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  1. Received mine yesterday....they are really nice
  2. Those are really nice But your tracking number is showing
  3. I know there was a minting problem with these and they had to be redone. Sent an email on July 16th inquring about them, received a reply July 17 that they got them in "a few days ago" and "am working on getting them sent out". Has anyone received theirs yet? Just wondering
  4. I also contacted Paula towards the end of last year to design a coin for me and she said she would do it, but that at the time she was in the process of finishing up coins for others and she was busy with her child so it would be awhile before she could get to it. I contacted her 3 or 4 times within the next 3 months and was told yes she was still interested in doing it, but again was still to busy. No money changed hands, so I'm not out that way like others are, but what bothered me was she never, even to this day has gotten back to me. It made me very embarrassed because I had contacted Georgia from TCP to do the minting and I had to keep telling her that Paula hadn't gotten back to me. As it turned out, a personal loss happened in our family and we decided that we wanted to have another coin made, so for us her bad customer service worked out. I can't imagine the moderators will let this topic go on much longer, so I'd just like to add that pghlooking's idea of a thread or site where designers and minters can be discussed or "rated" is a good one so problems like what is being said here are brought to light and can help those who are thinking of having a coin made.
  5. are you going to have the collectible one with the case available also??
  6. I got a super nice surprise in the mail today....a BRoKeN W "Spike Geocoin and matching pin". The message and reason for receiving it truly mean alot. Thank you very much !!!!
  7. Received my antique silver and green ones today. Good job once again Stephanie ! Thanks for the bonus pencil too : )
  8. BVnLJ

    Geocoin Peacock

    Received mine today. Very pretty coin. Congratulations !!
  9. WOW !! These are so much nicer than I thought they would be. You did a great job on them : )
  10. Good for you !!! You are such a happy soul, I enjoy reading your posts
  11. Received mine today. Great job Georgia & Sharon !! LOVE the blue : ) P.S. thank you for the trade
  12. HHHHMMMMMM Now isn't that interesting !!!
  13. I bought 2 - 2006 Compass Rose Geocoins off ebay. On the back of the coin around the edge of the coin is: Endless Mountain Geo Team. I sent one over to the event in Iraq that Tsun helped get coins for and received an email from the soldier who got it saying he is unable to activate it. I tried to get the activation code for the one I still have and am unable to get the code for it too. Does anyone have information on these coins? Or suggestions?? Thanks LJ
  14. Received a terrifice email from Baghdad, Iraq yesterday thanking me for one of the coins that I sent along to Stephany to send over with all the others. What can I say but wow, do I feel humbled to be thanked from a soldier on deployment for just something as simple as a geocoin. Keep safe and hope your back home soon to the Colorado Mountains kjklock
  15. Hi Tracy, Just sent an email to you through your site concerning an email I received that had someone else's email address in it as to who it was going to. (boy that sounds confusing but I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain). Just posting here in case the other doesn't make it to you LJ (BVnLJ)
  16. Received mine today. This is the very first set of "regular Sand Dollar Coins I've bought, they are cute !! Thanks for the quick shipping and Good Luck on your move : )
  17. Yes I know, but I just used his name as he uses it to refer to him. But thanks
  18. That is Chris Rake's personal coin. It is done by Crake! Thank you MJ
  19. HEYYYY ......I've been word muggled Okay, I'll try it again Does anyone have any information on this coin? Is it a Crake Geocoin done by "Crake", or just a Crake? Thanks
  20. I like 'em Does the turtle glow purple ???
  21. These are for sale on ebay and the TB#'s are being shown as part of the item description. I don't get it, how can you sell something that isn't even yours to begin with?? And aren't people just going to start logging a find on these particular coins?
  22. Received mine order today, they are really nice coins. Thank you BUT... Stupid question time....What do I do with them? Grab them from somewhere or just place them in a cache, or or or what ??? I know it's going to be a simple answer but I'm brain dead and can't figure it out : ) LJ
  23. Good grief the Earth has a great sense of humor
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