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    Oh no! The manual is right here by your side: GPSmap 60CSx manual at Garmin's web site
  2. Ttepee (bf, I suppose), You have to put the images up on a web server you have access to and then link to them from a post here in the forum. The link you want is the image link to have your images appear in-line in the post. (Try with starting a replying to a post with an image in it to see how it is done. You can cancel your reply with the back button of your browser.) Edit: spelling
  3. The team is approaching at the top right of the image: The team is searching in the center of the image: Edit: another image and rearranged somewhat
  4. When you read the logs for caches and there are images included you can simply point to the image icon, no clicking at all, to get the image displayed, it is decreased in size so what you get to see is a preview for the image so you can decide if you want to see the full size version or not. If you do the same in a travel bug log the same thing does not work. Why? I find the operation per the cache logs very handy and think it would be great to have the same for TB logs too. Would that be possible to arrange?
  5. I was wrong about these satellite numbers, they are NMEA satellite IDs.
  6. No, the technique will be established around the globe (as far as I understand). In Europe the same thing is called, by the acronym, EGNOS and has been launched for active service during this summer. In Asia the same thing is/will be called something else. You can read more on these pages: - http://gpsinformation.net/exe/waas.html, - http://gpsinformation.net/waasgps.htm and - http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/dgps.htm (and several more places I am sure) Here in Sweden I often receive two different EGNOS satellites. (The satellites that Garmin numbers 33 and 37. I believe that these satellite numbers are GPSr manufacturer specific.)
  7. Jag håller med tidigare kommentarer om att båda låter bra och helt klart är bra nog. Men eftersom du frågar efter kommentarer och hjälp så försöker jag! Den engelska texten har du redan fått hjälp med så jag tänkte fokusera på att kommentera den svenska. Det finns några stavfel jag hittar och sedan kommenterar jag alternativ som jag "känner för" när jag läser texten! Tänk på att det står dig helt fritt att använda hur få eller många du vill av mina kommentarer nedan! "Smaka" på mina förslag och avgör hur du vill göra! Första stycket: - Om du vill skriva på dialekt så är det helt okej att skriva "påg", annars "pojke". - "På grund av hans röda hår..." Andra stycket: - Jag tycker inte du återigen behöver förklara "..., den röde draken, ..." igen här i första meningen. Tredje stycket: - I andra meningen i stycket börjar du införa "dig själv" i första person i texten och därmed Drage som "din far". För mig blir detta lite förvirrande. (I fjärde stycket blir det lite mer konsekvent.) Kanske kan du omarbeta texten för att förtydliga de här växlingarna mera? Fjärde stycket: - "Han gav dem varsin ledtråd, till den plats där..." eller "Han gav dem en ledtråd var, till den plats där...". - "... som fick latituden till..." Femte stycket: - "... så är jag ganska säker..." Sjätte stycket: - Christianstad/Kristianstad, här är det återigen fråga om dialekt eller ej tänker jag. Edit: Stavning...
  8. Dirtnapper, If you buy the Auto navigation kit your GPS will become "for vehicle use"! This is probably why the 60C(S)x and 76C(S)x are listed in the compatibility list for the new maps, nothing magic.
  9. ZoomLens, Sorry, didn't read your post fully before posting my own. For linking to pictures you will need a web server where you can publish your pictures to then link to them from your post here at Groundspeak. When you do a "Post Reply" you are given a couple of "buttons" above the editing box and the green one is used to add a link to a picture that will be shown as part of the post (point at them to get an explaining text) when you already have the web address to the picture that is.
  10. Looks like the bear is trying to escape the nest...
  11. I also live in Sweden and I get EGNOS fixes from time to time with my 60CSx running 3.0/2.7. I was in England for a week (two weeks ago) and while there I never received EGNOS signals long enough to get a fix with them, the satellites flashed for a few seconds at most.
  12. pbn

    Which Firmware Do I Have

    It might help if you told us what make and model of GPS you have.
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