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  1. The cost for tracking numbers and the custom icon are expensive. With a minimum of 500 coins @ $1.50 each for tracking (personal coins) and the $150 fee for the custom icon, the cost for just tracking and icon alone is $900. This doesn't even count for any minting or engraving costs. Organizations must have a minimum of 1000 coins. So that definatley impacts the cost of a coin. ....Anthus Not neccessarily, read my above statement. 500 Coins 400 Sold for you (selling, shipping, customer service) 100 Given to you Possible profit Beautiful coin Trackable Personal Icon 500... 1000... Not that much No die cut fee You can make your own coin, cost free, pain free, no hidden costs.
  2. We have our coin going on sale on the 15th @ 9:00 pm, go to The Geocoin Store We purchased 500, they keep 400 to sell, ship, the whole package. After they sell their first 100 we are then sent the remaining 100 for whatever. The artwork can be of anything, I personally use my "scrapbook" program to develop our coin and others. Let me know if you need help. The icon, which reflects on the coin (ours is a small shamrock), is the picture that shows under your profile along with the caches and travelbugs. We ordered a minimum of 500 so we could have our own icon and have it be trackable on GC.com. I wish I would have done 1000 coins, it may sound like a lot, but as I said "vultures on road kill"! Trackable, nontrackable, wooden, metal, it doesn't matter. You will also see where more than one is made; one silver, one gold. Hope this answers some of your questions!
  3. I made the mistake of telling before; lining up a pre-order because I thought that it was members only. I was wrong my coin sale is open to all. I had to go back and explain the situation which left many confused... and possibly a little upset. My advice is to find out exactly how your sale will run. If you do decide to mention information regarding your coin I would wait until you have ALL details. I go through www.geocoinstore.com and chose the option of no $$$ needed unlike other coin companies. I have chosen my own art, if you need help with the artwork or anything else just let me know. And as far as the whole "coins wanted" situation, yeah like vultures on road kill. E-Bay, Geoswag, and The Cache Place, Coins & Pins are great for sales. Go to http://www.geocoinclub.com/affiliate.php?i...K318379S735480X to join a monthly coin club. Order several, one to keep, some to trade, some to e-Bay, etc. Good luck! ~Amy
  4. Our coins will be going on sale on the 15th around 9:00 pm est at The Geocoin Store. You do not have to be a member. You can order up to 10 coins per order and as many orders as you'd like. This is the ONLY time they will be on sale! We thank you for your support!
  5. I would be interested in ANY coin that deals with lighthouses!
  6. I have a location that I wanted to use for a locationaless, but then those were canceled, then they were moved here. My problem is I don't find a category to place it under. How do I make my own, ex: "Lost Rooms" ~ in memory to the single room buildings such as school houses, court rooms, old style churches, etc.
  7. DUH! Super easy! Actually we did ours a few hours ago. It's all right there, how silly. We even did this (as well as another coin) while traveling from OH to GA... all in one day! Found wireless access to various businesses ~usually hotels~ to link up to, especially in major cities. Hint while on the go try Starbucks, ABC (not the liquor store), Firehouse Subs, Books A Million, libraries and hotels...
  8. These coins don't seem to be on sale when I click on "Buy Coins" ... am I missing something or do I need to wait until the 15th? They don't go on sale until the 15th
  9. I AM A MEMBER! I still haven't recieved one...
  10. You do not have to be a member of the Geocoin Club to purchase coins. For those of you that were placed on a waiting list you can go directly to The Geocoin Store. You may order up to 10 coins per order, as many orders as you want...
  11. Geocoin Club Geocoin Store I agree. We had 500 made for FREE! See avatar.
  12. The coins we are having made is by a reliable comapny who has to run everythings by GC.com before it's a go; so I am sure other companies must follow the same stipulations. As for the history behind our coin is that both my husband and I are Irish. No we have never been to Ireland, nor has our parents or even our grandparents. We're just proud to show off our strong heritage. Lastly the reason for the "advertisement" is because many of the coins can not be purchased from the seller but from the actual company. As for the profits, no profit is made ~ the "profits" go to the costs that the seller must pay so the buyer can buy...! (?)
  13. Thanks for the pre-orders. To be on the safe side for purchasing you can purchase the coins at The Geocoin Store. For now all pre-orders to be purchased from me will be placed on hold due to overwhelming responses. The pre-order is now officially closed. Thank you.
  14. If you are interested in purchasing a coin please contact us via e-mail. Please state if you are a GCC member, the number of coins, contact information. All orders may be paid via Pay Pal. If you are interested in trading a coin please contact us via e-mail. Currently we will only trade for coins trackable on GC.com. The coins are also available through the GCC store. The cost of the coin is $10.00, this coin has it's own icon as well.
  15. I am amazed at the overwhelming responses... WOW! Like I stated the coins will not be for sale until late January, when they do they will go on sale I will post purchasing information. For trading purposes details yet to come... Thank you all for your interests, see ya after the New Year! The Fraher Family
  16. Purchase from us, purchase from the developer, trade for a decent coin, than ther is always e-Bay... what the future may hold... stay tuned for more details!
  17. Ahh yes... that would be of Samantha, our Golden Retriever at "I Found Paradise" cache located in Mid-Georgia.
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