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  1. He posted above My first founds where all made with an Etrex Legend HCx that works 'til today
  2. 5.50 was the first upgrade to finally get rid of the Garmin " sticky " problem ( poor performance at slow speeds...unresponsive compass and distance traveled )....prior versions made you want to throw the unit in a lake. There were reports of bugs in firmware after 5.50 and since our unit was working perfectly there was no need to go further. On the 62S ver 3.90 was the first to get rid of the " sticky ". I didn't like subsequent versions on this unit either.....my wife just got a new one and it had accuracy issues getting to GZ.....I put 3.90 on it and now its fine. Thanks for the explanation
  3. It takes some time but once it's set up, it's a one click operation and you'll have: - full page (without pictures) - latest xx logs - spoilers photos - additional waypoints
  4. Great! Now, all you need is GSAK: http://gsak.net/cgi-bin/count/download.pl?file=GSAK830g Latest Patch (Optional): http://gsak.net/GSAK831B62.exe Nuvi Macro: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=196394 SpoilerSync program (Optional): http://www.anode.plus.com/spoilersync/spoilersync_full.exe SpoilerSync Macro (Optional, needs SpoilerSync program): https://sites.google.com/site/jjreds012/SpoilerSyncTxfr.gsk?attredirects=0
  5. Definitely a GPS. You can always (depending on the model) place a topographic chart on the GPS, it will have the precision you need to place waypoints and references, can analyze (again, depending on the model) and measure areas/boundaries, can navigate (most of the models) on road and off-road.
  6. Depends on what u need. I have a Dezl 760 cause I'm crazy but recently bought a Nuvi 50 to my dad, it's perfect for him (52 wasn't on the market yet). Cheap, LifeTime Maps, all the basic functions and it has tourguide. If you want a more robust device with even more specs, look at the 2597 or the 52. If 42/52 if enough for you, go for it. Just keep in mind, as always, that 2597 will have stuff that 52 doesn't, like Real Directions (turn right after Starbucks). If price is not a problem, go for the 3597! Visit some stores. Has i said, i closed a great deal with a Nuvi 50 when 52 was about to be launched and saved my dad some money. The 50 does what he wants, go from A to B Maybe you can find a 2012 model a lot cheaper... I believe i haven't seen a Nuvi that Nuvi_GPX_by_CT macro doesn't activate Tourguide with just one click, with the bonus of loading spoiler pictures, if you'd like.
  7. Why don't you just use GSAK and the Garmin Etrex macro? It will send all your database, with the desired filtered caches with just one click.
  8. There are theories that 5.20 was the most stable one. I use the latest without any problem...
  9. 1. I use a Samsung tablet with GDAK installed in it. Just update my GSAK database and copy the .db file (inside Data folder) to my tablet's memory card. Open GDAK, point to the folder where the file is and there you go, GSAK on the move with all the stuff you'll need, from Grabbed Images (copying that folder also of course) to spoilers, corrected coordinates, notes, whatever... It doesn't have the precision of a handheld device but it sure holds a lot more data. Both would be perfect, even a Etrex H since you have all the info on a tablet (maybe a 7" one). If you're buying a tablet just for geocaching forget it, buy a Oregon/Dakota/Montana device and you'll have all that you need.
