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  1. There is a limit to how far you can move a cache, I forget off hand what the distance is. Over that, you can request assistance from a reviewer, who, with the right justification from the CO, can make the necessary changes. I had this happen to me a few years ago. A nano on an object, that got moved about 2km down a road. The cache placement was about the object, not the location. The reviewer changed the coordinates to suit the objects new location, as it didn't clash with any other nearby caches.
  2. The one cache that I recently replaced, and Goldenwattle will know of the angst and discussion on another forum about the subject in general, was too far from home for me to maintain, so placing a replacement wasn't an option. Besides, as there was an active cache at the location, the proximity rule would apply. This particular location, whilst certainly not remote, was deserving of a cache, and there had been a string of DNFs. No chance that it was just unfindable, given the DT rating. So I replaced the container, log book, ect from my maintenance supplies. I then get an email from our stand in reviewer, who is based in the USA I have been told, advising me that, even though there is certainly now a cache insitu, unless he gets a OM log from the cache owner, he intends to disable (now done) and archive it. So much for helping your caching mates out. Money of mine down the drain, and a piece of litter in place, instead of an active cache. And guess what, for all practical purposes, nothing has changed, there is still a container with log book at the location, except, once archived, only cachers keen on finding such caches will bother looking for it. Sorry, it doesn't make sense to this little black duck.
  3. But not all cachers opinions. As Goldenwattle pointed out, here in Australia, there are places where it can be hundreds of KM between caches. We don't all have the luxury of having cache densities measured in the 10s or 100s per square mile. In places over here, cache density can be measured in the, caches per hundreds of square miles, so we tend to guard our remote caches jealously, and do everything as a community to keep them going. Its VERY common over here for cachers to maintain caches apart from their own, even ones where cache owners no longer play the game, or have moved to another area. Most experienced cachers over here carry spares of varying degrees for such a purpose. Personally, up to about 3 1/2 years ago, my nearest unfound cache for quite a while was about a 4 hr drive away, that's 4 hrs EACH WAY. Lets not start on the fact its an American game, played by American rules. Local rules do exist, that's why we have local reviewers to deal with local intricacies. Proximity to active railway corridors is one prime example, the rules on placement vary hugely between Oz and USA. Its enough that we have to deal with incorrect spelling in the game. And its a problem when we have our local reviewers go on an extended holiday, of quite a few months, and the local reviewing duties are farmed out to someone from overseas, who then starts a campaign to make themselves look good in Groundspeaks eyes, by following the rules in the USA, to the letter, and archiving perfectly good, maintained caches, all because the original owner has left the game, and not responded by putting a Owner Maintenance log on the page. A situation that is overlooked by the locals, unless a real problem develops with the placement. Personally, I have a few caches that are located around where I used to live, a few hundred KM away. These are still up and running quite successfully, and have been so for over 3 1/2 years, and are largely being maintained by finders. If a problem does come up that is too big to fix, then its going to be an archive from me, otherwise, if a NM log comes up, and a finder does do maintenance, then a OM log from me. That's perfectly acceptable according to the rules, but if the owner of a cache that I maintained doesn't post an OM log, then it all turns to poo.
  4. What is it with all these little rectangular ammo cans. Get yourself a real one. https://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/8c8a9aa4-d7df-4ebc-b54b-5841eea90105.jpg
  5. So, what makes a historic cache. If we are talking original log book in original container, then what about Hidden 20/10/06 Original container (large size- approx. 1000mm long x 200mm dia) Original log book 132 finds Never been DNFed. Never been muggled Never had a NM logged against it. Never been offline or temporarily disabled Available 24/7 34 Write Notes (usually TB drops) 3 Owner maintenance logs Its one of mine. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCYZ1H_carorica-gladstones-tb-motel?guid=eb0162f7-2e4b-4ecb-a4ca-c7c9118e1370
  6. Way way back in October 2006, I held the Queensland (Australia) record for most finds in one day, at 62. This really was doing it the old fashioned way, paper notes, no paperless caching, started at 0020 hrs, and finished just after 2000 hrs, absolutely shattered, as I had only had about 4 hrs sleep before that, and a 7 hr drive before that, immediately after finishing work. My record only lasted one month, but at least I can say I held it. Since then, we have beaten that number many times, (actually 5 times). Highest is 130 in a day on 5th April 2015.
  7. But again, who makes the determination as to which cache "is valuable to the community as a whole" and which isn't. And it still needs the OP to remove the MN attribute when the cache has been maintained by the community, which is the exact problem playing out with the container I replaced a few weeks ago, and outlined previously in this thread.
  8. Recently found and logged a lego container in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Log book inside lego container, that only came apart one way. Lego container then placed inside a Sistema container for weather protection.
