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  1. Okay I'll take a guess, but am wondering why you aren't finding a "hidey hole" somewhere and batten down the hatches : ) 80 mph 2 pm 8/23/09
  2. if you look about 5 or 6 topics below this one "mommyfinder" had one available for sale right now
  3. The ones I have came with a business card and the activation code written on it. But it also says to contact them at geocoindepot(at)aol(dot)com "if you have any questions or concerns"
  4. Well this is really early but figured might as well give it a try. I believe Tsun is having seven different coins for GCF this year and we aren't able to attend but I would really like to have as many of them as I am able to obtain to add to my Tsun collection. I have the following available for trade... I am trading this as a set only please / C & P Anniversary 4 coin set *** I will also have a complete set of C & P Crystal Compass Rose once they are shipped*** Northern & Southern Planisphere Shiny silver ET, Oceania ET, Neptunes Compass, Christmas Et, Talisman naymlap 4 versions, minnesota lady slipper, carousel horse/silver, copper, gold minnesota lady slipper is spoken for red or blue juwel of the moon, forfetherz glass geocoin, dragon ladon V1 RE & LE, solomon, bushwacking pirates sword with the mint error coin **this is a set only also*** pocket of gems, butterfly and bears, rainbow of bones...each has the gold LE and RE of blk nickel & nkl tranquilities dark, light, and 2-tone gold & silver, crake 4 coin set 12 days of christmas, starry night, and mickebush77 handmade geocoin rainbow bridge...gold, silver, copper jangor cat black or white, triple dragon LE satin silver, yemon-yime GCF 2008 edition, natures day & night black nickel I will also have Hogwild's sun compass and the Man vs. Cache once they are shipped. If interested in making a "trade of the future" please PM or email at bvnlj@msncom thank you Lois Jean
  5. I looked at his portfolio and it's not there but this looks so much like the Rhode Island coin that I had to ask. thanks : )
  6. Ok, just have to ask....what happens when you lick this cache hopper ???
  7. The AE version is my favourite version! It looks even better in real life, I am really happy I was able to get it Ooooh Ahhhh... can't wait to see mine when it arrives : )
  8. "Ooh! Ouch! My wallet is officially in P A I N !!! " CF30 LOL now all we need is a surprise Tsun sale on top of it
  9. Just went in and did three dummy orders. (Sorry, slow learner here) The only question I have is about payment. It says "money order / paypal" and that items won't be sent until payment is received to the mailing address that is provided. How do we use paypal on your site, or do you just have it set up like this for the dummy item testing?
  10. I just can't do it I tell ya : )
  11. Very pretty Jay. Sending good thoughts your way
  12. (sigh) Ho-hum.....just another boring kind of mailbox day..... NOT Got the super duper special Raiders Geocoin from Stepahie thank you again !! and a few Cachehoppers that have different color painted toenails on them, these are so cute "Life is good"
  13. LOL love the pictures. Cute coin, hopefully somewhere down the line I'll have something to trade you are looking for : )
  14. Received a really cute black nickel/black Cache Hopper Geocoin I won in Tsun's contest. These are the perfect size & weight to use as zipper pulls or key chain traveler. Thank you Stephanie !!
  15. Awww Stephanie ya made me cry. I can't thank you enough !!! I was hesitant to even send an offer because I certainly don't have the caliber of coins needed for trading with the "big boys" here in the forums, but sure am glad I gave it a try : ) Your attention to detail on your coins and how you treat your customers and friends here and off the forums is why I started buying your coins and still do. You have been super generous with your time and designs from the get go, and your "wise guy" ways are always good for a laugh. You can bet where this coin will be going, but with the Cache Hopper I was lucky enough to recently win and now this Raiders of the Lost Cache coin I do believe I need a bigger cabinet.....yooo hooo oh Byron my dearest lol Truly thank you again !!!!
  16. BVnLJ

    Usa Geocoin?

    They are "WAY OK" in my book to deal with. Have always replied to emails, (even when the help I needed didn't involve one of their coins they still took the time to help me resolve the problem with finding an activation code). Coins I've bought from them are a good price and always arrive on time. Met them at the GCF here in Pittsburgh last year and are very nice people. I like em' !!! : )
  17. well okay.... I tried but it appears they are going to go for more than I have currently bid on them : ) Generous thing to do Stephanie !!!
  18. We have two coins out like that. A Code3 geocoin at the site of flight 93 and one of our angel baby coins in Nova Scotia in a cache called Butterbox Babies, (with permission from the cache owner of course) and they have done alright so far. I say go for it and good luck : )
  19. Are you going to be releasing the collectable version in the velvet box in this coin? And the key chain and pin to match this and the BC red 2008 version too? thank you
  20. just a "I'm curious" question .... are all of these coins blue on front and different on the backside? (orange or green), or can they be made in the different colors?
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