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  1. Trade those 500,00 miles or so for FREQUENT FLYER MILES. Now both you and your TB benefit
  2. i have 19 finds, and have explored the woods of Catalina and have found 6 new caches there while on a BSA 30 mile Backpacking hike. If you want to get the most camp here. Caches at Little Harbor, and Two Habor camps, are withing .16 of a walk to the cache, and same with Black Jack camp, .12-15 mile of a walk
  3. if you have free time, right click the Geocache, and select modify geocaching point
  4. That would be a cool idea. It teaches them for what they do
  5. ty sending them a regular email n ot through the site, becuase some peoples email spam filter sends those emails to the trash, and people rarely check it
  6. Hey guys I was wondering if I could buy a tb tag and then put a H3T Hummer from Mcdonalds on it. it wouldn't be a jeep TB, I would name it $Hummer$ Feedback would be appreciated Hummer H3T
  7. Hope this helps. BlackBerry Program Also heres a description, a nifty application called Spot for BlackBerry turns your BlackBerry 7520, 7100i, or any Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry device connected to a GPS receiver into a full-fledged Geocaching machine. Spot is available for $49 from a company named Skylab Mobilesystems. More !!! Remember read the WHOLE page.
  8. i would recommend you purchase the Magellan Explorist Series 210 , becuase of the memory, and the usb cable for downloading caches.
  9. i'm not a fan of those. i would recommend a explorist 210, becuase of the memory and usb cable for downloading
  10. any other ways that might be a little safer
  11. Hey guys I was just out on a caching run with friends on a BSA 30 Mile Backpacking Hike through catalina island and my superior wanted me to map out the route we took on the island. is there a way we can convert the route we took onto Google Earth. My unit is and Magellan explorist Series 210. Need some help
  12. How do we move and log your travel bugs LOL
  13. did you download the geocaching network from geocaching. com. You don't view the tools menu into GPS. You download the geocaching network at the geocaching home website. Hope this helps. You can't trust the locaction every 5 seconds the icon moves to a different locaction. Hope this helps
  14. can you link a picture of your broken cable/gpsr
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