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  1. I have an extra of: Neptunes Compass (Arctic Ocean Edition), Neptunes Compass (Caribbean Edition) Earth Turtle Oceania, New Zealand Edition (black nickel) Earth Turtle Oceania, Tahiti Edition (gold metal) I am seeking the three coin set, that includes the black nickel, 2009 compass rose anniversary from Coins & Pins PM or email at bvnlj@msn Thank you LJ
  2. Got my turtles today and they are soooo cute. They are big too. Great job Stephanie !!!
  3. told the flower store I'd be in at 10:10 today for work : )
  4. Thank you Penny and Kona & ELTADA !! PS... I did get an extra of each and will be able to trade but I want to wait and see if I can somehow make the Neptunes Compass sale on Saturday and am able to get a lucky email through : ) Working at a flower store Mother's Day week is a nightmare....worse than Valentine's Day, I really think mom would like a dinner out a whole lot better lol
  5. Hi guys...a computer wizard I'm not, , and the email addy Stephanie sent for payment won't go through on paypal .... am I supposed to be putting a ".com" after it ?? Thanks for the help
  6. Fantastic coin day for me.... A "Crake" personal that I've been wanting for like ever WOOT WOOT and the pretty "PetersTrio" I won in a cointest Thank you again : )
  7. Received my coin in the mail today....I just love this coin : ) If our fish pond wasn't it's normal spring pea green color I would have taken a picture of them together. Thank you for the cointest and GREAT COIN
  8. Received my order as well today...they are gorgeous : ) wish now I had ordered a copper one too.
  9. I ordered the Amelia Earhart when the cointracking email came 2-3 days ago(?) .... when I receive them I'll post a picture : ) Well they came this afternoon.....
  10. Pennsylvania Owls HOO HOO HOO HOO
  11. thanks for the reminder...just placed an order : )
  12. husband downloaded foxfire for me and it works yippee!!
  13. We have winner #1!! Congratulations. Please email me your address and choice of antique bronze or antique silver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmCpOKtN8ME WOO HOO I love your coin email on it's way. thank you thank you !!
  14. awww she's doing her best How you come to the conclusion that a piece of computer machinery and a person are one in the same, I simply don't understand. Didn't come to that conclusion. But you don't need to kick her when she's in the middle of a stressful situation and trying to come up with a solution is all
  15. oh dear (hugs!) keep your chin up girl! we will buy your coins no matter what happens! ditto ((()))
  16. awww she's doing her best
  17. well my computer just stinks...my husband tried what he could figure out from posts on here and I'm still not able to navigate through the store good luck everyone and enjoy your success Stephanie : )
  18. well my computer just stinks...my husband tried what he could figure out from posts on here and I'm still not able to navigate through the store good luck everyone and enjoy your success Stephanie : )
  19. Hi Steph....I'm having the same problem as Clarkbowman...click on add to cart and it won't go any further into the process. clicked on details and got to the add quantity and hit 1 and add to cart and got thrown back to home page. went in and tried again and wasn't able to add to the cart the second time at all can you help please : )
  20. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to go searching. Found this on a site called AngelStar. If this is what you found, then it's just some nice swag : )
  21. Received my order of these today and can't say enough good about them. Absolutely beautiful !! Thank you for another great design : ) PS... LoriDarlin....Now that I received them I'll be mailing my part of our trade out to you Monday morning. : )
  22. Hogwild has put out some pretty awesome coins .... this "schwanky MOGA coin, the Delorme Eartha, and the pirates bushwacking swords ... applause goes to them and congrats to the lucky ones who were able to purchase them : )
  23. well missed the pistols and someone ate all the chocolate eggs out of "our" basket ... better go check and see if there's any cheesecake left. sheesh !!
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