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  1. sent you an email through your profile....there seems to be some mix up
  2. your girls are georgeous...love their blue eyes and smiles
  3. sheesh...too much drama these days. Things should be handled in private and personally first before being brought here to try and corner someone into trouble. I had to ask the noodly one for exactly the same kind of editing to one of my coins when a new cacher insisted on posting the tracking number to it on the coins page because he thought it was a good idea to help other cachers see such tiny numbers. Sorry for taking off topic, but things are screwy enough in the world today without causing grief in a place that is meant for enjoyment. Okay, so now back on topic....WHEN (lol) one of these lovely coins gets placed into one of our caches will we get a notice of it so we can race off and get it ??
  4. Very nice looking coin and love the shape. I would more than likely buy a couple, depending on price. For what it's worth, the earth in the center is the same as the four elements coin, it would be nice if you could come up with a different image to show the element concept. (Just my opinion, maybe I'm just being a "mrs. cranky pants" today though.) Good luck to you !
  5. hey Yime...would you like to trade your Evil Knievel version for my elusive Duquesne Incline version??
  6. Well, if I would have bought four of them I could show the other two versions that can be made from them ... TRI TRI or GO GO
  7. What's soooo cool/or hot about this coin is when you put both pieces together...... : )
  8. Is this V1 of the Eyespy Geocoin or is there another that I haven't been able to locate? There is a V2 for presale right now that I like, but ugh, I don't have the V1 so I'm on a mission to find the correct V1. Do any of you know??? Thanks LJ
  9. ????? I sent a pm to you on the 4th when you first posted this, offering you two of the ones you have listed.
  10. hey....who hogged all the finishes but copper?
  11. Wow this is so cool, thanks you guys. Just got home from work and figured I'd check out our email and forums before I plunk down on the couch to relax a bit before dinner and lunch packing, and was really surprised by this. Thank you very much joefrog, your generosity is appreciated and I'll be watching the mail. I'll post a picture with Jocie holding the coin once it comes. LJ
  12. I understand why this is done too, but I don't like it either. Geez, you don't even get to hold or look at a shiny coin, just a piece of laminated paper...kind of a disappointing find : ( Thought it was kind of funny that someone put one of them in the "room 266" cache at the GCF considering it was a geocoin event lol
  13. Soooo Mr. Mystical Greenman, if we would go back to the Holiday Inn at the Meadowlands and risk being arrested for trespassing while hunting through their shrubbery, plants, and trees, would we find your Mystical coin still there??
  14. Hi I'm looking for two dragonfly talisman... Nutella Crimson woo hoo trade made for this one : ) I have.. witch parking/black nickel celtic cross in all green or red (from CH quality coins) Pororoca two-tone - ride with the dolphin or I can look at your seeking list and let you know what I might have from there Thank you LJ
  15. Sorry, dumb question time ....is there a hole in these somewhere to hang on a tree? Hope your news is close to what I'm hoping it is : )
  16. This is our daughter & her husband, (the 2 hippies), and our two grandaughters, Jade, (Hannah Montana), and Jocelyn, (the princess...who thought she should sleep in her fancy dress last night : )
  17. ooooooo that's awesome if that is indeed the mystical greenman coin....need to find one of those !!!
  18. That was a joke, my friend! By all means, please open it now as the contents are time sensitive! Not that I'd know anything about your mission though! Ok, If you insist ..... Wondered what all the laughing and giggling was coming from the box , three ghosts in there having a good ol' time along with some mmmm mmmm candy and great coins. Love ~ love ~ love the nerds, and the Anthus laptop and trolley pin. How very generous of you Roddy Kaboom : ), thank you and hope you have spooooky halloween
  19. I'm so glad you are making these. My mom had these plaques, it seems like forever, in her home and she always loved them. She said the tree, people, animals, and flowers represent something on the order of "the circle of life". I've never been able to find any information on the meaning or origin of it though. Do you know anything about the meaning? Can't wait for the preorder, these are going to be beautiful. A must have for me : )
  20. these are cute....had to get a couple. Thanks
  21. those are really cute lol Ask and you shall receive I started out with these Then I went to these: And theeeeeeeen things got realllllly crazy I saved a few of these so watch for the Halloween Giveaway
  22. I bought a set of the LE's while at the GCF and thought he said they would be available on their site after the event, maybe they haven't gotten them listed yet. They were just making their "debut" at the coinfest was the impression I got.
  23. BVnLJ


    Managed by luck, or rather my husband putting my coins on the table to see if people wanted to do some trading and it worked !!! Who would of thunk it was that easy doh This is a beautiful coin. Thank you again : )
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