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  1. That Grey Wolf sure is a character, ain't he? I try to make the reward commensurate with the effort on my puzzles, but sometimes there's no way to make a puzzle work that would lead you to a place where you could reasonably place an ammo can in an urban area. My "Cars" cache is like that ... it's only a micro because I couldn't find a location for something larger that would work without spoiling the puzzle itself. -eP (a Puzzle-Headed Weenie)
  2. The counting is done by the client-side script. But in order to count all of the logs, you first have to load all of the logs. So if you've got the auto-load-all-logs script enabled, then the sequence of visiting a cache page is like this: 1. You click on a cache. Server responds with cache page with last 5 logs. 2. Script sees this and reloads page with all log entries. Server responds with exact same page all over again, plus the additional log entries. 3. Greasemonkey script runs on the client to count the logs and insert the totals by type. As an earlier posted noted that the counting script only runs when all logs are loaded. So disabling the script that auto-loads all logs lightens the server load. Agreed. It might also make it possible to see the counts by type even when you only look at the last five log entries. -eP
  3. Gotcha. Thanks for the tip ... worked like a charm. But it would still be nice to see a count by log type on the first load, which I think can only be done on the GC server side. -eP
  4. I am currently using that script and it works great. However, one thing I don't like about it is that it loads every single cache page twice, once for the initial load that triggers the script, then once again with the "log=y" flag set to load all log entries (so that it can count the results). I can't imagine that this behavior is good for the servers. I bet it would be a lot more efficient for the server to add the count by type function to the query it already runs to dig up the log entries for a particular cache. Or to just save the counts of log entries as they are added and deleted so that they don't have to be queried each time. -eP
  5. That's true, but only to a point. That's why I'm not planning to ever do the Psycho Urban and Psycho Backcountry series - their cache descriptions are far too long. -eP
  6. I think there needs to be a balance between the content in the description and the experience of the find. The description should be long and content-filled enough to compel you to go find the cache, but not so long that it spoils the experience. This is my shortest description, I think. It's all worth it for log entries like on January 11. It's not terribly difficult, just a bit maddening ... if you follow your GPS arrow, you can get to within 150' of the container and see EXACTLY where it's hidden. But to get any closer requires at least a 3-mile trek, of which the last mile inbound is on foot. Plus the hint has a double meaning to add further confusion. Not bad for a simple urban hide, eh? I think this is one of my longest descriptions, and it's probably a lot longer than necessary. The directions in it might seem redundant, but there's a purpose to them - the shortest way to the cache is through some residential neighborhoods, so my directions are aimed at steering people to park their cars in a nearby park and avoid walking through people's backyards. -eP
  7. I've seen two basic kinds of puzzle caches out there: what I call "pencil puzzles" vs. "true puzzle caches". A "pencil puzzle" is something like a logic problem or crossword or codebreaking challenge. Something you can do at home and solve without ever going to look for the cache. There are gazillions of these on the net and in bookstores. A "true puzzle cache" is something that incorporates elements of geocaching in a meaningful way. For instance, having to go find a set of travel bugs, then use the information on those bugs to deduce the coordinates of the final. Or go to a sign or trail marker, then use the information you find to deduce the final. I have placed both types of caches, but I kinda prefer finding the "true puzzle cache" types. -eP
  8. That's not true any longer, as per the most recent rev to the placement guidelines. Puzzles may be hosted on other websites not operated by Groundspeak as long as they do not require the collection of any personal information or registration to access the puzzle contents.
  9. I believe you meant "anal-retentive types", not "anal types". -eP PS: Current value of X = 4.6
  10. Yeah, that's too bad. If the friend hadn't thrown up all over the side of your truck, the night would have been perfect! -eP
  11. Heyyyyyy ... what's wrong with the BLINK tag? -eP
  12. The virtuals in national parks might be tough to integrate into a multi in a meaningful way, especially if they were deep within the park. Not impossible, but highly impractical in many cases, I'm sure. The only "virtual" caches you can still report are earthcaches, but those all must have additional logging requirements (educational purpose that relates to the study of the earth). -eP
  13. I've got a Thorns in My Side list in my profile of such caches that are currently giving me fits. Chillin' at Frost Park is one that has driven many, many local cachers insane. I got very lucky and spotted it on my second visit. The DNF-to-F ratio is running better than 2:1 right now, and that's just for the folks that bothered to log DNFs. I suspect the true ratio is something more like 5:1 or higher. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere for it to be. C.O.M.S.C. is currently driving me insane. I've been there half a dozen times already and still haven't found it. Apparently, someone criticized this hide in a rude and snotty way, so the owner responded by changing it to make it near impossible to find.
