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  1. I have the same view, and situation as immediately above. I have a multi in a cemetary, (Redside/Blueside) (GCXYBZ) where the clues come off headstones, but the cache itself is offsite. I have clearly stated in the clues that they all come from headstones in our old cemetary. I would hope that anyone who chooses to do this cache shows the appropriate due respect. I know I certainly did when setting it up. Even to the extent of being especially careful where I walked, as its obvious that there are a large number of unmarked graves. I would also hope that anyone who does this one takes the time to appreciate the older graves, especially those of the children from the late 1800/early 1900's.
  2. Nope, not at all true about Ayres Rock (Uluru) The Rock has certain parts of it that are sacred to the local indigenous population. Certain areas that non indigenous people cannot go, (It was like this in 1974, the last time I was there) Tourists can still climb the Rock, although the local indigenous population "prefers" you dont, however its not illegal, ect. The area is a huge tourist drawcard, with a major part of that drawcard being the ability to climb the Rock. As for the Coathanger, there is a company that organises bridge climbs, however for safety/insurance reasons, access to the climb, and where you can go on the bridge is strictly limited, and always in the company of many others, and tour guides. So I think the opportunity to place/look for a cache on top would be pretty much non existant.
  3. I have a new cemetary multi cache that ends over the other side of town at what, I suppose, you could call a decoy. You end up on a walking path, standing about ten feet from a sculpture with a few hidey holes. The cache is actually right behind you, in a hole in a rock on the ground. The one and only person to have completed this cache fell for the obvious, and searched the sculpture, then checked their GPS to find they were not searching the correct place. This was intentional, and I think publishing this on the cache page would detract from the challenge of finding this cache.
  4. My first cache ever was found using Google Earth only, I didnt even have my GPS then.
  5. You dont know how close to home this all is, yet I am so far away, in Australia. For whoever suggested there needs to be a net to catch Ozzy when he takes the big plunge, there is such a device available, http://www.coconet.net.au/Solution.htm designed and invented by a local bloke here in town. And I am a adult support member in Scouts Australia, our equivelent to your Boy Scouts of America, my craft name is----- Osprey.
  6. Theres a cache in town here, a micro, that is part of a steel pipe and chain wire fence. The posts are 2 inch pipe, with caps on the tops to stop water entry. The construction of the fence means there is a bolt through the post about 6 inches down from the top. The person who hid this micro tapped off the post cap, dropped a couple of largish rocks down the inside of the post where they sit on the bolt, then filled it to about 2 inches from the top with pebbles. The 35mm film canister sits on top of this. The post cap is then jammed back on top. The coordinates given are spot on, and there is nothing there, except for this fence, and a bush.
  7. I had a multi cache published, without any amendments needed, Friday night just gone, Its now Monday here. Thats in Oz. The first line of the description stated that "All the clues come from headstones at the old Gladstone Cemetary" The cache itself is not in the cemetary, just the clues.
  8. One of mine is called The Great Polyvinylchloride Challenge
  9. It makes you wonder what you could do with a shipping container.
  10. I released 2 TB's last weekend. Their names are "Happy" and "Rock" They are, quite literally, these words, hand cut out of aluminium checkerplate. They were released in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, with the mission of travelling to Gladstone, Missouri, USA, then returning via Gladstone New South Wales, Gladstone Tasmania, and Gladstone South Australia, with appropriate pictures taken. In preparation for the mission, I Googled for other cities of Gladstone in the world, used the GC database to find the appropriate zip code for Gladstone Missouri, then searched for caches in that area, then contacted a cache owner in the area, listing the primary goal of the bugs, namely a certain photo. When they confirmed the ability to fulfill the primary goal, the mission was confirmed. Just a bit of forethought and planning went into it. Oh, and in case your wondering whats so specific about Gladstone. Glad stone Happy Rock Cheers Bundy
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