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    it was sent by paypal
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    Can I track a Travel Bug Order
  3. moderator close this topic NOW!!!!!!!!
  4. yes, i did leave early. Wanted to beat TRAFFIC 40 to 7
  5. THE CHARGERS HAVE WON over THE titans 39-7
  6. I am going to the Charger game soon and was wondering if there were any caches near Qualcomm Stadium. Need asap results
  7. hum????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? []
  8. never mind don't come need to do more things for the cache
  9. Ok come to my new cache "The Lord is Great" The cache is disabled right now, because of private permission so come on Sunday to find the cache
  10. on occasion geocaches shown on gge are shown up to 100 feet away from the actual spot. They only give a good idea of the area of the cache
  11. young hiikaash is 11, and older hiikaash is 40 Young Hiikaash manages the forums
  12. Hey Guys, Is Twenty-Five finds a pretty good number to hide a cache
  13. if you have an explorist do you have geocaching mangager if you do you open geocaches that are saved click em and select modify geocaching point
  14. I am sorry if I upset you or offended you??? I was just trying to give you a heads up on the place we post/watch for San Diego County Events. Please feel welcome to post/attend/join any of us. We have a lot of events going on...a few pub events, a few CITO's and a camp-out. And people are hooking up each week to cache together. Some of the most active area cachers live in your area...If you would like names let me know. Take care and Happy caching PS Welcome to caching! Sory Dude : I meant ok. I wasn't mad or anything I just was ok with it. I will try to hook up with San Diego Cache Events
  15. This thread is for Escondido Caching. We will organize Escondido Caching to have fun. Lets start this thread
  16. I don't know if this counts, but My 20th find sinced I started on July 1st.
  17. I would say just get a small plastic bag, to fit coordinates, and a magnet to hold it in place Reply if it helps
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