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  1. Seeking: Bad Andy Frozen Bone ANY lighthouse coin Willing to trade for any trackable coin.
  2. Seeking Bad Andy & Frozen Bone geocoins... for trade.
  3. I see that they are already up for trade, that didn't take long! And you know who you are...
  4. Hope they look good since I haven't even seen the real thing yet...
  5. Honestly, I do not know. I imagine at anytime...
  6. We would like to donate one of our coins. We are truly sorry for your loss. ~The Fraher Family Email sent
  7. Sent email. We are sorry to hear of your loss.
  8. For those of you inquiring about The Fraher Family Geocoin being sold on GCC. All coins were purchased, yet not all were paid for resulting in the appearance of zero coins left. Miscalculations being corrected, there are about 50 coins left. I believe this may be a common happening to other coins as well. Everybody wants the goods, they just don't want to pay.
  9. Please feel free to email with all and any questions!
  10. For shipping I go to USPS. Prices vary due to your own indiviual needs. Some don't pay for coins, icons, and envelopes purchased via USPS. Envelopes w/ bubbles can be purchase at Walmart, labeling can be done on disk labels. Sometime online postage is more expensive than at the post office.
  11. No they don't! I ordered one set and I have the same problem as they fall out quite easily! Needs to be taped. As for storing: I have a binder with dividers. The first pocket is a list of coins for that section, following is the pocket sleeves. Some of my coins are displayed on a wooden coin stand on our fireplace mantle. As for grouping: *Personal Coins (Other peoples) *Group coins (GGA, NEFGA) *State Coins (GA, WA, NM, MI) *Event (CITO, Addicted) *GCC (ROT 13) *Military (Hubby's squad coins) *Neilnesc (Not another micro) *Our Coins (Our milage coin) *Milestone (100 Caches, 100 TB) *Unactivated (Possible trade, e-Bay) *Trades (Usually just a print out of coins coming and going
  12. This is a message posted in our Geo Buddies forum. Virtual TB = Membership Cancellation The links below take you to conversations from Jeremy that the virtual tbs and coins are illegal. If you are cought or reported you will have your membership cancelled. If you own a virtual item - remove it! If you logged a virtual item - stop! I am not sure how trading one-for-one would go but my advice is if you take/give a coin number than you you should give/take a coin number directly to the owner. As for tbs there is a virtual tb graveyard, you log the first as a find than after that a note. I would take this serious, I have a feeling as of '06 this could be hit upon hard. I know we all have done this, so please take this as a sign of help from one cacher to another. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=115249 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=114822 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=114953
  13. Coins, travelbugs, micros... Some would say whatever gets me the numbers, others not so much. Personally when it comes down to the whole geocaching hobby (or addiction), it is what interests the cacher. As said before, "Each to their own!"
  14. I still have not received my coin yet...
  15. Yeah! I don't think our small town post office would even know what to do. So can you feel your fingers yet...?
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