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  1. Thanks for all the replies!! And the nice drawing. :-) Those weeds were quite a bit taller than 5 ft too (well over my head). Anyway, I looked under the bridge, up where the road/pillars first leave the hill, along the ground/rocks there, even climbed under the bridge and tried to look up. Next went on top along the side of the bike path/sidewalk. No luck. :-( I have a feeling that they widened the bridge and added the sidewalks on both sides since 1934 ;-) and in doing so possible destroyed the marker?? At least I know what the underside of a bridge looks like now. If anyone has any other suggestions I will try again, but I am probably going to write this one off. Bob Cache Long and Prosper
  2. OK, thought I would try my first benchmark. Plugged in the coordinates, drove to near the location, was pleased there was a bike path, took it to within 20 feet of the mark, which was next to a newish looking automobile bridge surrounded by 5 feet tall weeds/grass/etc. THEN I read the description again and noted that it said the marker is in the top of the NE abutment of the bridge. What in the heck is an abutment?? I didn't go pounding in the weeds as I didn't know what this meant. Is it on top of the bridge where the traffic goes, or is it underneath? And what are the chances of the marker being there if this thing was last found in 1934 and the bridge is modern? Thanks, Bob Cache Long and Prosper
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