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  1. sold out presale? did I miss it? : (
  2. If I'm able to get through and get some I'll post and let you guys know if I can help out with these or the Neptune Compass...fingers crossed : )
  3. what do you mean by "peps" and upping the bids if they have been outbid, why didn't we get the same option ????
  4. Okay, thank you for the response....I'll follow your lead : )
  5. I think I saw these for sale somewhere but I cannot remember where! Can anyone refresh my faulty memory? PLEASE!! Where are these being sold??? CF30 ebay is the place
  6. Hi, I received your email requesting payment but just checking to be sure on which email address I should send the paypal payment to. Is it: seachange "blah blah blah" or feralcaching "blah blah blah" thanks lj
  7. just deleting my post...found what I was asking about
  8. Had a good mailbox day today....no bills either : )
  9. what is the pretty one with the park bench and flowers??
  10. The link Tooey posted says the RE was silver and the LE was gold. So it seems they were done in a polished gold finish,(plating), but not 24K gold.
  11. "big sigh"....good things come to those who wait. mints sure are having a bad month I think : )
  12. "big sigh"..... good things come to those who wait
  13. does anyone know if the 2006 compass rose was made in 24kt gold plating? thanks
  14. Hi Mike....how many orders have been placed for these? If I ordered I'd like to try to make trades for all that were made and would need to know how many to order myself. Thanks : )
  15. CONGRATS !!! Think that's great
  16. Thank you Toojin....thoughts are with Tracy and hope all turns around for them..think they have had their fair share plus some of worries this past year
  17. Hi there, had to get a couple of these but am wondering about how the text and tracking information is put on. Is that magic marker ?? Simply curious is all. thanks LJ
  18. real close to shipping time can't wait to see them too !
  19. would you pretty please post pictures, if available, of the sandblasted silver and gold. thank you
  20. Hey Stephanie, Really cute design once again! Congratulations : ) But I gotta say, lol, it reminds me of days when my kids were driving me crazy and I wished I could have changed my name to anything but "Mom"...sheesh felt like your momma turtle here with the ol' "ball and chain" thing going on Ok sorry for going OT....just weird old me at it again lol
  21. hey cute coin...anything particular coin wise you would like...let me know please pm or email
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