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  1. We fully agree with Bamboozle and others who state that a hint actually needs to be a hint. Nothing more frustrating than to grab a life buoy which sinks... It's only too bad that those fellow cachers who have been given the sometimes tedious job to approve caches apparently don't comment on the quality of these socalled hints. We would appreciate some quality control in that respect as well. doofie
  2. Almost forgot to give feedback. We stayed in Doha between X-Mas and New Year 2011. Had a great time. We had our own transportation, a regular sedan car, 2 wheel drive. During winter season apparently suitable enough for desert drives (not too far mind you: take care, take plenty of water, food etc.), provided it has not rained for a couple of days. Managed to find 15 caches in a few days, mostly in Doha, some in the north and some to the west. All fairly easy to reach, not too difficult. We pretty much checked the list we received from cincol. Did not encounter any problems. Beware in the vicinity of mosques: although the religious police allegedly ceased to exist, some 'regular' law enforcement officers frowned and approached us when we were parking too close to places of worship. Thanks all for the help, especially cincol, who we unfortunately did not meet, since he was not in the country during our visit. Qatar: you must have seen it!! doofie
  3. Although we have some experience in caching in the ME (Oman, UAE and Jordan), we were wondering if there are any peculiarities or specific do's/don'ts to take into account when caching in Qatar. We plan to go there in a couple of weeks - tips are welcome. doofie
  4. doofie

    Uae - Oman

    Next month I plan a visit to the United Arab Emirates and Oman. I've noticed that a number of caches is hidden there: does anyone have some particualr advice for us on how to go about cache-wise? Regards, Doofie (The Netherlands)
  5. In my opinion: logging your own cache would be a bit overdone, but I can't see why you shouldn't be allowed to log the TB's page: after all, the purpose of those TB's is to be found, picked up and moved to another locations, if applicable complying with owner's specific instructions. It doesn't really matter who finds it, as long as the logs are kept up to date. Again: this is my opinion. Personally I think one of the charming aspects of Geocaching is the fact that it can be done with an absolute minimum of protocol and regulations Regards, Doofie, The Netherlands
  6. Interesting. What kind of mile is used anyway on those travelling distances indicated on various TB sites? The "1609 meter" mile or the nautical "1852 meter" mile? They're abt. 15% different from eachother, roughly the difference K618 mentiones. Doofie
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