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  1. Not able to complete purchase.


    When I try to complete purchase and have to pick shipping I get this message: Es ist keine Versandart vorhanden. Translated by google: There is no delivery service available.


    Can you help please.

  2. Longtomsilver, I do realize it was not Team TheFox fault for not having these coins in time as promised. They apparently trusted the wrong manufacturer to have them produced with. I am in no way comparing them to the makers/designers of the Circle of Four, Lady Luck, Cat Got Your Cache, Titanic, etc....

    I hope Team TheFox understands this. I just have personal reasons for not wanting to wait any longer and will be requesting a refund.

    I hope they come through for you all and hope they look as nice as they appear in the illustrations. Regards, LJ

  3. Hello again,

    It has been more than 10 days and no word on the status of these coins. I no longer want to wait, too much time has passed already. Please issue a full refund of the money I paid for these coins.


    Lois Jean

  4. Looking for the following geocoins unactivated:


    Tsun's Lucky Koi Koin,





    Colonel Cachington's Unicorn,



    Polar Bear Geocoin (there are 6 versions I believe, anyone would be great)



    Geoswag January 2015 Northern Lights Geocoin.


    I have two versions of the 2014 Baby Earth Turtle Project for trade. (25 of each minted)

    pink and white edition:


    black and glow edition:



  5. Hi,

    Thank you Mario for the update BUT...

    It seems to me that four months is a very long time to not even have seen production photos or gotten updates from Coinwerk. Are you sure these coins are even being produced? I would certainly like to know if we can expect a refund of money if there is no proof of production and delivery date for these coins. I paid $67.35 for these three coins on September 19,2014 and would like a refund if no answers are given by Coinwerk as soon as possible. Waiting until February now is just too long. Thank you for help. LJ

  6. Received a message from Mario on 11/17/2014 but no word since. Could you please update on the status of these coins. Thank you.


    "Dear customers of our Flying-South-Geocoins,


    two months ago you have ordered the Flying-South-Geocoins. We are

    still waiting for the delivery.


    Now our shop (Coinwerk) informed us that there was a communication

    problem between Coinwerk and the Chinese manufacturer. So the coins

    were not produced yet. Coinwerk has now given the approval. But it

    will l will last minimum six weeks until the coins were delivered.


    I know that this is not a good news. But we hope that you have

    understanding for this situation. We will keep you updated.


    If you have any questions, please ask us.


    Best wishes


  7. I have swapped the dragons before sending them out. You will get your traders in your package.


    Oh, thank you !! I didn't realize you were doing this.


    I received my version of the patchwork dragon today, Diablo, and the copies of others who traded with me. They are all super cute, thank you for trading !!

    If anyone else would like to trade versions please send me a message through my profile. Thank you.





  8. Not quite sure how this works but I participated in the trade with others for their versions and received an email from Fredrik that the following wanted to do a trade for my version "AF" Diablo.


    Version "T" Salofen from Jackofine

    Version "Y" Sunny from Sandra

    Version "AB" Hunter's Moon from Carponen

    Version "AC" Little Pinky from Kasefee

    Version "AY" + 2 others from Andries (already exchanged information, thank you Andries)


    Please send me a message through my profile with your name, mailing address, and dragon version and I will do the same for you. These look great, can't wait to see them.

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