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  1. I sent one last night that went through...maybe it'll be back up later today. tried again and it went through this time
  2. Just tried to "contact" them through their site and when I hit the send email buttom it kept coming back as a validation error and won't go through : (
  3. Received my coins today and they are awesome. Very big, thick, and trackable which I didn't realize at the time I bought them .... can't wait for the next in the series : )
  4. Received mine today....REALLY nice Joni.
  5. very cute. think I think it will look great in both the silver and gold finishes. had to check out the cache referenced on the front of your coin and then the adorable pictures you took of of the pandas
  6. mailman just plopped mine in our mailbox....they are so much nicer than a picture can capture : )
  7. Ordered an extra set of the glass compass rose coins. Anyone want to trade a full anniversary set for a set of these? Also have a 12 days of caching (four coin set) for the anniversary set Thanks : ) Email at bvnlj@msn.com or pm
  8. "You better find a way there girl! I'm debuting about 6 designs there " UUUGGGHHH Giant humungous sigh
  9. Try again later maybe. I was only able to buy the LE's this morning and then about a half hour ago the RE's were back in inventory for sale and I was able to get them
  10. lol no not me....someone has been banned and now seems to be going to caches and removing geocoins and placing them in caches not of the geocaching.com "world". Since they are banned and not able to log their visits or retrieval of the geocoins taken the geocoins have to be pulled and marked as missing or placed back into the owners inventory until they make it back to a geocaching.com cache : (
  11. If a person is banned from using this site are they still able to gain access to cache and geocoin locations? thanks
  12. Thanks for the info on the full of gems geocoin AG and Crowesfeat30. As for DresselDragons coin I just have to add this picture (just too cool not to) : )
  13. who made the pocket of gems geocoins, and does anyone has a good detailed picture of them to share? (the ones on ebay are hard to see the detail on) thanks
  14. Congrats to the recipients....any pictures available...been waiting to see it since GCF 2008 : )
  15. Sarah these are BEEUTEEFULL !!! : )
  16. Congratulations they are really nice....no wonder you were so excited. Gotta love the blue one So when they going on sale ??
  17. 595 inches or... 148 3/4 inches : )
  18. BVnLJ

    MWGB Egg

    225 gold 225 silver 50 copper
  19. I paid $138 for a Delfts Blauw Windmill, and around $60 for a set of "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold" coins.
  20. One more try at it.... I have an extra of: Neptunes Compass (Arctic Ocean Edition), Neptunes Compass (Caribbean Edition), Earth Turtle Oceania, New Zealand Edition (black nickel), Earth Turtle Oceania, Tahiti Edition (gold metal) I am seeking the black nickel 2009 compass rose anniversary coin from Coins & Pins PM or email at bvnlj@msn Thank you LJ BVnLJ
  21. guessing by the picture of his garden up above carrots
  22. Hi, I was going through my coins today and found a foggy silver bewitched geocoin. I could swear there was someone here who kept asking for one...can't remember who it was but if you are still looking for one let me know.
  23. WOW These are sooo nice...the pictures don't even come close to show the detailing in these. Awesome job Stephanie !!
  24. Steph...decided to procrastinate today on cutting the grass and started to fill up a coin case with your designs...hmmm once the neptunes arrive I'll be having to start another. (or better yet, will have to do a little begging to Byron for another big one)
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