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  1. woo hoo, it seems that we were both gnaughty and gnice this year. Just have to mention the socks were gstuffed full and had some awesome coins in them this year !!! Thank you Oakcoins and Merry Christmas
  2. yep your right....he's too cute not to come "to life" can't wait to see him
  3. PM sent...I have an extra trolley you can have : )
  4. Santas House Santa with his good friend Rudolph those are awesome...you have a lot of talent. thank you for sharing
  5. First time I'v tried a cointest so here goes Today is December 9..... gasp only 16 days until Christmas I just can't seem to get in the "spirit" this year and so far this is all I've managed to get done no shopping, no tree, no cooking, nothing-zip-zilch-the big zero So what's your part in this you ask yourself, and why is she on the computer playing when she has so much to do?.....well like I said just can't get into it this year and figured maybe if you share pictures of what you have done maybe I'll get a little inspiration and get my hiney in gear. The winner will receive this lovely coin and my husbands deep gratitude, hehehe Oh boy I think I may have goofed on my choice of coin for this cointest, I am so sorry Erik, I forgot about your ornament cointest. I can't remove it now because a couple people have already replied, but I'll just add a few more coins and the winner can choose which one they would like. Again, sorry for the "senior moment" The winning picture will be announced December 24, 2008, after I get home from work and go to church and see my grandaughter singing in the Christmas choir, so look towards late in the evening. Good luck and thanks in advance for your help in curing me of my scrooginess
  6. hey this seems quite unfair....why is Bob's sock sooo much bigger than everyone elses ????
  7. Is this what you found? I think it is a pathtag
  8. Eric, these are georgeous. Thought I'd like the red best, but can't decide which is my favorite now. Congratulations !!
  9. Very pretty Stephanie...glad you waited on implementing your fugly ugly series of coins until these were done.
  10. I would like to add Tucats from Nova Scotia to the UR#1 balloon list. He contacted me about placing one of our angel baby coins in the Butterbox Babies Cache up near him and after lots of emails back and forth we managed to get it done. He has been keeping an eye on her and sent an email this week confirming that she is still there safe and sound. He is one of the nicest cachers to be found !! Would like to add to the list....IBcrashen, Hollora, and Sweetlife for their generous spirit and kind ways here in the forums
  11. I just love these Alaska Coinaments !! Ordered a couple of the bronze, had the two-tone in my basket but alas common sense took over and I removed it....darn Christmas presents to buy
  12. when they make their way to where they are gneedling their way to, is it going to be gpot gluck on which gstocking they will have gneedled themselves into ?
  13. Once received, I'll have an extra red or green christmas lobster for trade. Still looking for a purple or green multi-colored earth turtles pm or email if interested
  14. She posted on her site that she's gonna order more tonight, so there should plenty of these snowflake lobsters to go around : )
  15. Wow those are really nice. Congratulations on another beautiful coin !
  16. and another thing....lol if we go in during one of your sales and start putting 50 or 60 in the cart just out of curiosity to see how many are left couldn't this be what is causing the cart issue to keep varying on what is actually there??
  17. The only fix it I can figure out is an increase the amount of coins minted or maybe not so many versions of a coin...just more minting of one or two versions The purchase limit of two is a good idea because of the popularity of your coins. It stops the extreme overbuying by the ebay sellers and allows the collectors to have a go at getting one. I agree that you having to spend a couple thousand dollars on a new cart system is just goofy...it is what is , I missed out on both the 2008 ET and original DT and I'm still alive....no lighting or some such calamity occurred....there is always trading and of course ebay does have it's merits too. You'll never make everyone happy....you can only do the best you can.....the heck with the whiners and enjoy your success
  18. congratulations Tsun on another great sale !!! (could someone tell me what the "confirmation email" looks like, I got through the whole process and paid...does that mean it worked )
  19. Very pretty coin Stephanie, congratulations on your new personal. Wondered what you had planned when you changed your avatar way back when. Although he wasn't too bad either
  20. aren't these it?? But did I miss the sale??? I don't think so....her site says sample pictures are expected 11/24/08
  21. how are these coming along? any new pictures?
  22. there's a golden lab coin for sale here: http://www.geogenus.co.uk/
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