  14. Sounds like a locationless disguised as a virtual. I only log one find per cache. When I ran my stats into itsnotaboutthenumbers, I found two double-finds and changed each of them to a note. -eP
  15. I do have some cases where I've logged a find without actually signing the log sheet: - One cache I logged a find where I found the container but wasn't able to get the lid off. It was a metal pico capsule thingy with a magnet hidden under a bridge near the beach. The salt air created rust, which fused the two halves together. The next cacher had to bring a pair of pliers to get it apart. It's on my list of Logs To Go Back And Sign When I'm In The Neighborhood. - Two micro caches (in the same park) I found the container and opened the log sheet, but I'd forgotten my pen in the car. I logged 'em as finds and added them to the same List as the above cache. - I've logged finds on caches where I've verified with the owner that the cache is missing, but only after I've replaced the cache. I once did this without first verifying it with the owner and felt guilty for having done so, so I went back and removed my cache before anyone else found it. But those were earlier in my caching days. Now, I don't bother logging a find until I sign the log sheet. -eP
  16. Hmph. Doesn't work from behind my work firewall, which only allows HTTP connections to servers on port 80. -eP
  17. Thanks for the info. I'll just wait for the update. Curious, though - if the coordinates don't change, why does the map need to be regenerated?
  18. I recently edited the text of the description of my Earthcache The Everglades: River of Grass, and saw something odd happen. Before the edit, the map shown on the cache page was a very nice image that looked like a Topo map, with the state and county name as well as little swamp symbols and even the name "The Everglades". An example is here at GCJA5T. After the edit, the map changed to what I assume is a tiger.census.gov image showing nothing but a horizontal line on a blank background with a star in the center at the coords. Far less nifty-looking than the old map. How the heck does the system decide which map to use? And why should my edit have changed the map choice? I didn't change the coordinates at all. And is there any way for me to tell the system that I'd like to use the old version of the map? I'm assuming that the answer to my final question is "No", but I'm hoping someone here knows diff'rent. -eP
  19. I'm sure that the "Ignore by User" and "Ignore by Type" feature has already been suggested at some point in the past?
  20. I found one ammo can that had pretty severe water and insect intrusion. Even though it was hidden off the ground in a tree, it had not been found for quite some time. The hinges had rusted and the lid had started to come off. A nice family of roaches had taken up residence in it, as well as a family of white-footed (exotic invasive) ants. Every single thing in it that was capable of absorbing water had done so. I can only assume that the can may have been faulty to begin with or someone in the past didn't seat the lid back on properly. -eP
  21. Having one of those Geocaching brochures on hand can go a long way to dispelling suspicions of you. I've only ever been accosted by the "suspicious mom whose property backs up to the park" once, and a brief explanation of geocaching made her realize what I truly was (a nerd instead of a threat ).
  22. One person's bug is another person's feature. I like the shared profile, actually. But it's not immediately obvious that they're shared. In fact, because they're rendered somewhat differently across the two sites, it's pretty easy to think that they're separate. I'd think that there should be some kind of big warning notice about that when doing an edit on either site.
  23. I've been trying to make some edits to one of my bookmark lists, and I'm seeing some really weird behavior. I've got 25 entries on the list. When I first view the bookmark list, I see the first 20 entries, sorted in alphanumeric order, as I'd expect. When I click "Next" or ">" or "2" to view the second page of the list, I see some of the counties out of order. When I click "Prev" to go back, I'll see 23 caches or so, again somewhat out of order. I've tried logging out, blowing away my cookies, then logging back in, but I still see the same behavior. Anyone else see bookmark list wackiness going on? Or is it just me? -eP
  24. That does it. All because of this thread, my next container will be a vending machine that dispenses activated TBs/coins and other trade items, and it will have an ALR that you must purchase a TB/coin. And I'll form a not-for-profit shell company that owns the machine, then send all of the proceeds to Groundspeak. Does anyone have an extra vending machine they'd care to donate to the cause? We'll apply for 501©(3) status so that your contribution will be tax-deductible ;-) -eP
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