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  1. Went out today to test differences between a magellan 315 and a MLR SP24 ... after switching on both at a very open space the MLR indicated me 9 possible satelites and the MAG 1 more (No 10 at aprox. 45° SE). On the MAG I didn't get any signal from satelite 10 and after a few minutes it dissapeared from the screen !!!


    does anybody can explain this ????

  2. Is also a nice one to pop in, I've done it a few months ago and took me only half an hour to leave the highway find the cache and back to the highway. It is between Brussels and Namur on the highway direction Luxembourg.


    It's a visit worth !!!


    JOhan icon_wink.gif

  3. Is m cache in Luxembourg, it is very close to the highway Luxembourg - Germany !!


    But it is a Multi-cache so it can take some time to find it !!



  4. Hello I've bought a Magellan GPS 315 and found out that it is possible to upgrade it. But how ??? The version indicated when I put the power on is "Rev 1.01". Is there a newer version ??? Where can I find it ??

    What type of cable do I need ? Does somebody have the scheme how to make your own cable ??


    THNX a lot !!

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