  9. Heres one of mine. Its a crappy old Eclipse tin in a guardrail. In about 3 weeks time, it will be 10 years old. The last remaining other 2 out of the original 15 in this series will also be the same age at the same time. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC1FDQH_bundys-commute-7?guid=86965e38-d4b3-4af0-ab70-a663ada34286
  10. The issue is, the local reviewers have taken a few months off to travel around Australia- no doubt to find lots of caches with their inside knowledge- and their duties have been farmed out to an (apparently) overseas reviewer who is taking, in my opinion, an over zealous approach to following the rules. I am the author of this discontent. I was the one who replaced the missing cache, that is now being threatened with archiving, because 1, it wasn't the CO who performed maintenance, and 2, because I am not the CO, I cannot remove the NM attribute. Its not the first cache here in Australia that I have performed maintenance on. It wont be the last. Its an Aussie thing to do. On my trips, I will do what is necessary to keep a cache maintained. It keeps caches alive. As GW says above, Australia isn't like the USA, sometimes we literally do travel hundreds on KMs to get to a cache. (A few years ago, I had no unfound caches within a 300km radius if were I was living at the time) Out of the cities, its rare for new caches to be published. A lone cacher, living in a small country town, is stuck. With no other cacher for hours around, he cannot just duck down the road, and pick up a FTF, or a few caches today. Caching trips become expeditions, sometimes covering a thousand kms in a weekend, to grab maybe a handful of caches. That's why, we tend to keep the ones we have in the country going, Technically, yes, its against the rules. But us Aussies never were very good at following rules anyway. Cheers Bundy
  11. So does this mean Native Title Owners? If that is the case, you could pretty much put an end to caching in Oz. Recently, native title was given to the traditional owners of a huge tract of land in CQ, including, IIRC, the entire area from Gladstone to Bundaberg. If your going to need permission from the native title owners, I give up.
  12. Lol, forgot all about this. I still haven't gone out to grab this one. Been out west till last week.
  13. Yeah, I thought it was Memorial Park. Only about 5 minutes from home. Grandson goes down to the skate park sometimes.
  14. Hi, no worries. I can maintain it if you wish. Just publish it, putting a note in it that I will be the local maintainer. I am currently working out west for a few weeks, but do get home on occasion. When I get that way again, I will go for the hunt. Cheers Bundy
  15. And the 2 millionth cache is only a couple of miles from the city centre of Alice Springs.
  16. Red Centre Experience, https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6825Z_red-centre-experience?guid=e5df7476-565d-413f-9400-0db9c34a15bc which will gain Mega status, will be held in the centre of Australia, at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, over Easter 2017. If your a train buff, this is an ideal opportunity to travel on one of Australia's, and the worlds, iconic train journeys, The Ghan. Travel either from Darwin, or Adelaide, the 2 end destinations, approx. 1500km to Alice Springs, right through the red heart of our great nation. First class accommodation, and food, its a great experience. My wife and I have experienced The Ghan, and its a fantastic trip. Google is your friend. Accommodation around town is easily available, and your not that far from places like Ayres Rock (Uluru). But if you want to experience camping amongst a huge bunch of friendly Aussies, then as at Oz Mega 2014, Murray Bridge, there are plenty of generous Aussies who will share, or loan, camping gear for you to use. All you have to do is ask. Either on the cache page, or over at the Geocaching Australia page, www.geocaching.com.au We did this at Murray Bridge, and hosted a cacher from Canada at our campsite, who was uncertain about heading over due to having no accommodation. That was easily fixed. Please don't let the thought of not having any camping gear put you off. Have you ever wanted to come to Australia? Ever wanted to see those places in our beautiful country you have only ever seen in pictures? Want another country on your list of places you have cached? Come on over and enjoy the trip. Cheers Bundyrumandcoke
  17. Yep, the Stargate in Darwin, the only one is Australia, has been archived a few years ago. The one in NZ looks to be the next closest. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC18KRF_stargate-p12130-tb-cache?guid=24c08daa-29c5-478a-947b-3daf3a3717f7
  18. At least the boys in blue over here don't get too hyped up about caches. Its one of mine. My link
  19. Why would it be that, I can be signed in to Geocaching.com, perform anything in relation to caches (logs, searches, ect) yet if I want to go to the forums, I have to sign in again to enter the forums.
  20. And I am fairly certain there is some preliminary planning for megas in 2016 and 2017.
  21. Wait... What? The UK's latitude is in the 50s. It's fun to live on a sphere. But I still don't understand why the Australians don't fall off. We don't fall off, because we're on top of the world. But you have to come to Oz to find that out.
  22. Oh, and I forgot to mention, if your coming to Queensland, or the northern Territory, beware The Cane Toad, (Rhinella marina) formerly Bufo marinus. Here is a small educational video, to help you to know what to do if you happen upon him.
  23. However, you can never be too careful. Just saw this post on the Oz Mega SA page on Facebook, from a couple of weeks ago. Wishing our Deputy Chair of the organising committee a speedy recovery after being bitten by a brown snake while geocaching. He's now out of ICU and in a ward. Hope he's behaving and back of his feet very soon. Rest up Skippy.
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