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  1. if i could only understand half of what you guys were talking about! it all sounds so interesting, but so far above my head.
  2. ^^^maybe you didn't have the right size?^^^ i tried to rip that thing all around my head and it stayed right where it should. but to each his own.
  3. my job keeps me out in the field with a company issued laptop and verizon broadband card, but since i'm typing on that laptop right now and they could see what i'm typing if they so desire, i'm not gonna be able to answer that question.
  4. here's my trusty old steed, it's got some upgrades like more hardcore tires and such: even if i didn't have to wear a helmet i would, this is what i wear and highly recommend, extra coverage in back:
  5. never had a problem, i just tell them "this is my gpsr" as i'm going thru.
  6. " am however, concerned about what seems to be a recent development of my map pointer (black arrow on map screen) not pointing in the direction I am moving in as it used to but rather pointing in other random directions about 85% of the time. Although I can look at my black track dots to figure out in what direction I am walking, the black arrow is no longer reliable. This makes using it as a navigator for driving and geocaching increasingly difficult." again, since he said BLACK ARROW ON THE MAP SCREEN i think he somehow changed his map from track up to north up or vice versa. on the map page go to 'map setup' and check 'orientation' and switch between north up and track up and see if that helps.
  7. based on what the others have replied i may be way off with this, but: you said the pointer on the map screen, and you could use the black dots, so i'm thinking that maybe you changed the setting on that screen. i don't have my gpsr handy but check like your track settings. it is something about pointing north or track up, something like that.
  8. when i fly to japan i take my gpsr and while i don't leave it on the whole time (it's a 14 hour non-stop) i get up every hour or so and put it by the window of the emergency door for a little while. works great.
  9. when i find a cache that i feel that way about, i don't even log it.
  10. namiboy

    Im scared

    post in this thread a report of how it went.
  11. what makes you "not totally sold on it"?
  12. same here. i don't have 1500 finds, but i just load 'em up and go. and hope for the best.
  13. thanks everyone for the suggestions. i think i'll just continue to keep a watch on it and see what happens.
  14. i was looking for a geocache last year and couldn't find it. i noticed the area around gz had some recent work done, so i thought maybe it was moved or gone. i knew going in it was a toughy. i emailed the co to ask if he'd checked on it recently and he replied with a basic hint, but no answer to if he had checked on it. so i just decided to keep an eye on it. since then there have been no finds and at least 6 dnf's. i say at least 6 because one dnf said they looked with two others. i don't want to bug the co, but i want to know if it's there or not. how would you handle this?
  15. i just went to sony's website and looked at the manual, but it was not in english. sorry.
  16. Thanks to all for your hints so far, I'll try to suceed... Perhaps a silly question, but how to turn the GPSr into "offroad navigation" mode? I thought, when I select a geocache (and yes, it is marked with the closed chest icon and recognized by the device as unfound cache in the respective listing) in the "Find" page, that's all I've to do. Is there something else? I also read some other threads in which some guys claimed that the icon for caches must match with the icon shown on the geocaching.com web page, in my case that would be the "traditional" white box with green cover. But I don't have this kind of icon on the default icon setup page. Bye for now When you go to find<geocaches and then select a geocache to find, depending on what maps you have in your unit, it will ask you if you want to "follow road" or "off road". If you have North America NT and you are really far away and need to drive to it then select follow road and it will direct you to it like a car GPS without the voice prompts. If you are close and are going to walk to it, select the off road option. You can check your setting by doing the following select menu<menu<setup<routing<guidance method. Here you can select your default choice of Prompted, Follow Road, or Off Road. If you do not have NT than select Off Road as your default. Once you have selected a cache to route to, you can either view it on the map page or keep hitting the page or quit button and it will move you to a page that has the compass with a red arrow and three tabs on the bottom of the screen to choose from. They are found, note, and stop. When you have found the cache, highlight the found tab and hit enter. You have now logged it as found and the icon on the map page will change from a closed box to an open box. Here is a nice thing to do if you are unaware of this feature. When you get home and are ready to log your finds on GC.com, you can go to the calendar screen and it will list all of your finds for the day. To get there, press menu<menu<calendar<high light the day you want and hit enter. This screen will show a list of all the caches you found. Hope this helps a little more. it helped me. i have a vista hcx and i did not know about the calendar feature you mentioned. thanks.
  17. say to him "are you a fellow traveler?" if he answers "i've bumped my head a few times" then he is a geocacher, any other answer, he ain't.
  18. first off, your "is you is...."part cracked me up. secondly, if he didn't give you the secret hand signal on the sly, he probably ain't a geocacher.
  19. I read this as make it free and let them not make a profit. I could be wrong but developing and providing updates takes effort and resources which must be paid for somehow. Generally speaking, I think some geocachers are beginning to have the air of entitlement about them. i agree 100% on this one. did garmin deceive in any way? no. did they not give you something they said they would? no. it was just bad timing, get over it.
  20. what brand and model gpsr did you buy? your's may not allow input but almost all of them do.
  21. i'm gonna bump this because i'm 99% sure there are some geomate jr. people on here. to the original poster, you may get a faster response if you put geomate jr. in your thread title. maybe something like "trouble with geomate jr. update kit" or something like that.
  22. thanks folks. i've got 2 handheld and 2 car gpsr, got my first one years ago, yet never even tried to load extra maps because i didn't want to mess anything up.
  23. hiya. i downloaded 'florida topo' from gps file depot and it's 126mb. is that the download or the whole map? will this map fit on a 2 gig card? how long would it take to put it on my vista hcx in mass storage mode? thanks for any help.
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