  10. Go for a used Oregon 550, you don't need more.
  11. I'm a GSAK nerd and i like statistics. I find several cases like this ones but i never thought about reporting them. It was not because I'd think I'd be judged or threaten or something like that but because i believe geocaching should be "played" whatever you wanted it to and, if the owner sees someone log "I didn't find it so I've placed a new one where i think it might have been", shouldn't the owner do something about it? I know i would! I'm already a bad guy for warning owners that leave their geocaches for several months (and several DNFs later) without maintenance, reporting the "all about the numbers" geocachers would not be a problem but it wouldn't stop them. If they are happy raising the found stats this way, only the owners have the power to stop them. I placed the cache, i know where it should be, i should replace a broken/missing container unless i ask someone else to help me. That i did and will do it again. Otherwise, no go. It's not fair and it leads to the double found situation, when the dropper leaves a cache and the next guy founds two containers, the original one (that the dropper DNF) and the new one nearby. That's great, Groundspeak should adopt that attributes and make a log type. Note Found it Didn't find it I Didn't DNF, i logged my own container and dropped it
  12. I miss the good old days when we found a TB/GC in 1 out of 10 geocaches. Now, i can say that with the increased number of micros/nanos/small caches that showed up in the last few years, i don't see a TB/GC in maybe 1 year, except for cars, shirts of event "show-offs". We don't run to them and we haven't found many caches lately but, something has seriously changed in Portugal and i believe that it was not only here. When we started to deploy some TB, we were warned that some GC were stolen the minute someone got a hand on them. I understand (don't agree, but understand), that GC are precious items and have a lot of value. What i don't understand is why a TB disappears, even if it was only the TB tag and nothing more. I'm not saying that a TB can't pass over Portugal and it will automatically disappear, but the point is: it's an old practice worldwide and in virtue of disappearing. Dog tags cost money, custom ones even more and people are tired of losing money. We've lost several TB/GC abroad and one or two in Portugal so, we stopped sending them and started keeping the cool ones as a collection. The other big problem is reading. Yes, reading. Nobody reads cache listings of TB missions anymore. See TB2T3MJ for example: Released: 19 Aug 2009 Location: Ireland Mission: Return to a cache in Portugal - On 21/12/2099 it arrives at Portugal through a Stargate portal, only 7 km from goal. It could be cheating but there was nothing against it in the rules. Well, there were no rules - 04/01/2010 it shows up at Welcome 2010 event, some kms away from the portal. - It somehow disappears and we are going to activate the doppelganger (yeah, Vampire Diaries fan), two years later (Dec 2012) it shows up in Prague, more than 2000 Km from goal. - It's wandering around in Czech Republic since then until someone moves it to Berlin a few months ago. - Someone thought it wasn't far enough so they took it to Austria! - When we assumed that it couldn't get worst (well, it could show up in Japan) it was taken to Slovakia. In the same race, TB2T3K8 had a funny progress to. Something like Ireland -> Spain -> Scotland -> Switzerland He's M.I.A. for 1156 days now. If you open the race page: http://www.tb-run.com/show-race-IRLPT2009.html, none did a "perfect" course to destination and they are all kind of M.I.A., let's see what our Slovakian colleague will do with ours, it's the most recently updated (50 days). With this said, if i have any interest in launch a new race? Of course not. Am i sad with this situation? Sure, this was fun and a good side sport from Geocaching itself, collecting TB/GC codes and do some fun things like races/challenges.
  13. Someone organizes a contest that automatically assigns a secret friend to you. You send the item to the secret friend and only then he knows who send it. You could always send it without your data but if the post office can't deliver, they won't have a return address. Someone else (maybe even your secret friend) received our data and sends a package to you. And so on...
  14. That's a cool GPS to start with. To me, it only has one problem, the maps. You can't update maps like you do with Garmin on every quarter. Besides that, it's small, has a fast fix GPS chip, takes about 2k caches with all images from the listings and it has several accessories for bike, etc. If you want an alternative, look at second hand Oregon 450/550 or maybe a brand new Dakota 20, they're cheap nowadays. If you want to "bet" on a GPS for your future, i would go for the 450/550 at least. 5k geocaches, spoiler images, big touch screen (but not strangely big), several accessories (pouch, bike, motorcycle, car,...) and it's easy to sell when you want to upgrade.
  15. Por experiência própria, o Legend HCx é um excelente equipamento e recomendo-o vivamente.
  16. I hope you guys can put up a "show" like this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...dc-fe1fde3cab9e it means that we have two mega events in one year Basiclly, our log says: "As a picture is worth a thousand words, here's the picture of the night". We launched the first Portuguese geocaching magazine, gathered 522 signatures and manly... we had lots of fun Let's go guys!!
  17. Coin adoption has been sent to to your niece, El Beaver. Hope she enjoys her new coin. Adoption concluded, thanks once again
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