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  1. Hello Geocachers, Recently I entered my science fair at school. The project was on geocaching, and my hypothesis was that caches placed in rural areas would be found less times than caches in urban areas. He set up four caches: Bush Whack George Washington's Kodak Moment Can of Campo Wake Up and Smell the Coffee If you found any of these caches, thank you for helping me with my project. My project was screened, and it was entered in the County Science Fair. After I saw about 5 county judges, and 6 professional society judges, they were very interested that they learned about Geocaching, and how it worked. My project took a 2nd place at the awards ceremony at the Cox Arena, and the guy across from me knew about geocaching and he started talking about the caches he had found.
  2. would a pretty good guess be a million or two
  3. can anyone give us a real number? i have 4 so were up to 12.
  4. Hello cachers, I am doing a science fair project, and for part of my report I need the number of travel bugs in the WHOLE world. Can anyone post a number of what they think it is. Please Help.
  5. I am going out there, stop posting. I will be to my cache maybe ina few weeks or so.
  6. Not Bush Whack, my other cache Can of Campo. I live 45+miles from that cache, i'm just asking for anyhelp near my cache
  7. I was on a BSA trip, and put a cache at the Campo railroad museum, on the border. The cache is a coffee can, with some old bones, and a TB in there. Can someone please retrieve the TB for me!!! It has been there ever since the first of October!!!!
  8. I just sent an email and your Tb will move very soon. The guy has had some issues, and he will place it soon.
  9. While coming back from a cache, I passed something, and I slammed on the brakes, and found ROAD TREASURE. It was a hammer in pretty good condition. I used it to make my new caches.
  10. Thank you, GoBolts has offered to, so I am waiting for him.
  12. Garamin+Case Heres an Ebay search. There is a Garamin ETrex Legend C for $179 It includes the GPSR and a carrying case for it.
  13. Hello, I placed a new cache at Campo, right by the US/Mex border and the reviewer says my cache is right next or pretty near active railroad tracks. It anyone lives nearby email me, and I will give you the coordinates and the location of the cache. I am sure it is probably 170 feet away from it Thanks. Please HElp Please HElp Please HElp Please HElp Please HElp
  14. redstareq where is the bikencache event for those biking caches
  15. it's ok thanks for offering though
  16. Hey Guys, I have ordered 4 Tb's and it has been a week, and they are not here. Are there any Stores in San Diego County that sell Tb's.
  17. log for the whole cache. you could write notes for each stage, and do afound log for the whole thing. hope this helps
  18. ya, ya Eartha, some other moderator I don't know CLOSE THIS TOPIC
  19. I agree with the rambler, this is a cover up, and a scam someone took him.
  20. hiikaash


    I ordered from the Groundspeak
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