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  1. The Dream Catchers have been getting close to $30 a piece on ebay
  2. Will you have samples to look at before the reservation time is up? Would like to see the difference between antique and sandblasted silver and how the gold finish changes the colors of the enamels before I submit a subscription for them.
  3. They are beautiful Scavok!! "Likey"
  4. I agree with tom4props, these coins are really unique. Glad I got them.
  5. Oops just sent you a reply in your pm box regarding this. Absolutely nothing on my package but yours and my mailing address and two canadian stamps. No kind of cancellation stamp at all.
  6. They made it !! Wow, nice hefty coins. Thank you
  7. you can wait until next friday on mine if you want. If others in PA got theirs today then that should give the post office a good looonggg time to get them here in my little spot of the world : )
  8. you can wait until next friday on mine if you want. If others in PA got theirs today then that should give the post office a good looonggg time to get them here in my little spot of the world : )
  9. oh can't stand the waiting I tell ya hopefully monday : )
  10. ooohhh maybe mine will come on monday if others in PA got theirs today fingers crossed
  11. another "no bones" in the mailbox day sending pm as requested above
  12. Just got mine out of the mailbox. These are GREAT coins ~ especially like the satin silver One was in two pieces but my husband was able to put it back together, never noticed spring pins before on a coin. As always ... beautiful coins and fast delivery. Thank you BVnLJ
  13. Well mailman has been here and gone for the day....no bones
  14. I think all you have to do is make another log on the coin and grab it from it's location.
  15. Happy Birthday Vanelle !! Hope you have a great relaxing day This first concert I attended was with my older brother who took me to see John Denver. It was at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh and they opened the domed ceiling. Just loved it !! Even did the lighting of lighters and swaying Far Out
  16. BVnLJ

    Coin Sale!

    "Quilt Trail - Stars over Tennessee" is this part of TNT's quilt series? I thought I had all that were made to date, but haven't heard of this one disregard, just found it under Allandale Quilt thanks LJ
  17. Received them yesterday. Two more nice versions to add my turtle herd : ) Thanks Tsun
  18. Yesterday and today Nice and sparkly coins. Must have some gypsy in me somewhere millieballon, cute lion, penguin, and sled balloons
  19. Congrats on being the first to receive a Dutch Lion mystery coin! Isn't it amazing how excited you get when a mystery coin makes it into your hand. I thought my husband was going to try and say he didn't know who I was at the GCF when I found one in room 266. lol Enjoy millieballon I really like the balloons you post here in the forums.
  20. Aaaaaand (drumroll please) a FANTASTIC coin & chocolate filled Halloween-turned-Christmas Mission package from Tsun who went way far and above the mission guidelines!!! Chock full of chocolate goodies, (the chocolate Santa pop didn't make it into the photo because my son, MarbleBoy, grabbed it out of the box as soon as it was opened...) a cute bear cookie (I claimed that before Ian could...) a set of cache-sized pens and a BUNCH of beautiful coinage!!! A set Christmas Earth Turtles , a gold Yemon Yime coin and 2 Elves (ok, I bought the elves but still... ) You cannot see one of the coins in the picture but it's there. All I can say it that I must have been very, very naughty to have received one of these!!! Whoa!!! Thank you SO much Steph! I just absolutely LOVE everything!!! Congratulations Sarah! You lucky duck er I mean crow....I'm thinking you like it, you REALLY like it But I just have to ask, is there some kind of secret conspiracy that Tsun has going here with no one posting a picture of the lump of coal turtle yet. I know of three that have been given out and not one picture yet. LOL Or is it really that "ugly" that it might break a camera
  21. Just went to C & P's site....there are 7 in inventory for sale... good luck
  22. Just checked C & P's site and the bronze is there and still available for sale
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