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  1. I too will miss it... sniff, SOB!
  2. Thank you everyone for your trades!!! I've e-mailed everyone with the info.
  3. Hi everyone, love the coins I've seen here! I'm a newbie and just made my 1st wooden nickle, anyone care to trade?
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie from Fairport, NY. I've been lurking as I've been learning...so much to asorb! Gotta love this sport!!!
  5. Ok, I'm a newbie to Geocaching, but not to walking sticks. My partner and I have been carving them for years. So, I'm embarassed to say that I was stupid enough to do a "quick cache" run this afternoon without taking my stick with me. The wpt was only 20 ft from a paved path...so what harm could there be??? Well last night we had some rain, which created a very slippery area and I found myself quickly in the Erie Canal!!! No harm done...except to my pride, but I'll never be without my stick again!
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