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  1. Here is Czech republic - Praha version
  2. Our Czech - Praha colours choice sent to Emma and Mark Thanks!
  3. 1. Avroair --- Seattle 2. BAT --- Northeast Illinois 3. ELTADA --- Ontario 4. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO 5. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic
  4. Hi, I have some Czech (Prague) 10 Years! coins in black nickel finish left and I would like to trade for other 10 Years! event coins I don't have. If you are interested in trade, email me through my geocaching profile. I have or will have these versions: Czech republic - Praha (black nickel) Czech republic - Praha (antique silver) Czech republic - Pilsen Switzerland Emerald Coast Florida Missouri The Netherlands Myrtle Beach, SC Minnesota Ohio Seattle Georgia SE Michigan Maine Ontario Santa Cruz, California United Kingdom Portugal Cache Royale Roulette Thanks
  5. E-mail sent this morning... I do have a trade with Lucie. Didn't the Pilsen Event have a different coin? I would like to trade for that one too if at all possible. CF30 She had both versions. So find out which one she sent you. No, I have only Prague version (we have antique silver and black nickel - same colours different finish), Pilsen have completely different design. Prague 10 Years! geocoin (on the left antique silver, on the right black nickel) - it is not a really good picture, sorry... I have a several of black nickel for trade if somebody want black nickel version is in reality nicer than antique silver (at least for me Our event was a huge success - now we have about 240 attendees logged. The weather was a little bit capricious, but without a rain only a few drops
  6. I received our Czech-Praha coins today ;o))
  7. Very Nice!!! That's the Roulette geoswag version. I have the Seattle ones in hand, anyone wanna trade? So far have sent to: Matt Family SciFibookcollector crowesfeat3.15 fatkidsoftheworldunite and one that went to Idaho. anyone else? who want's some? groovy! I WANT TRADE
  8. I didn´t receive any shipping notice. so I´m a little bit nervous :-(
  9. We didn´t receive our (Czech - Prague) geocoins yet, and we are international (
  10. I know Lucecitka does in the Czech Republic as she has been in contact with me about a trade Yes, event in Czech republic - in Praha have two versions of multi event coin (same colours but different finish - one in antique silver and one in black nickel --- the black nickel version is a special version only for winners of our event competitions and for trade
  11. Czech event is published: GC23HWM
  12. Czech event is published: GC23HWM
  13. Both versions?? I only see one on the participants page!?!? f CF30 We will have antique silver and black nickel with the same colour combination ;o)
  14. Both Czech versions are correct
  15. I´m also interested in trading as many multi-event geocoins as possible ;o)) So, if you are interested in trading for Czech version, PM/email me ;o)
  16. I love the design. My event (in Czech republic) will be on the 2nd May.
  17. Ok whew! Glad that's cleared up! Yes, I am definitely interested in a multi-event coin (depending on the design of course!). Yes, yes, yes, I am (and many cachers from Czech republic are) interested in a multi-event coin
  18. Event will be also in Czech republic it will be geo-picnic ;o)
  19. Lucecitka


    Hi, still have some Czech version of 999 GC for trade - prefer trade for another 999 version (I already have these versions: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolinaand Washington) Have a nice day!
  20. Lucecitka


    Hi, is there anybody who wants to trade for Czech version of 999 GC - I have 7 GC left for trade (I already have these versions: Hawaii, Washington, Minnesota and Florida) Many greetings from Prague
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