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    *I* only have one listed. AND, I also have a NC event listed. Did that fall through? Care to edit this list below to the final list? Washington (Seattle) - Avroair Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) - Dressel Dragons Michigan (Southeast) - LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21 South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) - AtlantaGal & Chickahominy Texas (Dallas) - Mustang Joni & Cache in Hand Hawaii (Honolulu) - sillygirl & jrr Mississippi (Jackson) - Prntr1 North Carolina (Chapel Hill) - Maingray Missouri (St Louis) - Crowesfeat30 Nevada (Las Vegas) - UFgatorgirl New York (Central) - Vanelle Alabama (Huntsville) - Clarkbowman New Jersey (South) - JoenSue Georgia (Columbus) - fatkidsOTWunite Maine - Kayakerinme Colorado (Denver) - Atwell Family Minnesota (St Paul) - No Snow & ShadowsFriend South Dakota (Sioux Falls) - GPXnavigators Illinois (Peoria) - 2LittleCache California (SF) - Frivlas Utah (SLC) - hjnielsen/nielsenc Florida - Space Coast Geocachers Japan (Misawa) - Jackalgirl Portugal (Lisbon) - PLnauta United Kingdom - Lizzardman Australia (Western) - AlliedOz Canada (Ontario) - ELTADA Germany - Neirolf Middle East (UAE) - Cardon Hunter Czech republic (Prague) - Lucecitka
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    Czech version ;o))
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    Hello from Prague (Czech republic). We are very happy that we could join your multi event. Many geocachers are interested in this 999 event (now we have more then 100 "will attend" logs ;o))
  4. I had a look there, but I didn´t find it...
  5. Hi, I get Australia 2006 geocoin, but there where no information about where can I get an activation code Can somebody help me? Thanks!
  6. It´s really wonderful!!!!! I will be interested in one or two...
  7. Hi, what about Czech republic? I´d like to help you. Email sent.
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