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  1. we had the same problem with the 310, my advice is to use Magellan Geocache Maanager and check if you connected the cable correctly to the GPSr
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if there were any Escondido Cachers for caching
  3. Comin Guys get California published. I talked to BPR and I am the CA sub for the 50 State Cache
  4. Heres my profile. The Picture came from the Colorado River My Profile
  5. Hey guys, I was looking at the Geocaching Army and was wondering how you get a new soldier # and I.D . I have been looking and havn't found in answer I want to create a new soldier for the action
  6. It is not a requirment for a log what you did was fine, and welcome to the geocaching club of the U.S.A. Geocachers
  7. I've seen travel bugs going up into 19,000 miles
  8. Whats the next plan for geocaches. I need to know. I am Like !!! Need some dates
  9. Look through the logs and see if they posted maintenance or other cache related logs
  10. Good to have you here you will have a fun time caching, and will love being part of the cunning , stealthy , fun part of the U.S.A. Geocachers
  11. You need to press the button on the page that says recalculate distance. Hope this helps
  12. I sometimes leave a token from a place or loose change
  13. Same thing what he said. You have to wait and move from place to place
  14. Any submerged near California
  15. I have experienced the same problem except with the Magellan
  16. Go with what he said. That is a good way to solve your problem
  17. I have done a few outdoor caches, and I have learned my lesson on shorts and flip-flops. I just prefer using a good size stick that I can easily find near a cache, so don't waste your money and buy one. Just find a good sturdy outdoor stick. and use that
  18. I would prefer the 210 Magellan, becuase of the cable, memory, and software for starters get the 210
  19. : I downloaded the network and you have to wait a few minutes at a certain altitude, and then the network folder bar on the folder will start moving and turn yellow, and it will show you areas with caches, but they move, and the place where they show you is not exact. I think I just turned your to a
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