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  1. Yeah, this is disappointing! I should have checked earlier before running all over NM but we probably would have anyway.
  2. Whoopee! I loaded up the Whereyougo app on my Nexus 7 a couple of months ago and played several of the local mid Missouri Wherigo caches and now, tonight, I downloaded the builder, ran it on my Dell Win8.1 laptop, it couldn't even read back the .lua files it was writing, downloaded the patched version, IT WORKED! I even managed to crank out a .lua version of Hello World using my back yard as a zone. I'm off and running now. Thanks for everyone's help here.
  3. Pete&Re-Pete and I plan to set up an ISS sighting waymark on 13 June 2014. According to www.heavens-above.com the ground track will be over northern Montana and Washington and points east. We have sites planned at Inverness MT and Bainville MT that evening. If anyone would like to join us, please do so!
  4. That also happened to me. It's probably moot since the TB is already picked up (grabbed actually) so would not show up in the cache inventory. I just edited my log for the cache to say that I dropped off such-and-such a cache and let it go at that.
  5. Oh I love it when I answer my own questions! Sometimes it helps just to write things down. It also helps to RTFM. GSAK works very nicely with PQ's. I just created an empty bookmark at geocaching.com, called GSAK of all things. Next I gather my group of caches I want to work with using a filter or other means. I'm working with a series, so I just used the name as a filter to create a list of all caches in the series in GSAK. Next select Geocaching.com Access/Add to Bookmark from the menu, select 'all in current filter' and the bookmark I want (GSAK), click on 'Add' and voila, a bookmark list of the caches I want. Next use the bookmark to create a PQ, sit back and wait for it to run, and then download to the iPod. Problem solved. Ready to go snag that batch of caches!
  6. Thought I'd add my $0.02 worth. I'm using the 'official' geocaching app from iTunes with my iPod Touch and my old ancient Explorist 200 GPSr for final positioning in the field, and my NEW Nuvi 1300 GPSr while driving. Totally paperless. Well, almost. I still resort to an odd paper note now and then! The Nuvi has been worth its weight in gold and has improved my caching experience greatly. I normally keep a bunch of local caches loaded up on the Nuvi at all times. When I'm out of my home range and looking for the odd remote cache, I can quickly add one or two using the goto coordinates option on the Nuvi. No more trying to figure out which street or road to take to get to GZ. I keep the same batch of local caches loaded on my iPod to read cache descriptions,logs,hints, etc. The Nuvi can hold more than just coordinates but it doesn't do nearly as good a job at displaying the extra info as the iPod. If I find myself out in unfamiliar territory with no nearby caches on my iPod, a trip to the nearest McD for an icecream cone and free wifi will satisfy both hungers. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to use the extensive processing capability of GSAK to not only produce a file of waypoints I can load into my Nuvi (I can do that) but also produce a GPX file I can load into my iPod. So far I've only been able to download PQ output with the iPod's geocaching app but PQ's just aren't as powerful as GSAK.
  7. I have a Nuvi 1300LM with the same symptoms. I used POILoader to load a simple .csv to the device and to an SD card. The POI's were created as a .gpi file on the device and as a .poi file on the SD card. The former was recognized by the 1300 but the latter was not. I also have an associated .bmp and a .mp3 file. The .bmp icon was displayed ok but the .mp3 alert file did not play. I found out that the 1300 apparantly does NOT support mp3 alerts but was reported to support .wav files. I tried using a .wav file and it also did not play. I'm still tinkering though and perhaps will get it to work eventually. Alerts DID work since I tried loading without a sound file and got the default 'bong' sound as I approached the waypoint.
  8. This one caught me unaware about 200 mi from home when I ran out of caches loaded on my iPod and could not get any more! I'm now at home, slowly downloading updates to programs that were working perfectly well for me earlier. I prefer the old saying 'if it aint broke, don't fix it'. Sigh.
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