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  1. That's correct. The address used to be a big, dark secret. You almost had to be invited to get it. As far as should it be a traditional or unknown...I suppose they can call it whatever they want. And in the end, does it really matter? Yup, Yup it used to be an archived cache with the coordinates somewhere in the water nearby. Had to email a request to visit then they would hook you up . It was a cool kids in the know kinda cache .
  2. That is the correct listing, but the page is a work in progress and has not been published. The post above says it will be published on 6th September. So, not to worry. Oops, missed that. Mahalo Keystone!
  3. Hey what happened to the North Wales 2016 Mega Event GC5TQ6Q?!?! Appears to have been retracted .
  4. Aloha HerroSone, I'm in Mililani and I would be willing to help you out. PM me through my profile .
  5. Still hasn't fixed the caches disappearing problem I am having . They all disappear after second reboot. Now I'm loading them on the micro SD card using BaseCamp. Whats weird is that my personal waypoints, which are part of the same gpx file after BaseCamp adds them to the GPSr, show up after the second start up?!?!
  6. I was introducing a coworker and fellow hiker to geocaching using the new "more improved" Garmin GPSMAP 64s and we arrived at the part where I usually say "Now it depends on what type of GPSr they have/used when placing the cache, because some are more accurate then others." To which he replied, "That's not listed on the cache page? Sounds like important info to have." With a shrug I said, "Yeah that would be good to know, but it isn't." and we continued on our way. I know you can add what GPSr you use to your account details, but I don't think it is available for anyone else to see. Can we add that info to the cache page? Should we add that info to the cache page? If not on the cache page, maybe make their "Primary Gadget" available on their profile page. Or just keep it as is, part of the difficulty rating LOL.
  7. Did you log it using the iPhone App? Someone was bouncing that around after our CITO today. I logged it online and got the souvenir.
  8. Hmmm... Interesting?!?! Don't remember any older (archived) caches around there that would fit your description. Can't wait to see the pics .
  9. If you honestly didn't know and you didn't see anything saying the area had "Hours", then explain that in your log []. I think the CO may be partly (or mostly) to blame here. He should have made it clear on the cache page that the area was closed at dusk IMHO.
  10. Sometime this morning my "Recently Viewed Caches" stopped updating. Just thought you guys should know .
  11. Aren't they already well hidden? You have to physically click on a tab to see them right? I don't really understand all the souvenir bashing going on, seems kinda silly .
  12. Get out there and celebrate the "Geocaching GOD"! ;-)
  13. Same issue here plus the "View Logbook" leads to an empty "Logbook" .
  14. Yup ! Nominated Bainbridge Island, Washington for best geocaching!
  15. Can't nominate any Hawaii small towns. None of them show up when searching .
  16. Started yesterday after site update. Can't access my cache GC1259R. Keep getting a "500 - Server Error" .
  17. Looks like Hogwild Stuff has shut down for good . This is what the home page says now: February 9, 2013 The time has come to call it quits for Hogwild Stuff which has been close to dormat for the last year. There are several outstanding orders and they will be filled and mailied on February 11, 2013. We are not currently answering Hogwild domain emails but Steve Moran can be contacted at smoran at gmail dot com. Thanks for all the support through the years. Steve
  18. Took me just over 4 years (4/16/06 to 4/30/2010) to clear the Island of O'ahu. Since then I have been trying to keep it clear .
  19. For my letterbox hybrids the listed coords are the starting point for the directions to the cache. I list the final coords in the "Additional Waypoints" section as a "Final Location". That seems to be OK with my reviewer .
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