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  1. Have to decided to reduce my geocoin collection to handmade or natural type coins and I remembered about these and purchased last week. They are nicely made, lightweight, and come completely ready to put into a cache with an introduction sheet with the coins goal and a printout for personal entries by the cacher who discovers or moves the coin along, all placed inside a ziplock baggie for protection against the weather. All that's needed is a pen/pencil and off it goes. Thanks Mike : )
  2. Here ya go...info on the coin when it was first introduced in 2006 " Posted 24 May 2006 - 04:52 PM OK. Finally, after a couple of months of intense prep work… my first geocoin is READY! Behold… Double Dragon Geocoin! Front* * Please note that only the two-tones option would have the silver dragon effect. Back I am now taking RESERVATIONS for the Double Dragon Geocoin! Click here dwprods.com to reserve your coins today! The coins have not been ordered from the coin mint so this reservation process will give me a rough idea of the quantity. Order will be placed in a couple of weeks or so. Buyer should expect receiving coins in Early July. Coin stats: Diameter: 1.75" Thickness: 3mm Metal: I have not decided on metal yet, but the options are: Gold, Antique Silver; Antique Copper, or Two-tones (Gold/Nickel Dragons) If you have a strong preference, make sure you put it in the comment field! Trackable on geocaching.com Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX) Custom icon Estimate Shipping Date: Early July, 2006 Coin Sales and Shipping Information: Domestic Sales 1 coin: $10.00 2-5 coins: $9.40 ea 6-10 coins: $9.00 ea 11-15 coins: $8.75 ea 15+ coins: $8.50 ea FREE Shipping and Handling (domestic only) FREE Delivery Confirmation (domestic only) Residents in state of CA adds 8.25% sales tax Optional Domestic Insurance Available 1-5 coins: $1.50 6-10 coins: $2.50 11-20 coins: $3.50 Shipping to Canada Add $1.00 for first coin, $0.50 for each additional coin, per order Shipping Outside US and Canda Add $2.00 for first coin, $1.00 for ach additional coin, per order All sales in USD. PayPal (credit card accepted) strongly preferred. However, cashier checks are also accepted (Please contact me at derek@dwprods.com for details) Faster shipping available upon request. Reserve your Double Dragon Geocoin now! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at derek@dwprods.com! "
  3. "LIMITED EDITION: We are making 25 "Golden" pocket decoders. These will be given away in monthly drawings at The Caching Place." Found this over in the forum section of the Caching Place website
  4. Great coins to add to your other 911 coins Jay. The Code Three Geocoins are a favorite of mine also : ) *** on a side note: think that is a very nice gesture you emailed about***
  5. Taking a lead from Stephanie, (Tsun), I have placed my Ancient One Anasazi Geocoin on ebay with all proceeds going to the Red Cross of American to help with the Hurricane Irene Disaster. For health reasons I have been selling off my coin collection the past few months but have been bothered about what to do with my mystery, gifted, and coins won in contests that I have been lucky enought to have gotten over the past few years because I don't feel comfortable in selling those. So this is the perfect situation for my little kokopelli to be set "free", doesn't hurt as bad this way. lol I have no idea how to do links to be able to put it in this post so you'll just have to do a search for anasazi geocoin if you are interested in my little guy. Thanks, LJ
  6. "Clark Griswald...The Ultimate Dog Tease Video" (need to turn on volume)
  7. One of our hippie bus racers, TB# TB1WGWG, made it back home to our cache this week and we were able to retrieve it this evening. Finished 26th in the race and has 9288 miles on it. How cool it that!!
  8. Does anyone know how tracking numbers are issued when a coin is minted, are they in numerical order or some other kind of method? I have a trickle geocoin activated but has never left my collection, it was marked as discovered yesterday and the man who discovered it says he is positive of the tracking number on the coin that he saw while at an event. Just can't figure it out ( ? )
  9. ooh ooh ooh .... I have an extra Karma (legendary succubus) would love to trade for one of your "walkin' after midnight" email sent
  10. oops, email sent but dhenninger beat me to it. Sorry for your loss : (
  11. Okay, have to admit I looked after I was done "creating" this one cause something didn't seem right. I was right! lol So I'll give a hint to maybe help out..... it's crescent shape for the most part, and the witch type theme has been incorporated in all four years of the coin. If you think you guessed correctly feel free to continue on, going to be another loooong work day
  12. a hint maybe? I expected at least a guess from the folks from quebec! hint helped : ) Cirque du Soleil
  13. Snow Wolf Geocoin? Yep !! your turn : )
  14. Sorry for the delay....lonnnngggg day at work
  15. Guessing it to be the "Two Seasons of December"
  16. after some "sleuthing" I found this coin, Cros Ceilteach, is this it???
  17. Yep...good job, your turn : ) Guardians of the night?
  18. 99.99% sure I guessed right so I'll keep it going.
  19. frozen buns...one of my favorite coins
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