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  1. nevermind it's the halloween evil micro for presale sorry
  2. Really cute. All your coins have such nice happy faces, I like 'em !
  3. Forgive my ignorance AGAIN, but were these new GCF versions? I think they were availble in September (except the Tempest version)... See the Neptunes Compass thread I'm confused on this too...there are three on ebay right now. A deep sea, a neptunes fury, and a copper one. Two say they are from the GCF and the other is just "highly sought after". I haven't seen any of them before though so I guess they are all from the GCF maybe the copper one is the muddy water ? (befuddled)
  4. sorry to take this off topic Tsun but I just have to pipe in here and say that The Finding Irish sure did something right in raising Queenie-Boo-Bay and Fredhead....they are such a considerate kids....two thumbs up : ) oh and I really like Anasazi Spirit Dweller Geocoin too...(had to put that in so my knee caps don't get broken)
  5. wow what a bummer you had to win a new gps lol
  6. what is this spooky looking coin ? looks like it's from a scooby doo cartoon : )
  7. well sure how about a cache hopper to start a frog population there : ) pm sent
  8. hmmmm just looked at travelocity and it says to far in advance to get a hotel & plane tickets. maybe tomorrow lol
  9. I have a muddy water or aquarium if your interested....pm or email if your interested lj
  10. wow .... those are purty : )
  11. lol what happened, you have two of the goggle ones and no bride of frankenstein : )
  12. happy halloween http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/BXl84RnZknGlV1tX
  13. These turned out really really cute. Thank you for the fast shipping too.
  14. I think there was a little camper coin out also....it looked like one of those old silver bullet type campers. Sorry can't remember the name of it though.
  15. Such an awesome surprise in the mail today....Vanelle sent me a pay it forward-forward, (if there is such a thing), her new personal coin. Thank you so much, made a good ending to the day. : ) had to edit because of what I read elsewhere.....so sorry Vanelle Feel free to add your photo back - it looks better than anything I have so far. well okay if you insist
  16. It's tomorrow, where are they hiding?
  17. Boy, don't know which version of this coin is my favorite...guess it's okay to have more than one favorite : ) Shipping was super fast on these too !! Thank you Tambe
  18. ummm...well considering someone is doing this for me I think it's a fine idea Really no difference than picking up as many as you can and selling them on ebay or using for trades for coins you are wanting for your collection. Actually better because your doing something nice for another collector. Just my opinion though
  19. Hey Stephanie, Since your going to have your computer, can you take a picture of your table, your new earth turtle banner, and all the coins before the crowd comes swooping in there and buying them all so we can see what we missed and have ourselves a really good whining session here : )
  20. I would vote for #2 because it has "eyelashes", and the main focus of yime v3 is, of course, the girl
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