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  1. It's good choice indeed. Just grabbed it a month ago; offered safe and easy navigation. Found too useful at highway intersections and sharp turnings. Just read the users reviews for Garmin 62's at here. I bet you will end up buying with it soon.
  2. I have a 400mah 2/3AA Ni-Cd batteries myself, and I can vouch that it is a decent bit of battery for the GPS devices.
  3. What did you buy? Does it working well? I wondered to buy a new GPS device (whether I should get Garmin or Tomtom); I tended to find Tomtom devices fair enough with great specs. Here at http://www.wiseguys.co.nz/phones/gps-devices, found some good models, will buy one of them soon. Any suggestion?
  4. I got one here at less: http://www.wiseguys.co.nz/phones/gps-accessories/. Bought a case for my device too.
  5. Apple replaced Google maps with its own version. Read more at http://www.advancedcomputers.co.nz/computer-tips/7-common-iphone-5-faults-and-their-fixes/
  6. I got it. Thanks Coggins for the input.
  7. I recommend to buy tablet for such apps. IPAD does not provide the support for third party apps. Compatibility issues annoy every time, so better to go for tab.
  8. Got to know much about GPS cache. I will follow the procedure to setup it correctly.
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