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  1. Without a doubt, the best cache I have found in the 4+ years I have been caching would be this one, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...22-ea0ea72c7e45 It would be the southernmost cache on the Australian continent, and requires a 7 to 10 day hike, or a 4 hr return flight to grab. I wanted the FTF on it, and although I missed it, the experience was amazing, the views fantasic, and the experience out of this world.
  2. I go for the foreign currency. Of course for me, your greenback is foreign currency. I think I have a US$1, 5 and 10, in my collection, as well as notes from Singapore, Vietnam, and the latest addition was a 1000 shilling note from somewhere like Nigeria or The Congo, or somewhere like that. I also carry an aussie $2 note, as they are no longer used, having been replaced by the $2 coin. Actually, I think I also have a US$1 coin.
  3. We use Caches along a route extensively. Annual holidays over the last 2 years have included close to 20000km of driving, all set up via Caches along a route. We usually filter to about 5km each side. You CAN customise which route you are going to travel on. And lets face it, for us at least, the caching and the travelling is the holiday. We choose a destination, and then find 2 different routes to get there, one for the trip there, and one for the trip home.
  4. A caching mate and I recently awarded a $100 FTF prize on a 5/5 we own.
  5. I own a cache that is 4 hrs drive from my home coordinates. In spite of my finds area, and the fact I own a number of caches on a route that I travel on a weekly basis, and that fact is stated in those caches, which extend to less than an hour short the cache mentioned, still had issues with a reviewer wanting to know how it was going to be maintained. Not an issue when he was told that, although it is 4 hrs drive from my home coordinates, its less than an hour from my work ones.
  6. Bundyrumandcoke


    Because us Aussies know how to look after ourselves. And we like to buck authority. Chances are, if ever there was a leader, he or she has already been shot down in flames.
  7. A 3 1/2 minute YouTube video showing the growth of Geocaching in Australia, done by one of the caching and computer gurus over here. It gives a timeline, and counter of caches placed between the first in June 2000, and August 2009. Interesting to watch. I thought I would share the link with those over the other side of the pond. Its a bit slow at the start, but shows the kind of expotential growth that a game like this has. A bit like compound interest. Cheers Bundy
  8. A little drastic, but it quickly wipes everything out completely. AS I only use my 500 for caching, then its not a drama for me. Turn the 500 off, then press continuously the lower right corner of the screen, while turning it on. It will come up with an erase all user data screen. This will erase all geocaches, information, ect. All you have to do is reset your country, and travelling mode. You can then download a new PQ, ect. I do this if I am travelling, and need to download a new PQ. For the little bit of effort resetting the options, its a good way to clean the database completely.
  9. Before it is closed, I have contacted the OP through the other forum she mentioned, and offered to replace the seeds she had planted. Being in Australia, it should be a lot easier for me to source them for her, than for her to get them imported.
  10. The only thing to remember with a 500, and a RAM mount- assuming of course you are setting up a cigarette lighter on the bike to power the 500 externally and your using the standard power cable- is to ALWAYS remove the power cable from the back of the Nuvi BEFORE attempting to remove the Nuvi from the cradle. The tolerance is tight, and I have bent the plug on my cable more than once when in a hurry to remove it from the cradle, and I wasnt thinking.
  11. Under our Geocaching Australia profiles, we can get our Verbosity rating, indicating our log lengths, longest, shortest, and average. This includes both GC.com and Geocaching Australia caches. My longest log is 505 words, my shortest is 5, with an average log length of 69 words. If we are on a caching trip, doing 20, or 30 + caches a day, I will start with a cut and paste stat on the cache- date, time, number for day of trip, number of trip total. I will then customise the log with my thoughts and experiences of the find. It has to be a really really crappy cache to only get a couple of words out of me. I enjoy reading informative logs on my caches. I reciprocate that to owners of caches I find. It takes time, yes, but it adds to MY enjoyment of caching. Its not uncommon for me to be up till 1 or 2 in the morning, logging caches from the previous day.
  12. Another vote for the RAM mounts. Both these are mounted using them. Both are on handlebar mounts. The beauty of them is I just swap the GPS, cradles, and arms to the windscreen mounts in my 4wd, when I change vehicles.
  13. Is the coin manufacturers card still in the plastic wallet? If so, go to their website, and look for the Activation Codes section.
  14. The Nuvi 500/550 can be used. Geocaching mode, walking or driving mode. Offroad mode. PQs can be downloaded to it, giving hints, last 5 logs, descriptions, all on it. Waterproof, and battery lasts a few hours without charging.
  15. Nuvi 500 to find the way in, 60 CSx to find the actual cache, only because I had the 60 before I owned the Nuvi. Geocaching mode, and waterproof, as previously mentioned.
  16. Nope, it will only show up to 9999 miles, (or kilometres as the case may be) and 99hrs 59 minutes before there are too many characters to display. You need to reset them to zero for them to display again. Get the appropriate page up on display, press menu, select reset, and you will be given a list of options for you to reset, tick the options you want to reset using the enter, then press enter. Cheers Bundy
  17. If you still have it when you get to Sydney, do a search on GC1CGQM it is 150 metres, roughly 100 or so yards from your hotel. The closest cache to your hotel that is bigger than a micro or small is GC28ZJ0 which is 1.1km (about 2/3 mile) west of your hotel. Cheers Bundy
  18. You can buy, well here in Australia we can, laserjet iron-on Tshirt sheets, on which you print whatever you want, and iron them onto your own shirts. We did this for the Oz Mega event, 3 shirts each for the 3 days of the event. The missus and I had different sayings on each shirt, but they were all fluro coloured shirts, that stood out like the proverbial DBs. One pair of shirts we made were in relation to a 5/5 we own. Called The Torture Test, with a $100 FTF prize, it remains unclaimed after about 18 months. My shirt read- You can ask me about The Torture Test, Im not going to tell you anything about it, but you can ask me. And my wifes said- You can ask me about The Torture Test, I dont know anything about it, I wish I did, because I could do with the $100. Another shirt of my wifes had something like- Geocaching- finally a way for me to get some peace and quiet, now GO AWAY Bundy.
  19. Yes, the Nuvi is easily viewable in daytime or nighttime.
  20. My now deceased "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioche"
  21. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...88-1990abf9128c I have a whole series of gnome caches. Dopey is the most popular one. Note the Systemia (similar to a Lock and Lock) glued to the bottom. The base of the Systemia has been cut out to allow access to the inside of Dopey. He is filled with 60 film canisters, of which only one has a log book in it. The Systemia has been glued into the bottom of Dopey, after I enlarged the hole with a grinding bit. Another of my gnomes is a bit of a surprise for those doing the series. All of my gnomes are pretty lightweight, except the one I filled with cement before glueing the Systemia in. Its a shock to cachers, expecting a lightweight gnome, and instead getting one they can hardly pick up.
  22. I use my Nuvi 500 in conjunction with my CSX60. The Nuvi for driving to the location, then the 60 for the final search.
  23. Is the coin manufacturers card included with the coin? If so, go to their website, and follow the links to activate the coin.
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