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  1. i've always had waas enabled but my batteries seem to last long, so not sure how much of a battery drain waas is either.
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    I don't know how you could possibly think that. My brand is way better at half the cost blah blah blah... love it.
  3. i didn't think the post in question was near as bad as the delorme fanboys gushing constantly about how great their PN-40's are. not saying they aren't great devices, but it gets to be a bit much...as always-IMHO. Always a chip on your shoulder eh? look in the mirror.
  4. the venture contains a very limited basemap. you do not need more maps to go geocaching. they might help, but you don't need them. i have been geocaching since '06 off and on and my two trail gpsr's have no added maps.
  5. i didn't think the post in question was near as bad as the delorme fanboys gushing constantly about how great their PN-40's are. not saying they aren't great devices, but it gets to be a bit much...as always-IMHO.
  6. I once made the mistake of referring to the round plastic object sticking of someones backpack as a Frisbee and was told in the most condescending tone imaginable, "It's not a Frisbee, it's a flying disc". I know. Sad isn't it? Anyone got a Kleenex? i hope you had a good reply to that foolishness.
  7. have fun, and let us know how it goes.
  8. do you know how geocaching got started? basically when gpsr's first became usable for the general public a guy hid a geocache and announced it for anyone to go find. kind of a fun thing to do. now, i'm not saying nothing should ever change, but i don't think only 'members only' caches is in the spirit of the whole thing. i'm not a premium member only because i don't geocache enough. i would probably never go out and look for 20 in a day, for example. i also think from my experience on this website that 'members only' caches are not why most people become premium members, i think they do it for all the other perks. i also think that it's more likely a geocache will be muggled by being accidentally found rather than someone logging on here with the purpose of finding geocaches to go mess up.
  9. YES!!! Thanks so much - obviously I am very new to this and not very technoknowledgable! Thanks again - off out again to see if gps shows us the way! let us know how it goes.
  10. you do not need street or topo maps to use the unit for geocaching. not saying they won't help, but they are not necessary at all.
  11. i don't have a mac, and i'm not very tech savvy, but since you haven't gotten any help yet and i do have a vista hcx, i'll throw some things out there: the vista hcx has no internal memory, did you put a memory card into it? if you did, you have to put the gpsr into 'mass storage mode' or something like that. you have to use mapsource to look at the map off of the dvd and pick the areas you want to load into the gpsr by using the 'send to gps' button on mapsource. i know this probably wasn't much help, but oh well.
  12. 200 series seems to go for below $200 around here, I've seen the 255W for $150ish. Amazon's price today is $160. I think I saw a Black Friday deal on a 255WT for $130 at Best Buy if you want to brave the stampede. nuvi 1200 at amazon and best buy is 129.00 nuvi 1300 widescreen at amazon is 155.47 and at target is 169.00 worth a look.
  13. how much are the 200 series? i see there's some deals on the nuvi 1200, which i have. i believe it does all that the 200's do, but also has an advanced pedestrian mode and if you go out of town you can download 'city x-plorer maps' for that town that will help you get on buses and subways as well. also has eco-route that will help you maximize your gas mileage.
  14. if i'm not mistaken, you have to delete them from your computer as well.
  15. i'm very happy with my vista hcx. i don't care about the paperless caching, so if that is important to you then maybe buy a different unit.
  16. The CN product is licensed to a specific device. It can not be used on two different devices without getting a second license (read another DVD). If someone has successfully ran the maps on a nuvi 350 and a 60CSx with only one license then they have violated the license terms. Jim he said the micro sd version, which i believe can be swapped between units. to the op: i haven't tried it but will be interested in finding out as well.
  17. Those two coordinates are about 0.9 miles apart, also known as 4965.713 ft (that's POINT 713 feet) and the bearing of 78 degrees from #1 to #2 is correct. Note the decimal, not the comma. Something in your story (website or program or the computer you were using) is set to European/S.American or some similar regional setting (see Control Panel in Windoze) where they use a comma instead of a decimal to denote the decimal portion of a number. (And vice versa - a period is used to seperate numbers over one thousand 65.535 is 65 thousand five hundred and thirty five) that is impressive. can you give me a starting point to learn how to do that? i would be so happy if i could figure out the stuff i highlighted.
  18. ditto. i bought my SUUNTO M-3 GLOBAL PRO compass from that website. very happy. i'm still not as expert with the compass as i want to be though.
  19. we may be heading west over to fort myers to check out the 'sand sculpting world champeenship' on sunday. anyone know of any interesting semi-difficult regular caches in the area? thanks.
  20. to answer your question, i have a nuvi 200 and a nuvi 1200, i have used them both for geocaching. they aren't my preferred method though, a handheld is.
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    gps in a biuding

    what did you learn in this particular case? i must have missed it.
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    Bad weekend?

    my garmin vista hcx performed flawlessly as usual this past weekend.
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