous. Me thinks maybe you should, as you say, "try to get over yourselves". i myself would not get into geocaching that much, but what was disingenuous about the post?
  10. namiboy

    G1 Geocaching

    To get geocaching with the G1? Just the cost of the phone and a data plan if you want on-the-fly internet. T-Mobile was recently running a promo on the G1 for $169 with a 2 year contract and the Mytouch 3G (basically a G1 without a hardware keyboard) for $149. As for apps, GeoBeagle is free. Cachemate is also available which provides a 2-d version of the map seen in the Youtube video. You can load a pocket query into it and select "show on map". A Google map will appear with your location marked and treasure chest icons where all the caches are located. You can zoom in/out and select satellite view to see terrain/trees/buildings, etc. Also of note, someone mentioned being able to virtually walk down a street and see buildings. You can basically do that now with Google Maps Street View. There is an option to turn on "compass mode" which will sense your movements and move the image on the screen accordingly. Imagine standing in the middle of the street and spinning 360 degrees. You can accomplish this same thing by moving the phone. The image on the screen follows the movement of the phone. thanks. i've never had any carrier but t-mobile, so i will look into it.
  11. namiboy

    G1 Geocaching

    intriguing, i have to check this out. got an estimate of total cost for all the stuff to get me geocaching with it?
  12. it is ready to go right out of the box. will the maps enhance your experience, yes. are they necessary, no.
  13. i also have a vista hcx and a nuvi 200. so far (knocks wood) i have been very pleased with my vista hcx. i took it to japan and it worked flawlessly from fort lauderdale aiport and back, and everywhere in between. i also just bought a nuvi 1200 which has an advanced pedestrian mode and you can download 'city explorer' maps to it that tell you subway and bus info as well, although i don't know if those maps are available for italy.
  14. maybe someone who is somewhat unbiased could just post something along the lines of listing the more popular gpsr's and their pros and cons and that could be pinned. something like this: garmin gpsmap60csx: has this, this, and this going for it. doesn't have this. delorme pn40: has this, this, and this. doesn't have this... and i'm not talking about the usual suspects who are constantly arguing about delorme v. garmin. like i said, unbiased. or maybe anyone could submit one and the mods could pick what they feel is the best one and pin it. it doesn't seem that difficult, but maybe i'm missing something.
  15. well, how did it go? did you also post this in the northeast forums?
  16. it is that delightful time of year that makes life worth living. i could never live in the deep south, and by "deep south", please understand that i mean massachusetts. anything south of that might as well be ecuador if you ask me. ewwwwww. i prefer the more moderate climate of, say, montreal. yeah, i have kinda the opposite 'problem' of winter caching here. that being, do i really want to go traipsing thru a scrub area in august when it's 95 degrees with, as the weather channel says a 'feels like 105' out there?
  17. what is this winter thing you speak of? snow??? what?
  18. can you provide more info, like price range, are you only going to use it for geocaching, etc...
  19. hi there. you may get better results by posting this in the 'southeast' area forums down below on the main page. i hope you get some help.
  20. so there's close to a million geocaches out there, and i was wondering if there was any way that Groundspeak would know which one was the millionth? do they have some behind the scene thing that shows them, on purpose or not, but something that whenever a cache is published that tells them what number it is?
  21. hey there. i bought a suunto M3 global compass because i wanted to learn how to use one. could i impose upon you to maybe shoot me a pm about what is a good book to read about using a compass, also if you know anything about the quality of my compass, was it a decent choice etc. thanks.
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