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  1. As some of you my know, snails are nice little creatures. In Portugal, they're cooked in some ways and they're are delicious! (Ok, Cruella hates them, but I love'em).


    So, take a normal snail, very common in Portugal...




    Add some insanity from an owner...




    And you'll get one to remember for life...




    Got the coordinates? Now let's leave it where we found it.





    And yes. It has a magnet inside so the holds to the metal plate.


    Probably, the best container I found. What do you think? Is Portuguese Geocaching on the right track? ;)


    Simply Nasty...but I love it!!!

  2. :) Ok, I'm a newbie to Geocaching, but not to walking sticks. My partner and I have been carving them for years. So, I'm embarassed to say that I was stupid enough to do a "quick cache" run this afternoon without taking my stick with me. The wpt was only 20 ft from a paved path...so what harm could there be???

    Well last night we had some rain, which created a very slippery area and I found myself quickly in the Erie Canal!!! B) No harm done...except to my pride, but I'll never be without my stick again!

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