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  1. That are some really weird white balance issues. The camera has a really hard time as well with pictures of trees where it is covered. I always get a weird purple tint, which I can't correct with Photoshop. What you are describing sounds like chromatic aberrations or purple fringing. I get this as well when shooting in the forest on sunny days.
  2. Montana (WebUpdater) software version 2.80 Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.80: Fixed searching near a map point Fixed Add to Route feature in Waypoint Manager Fixed issues with incorrect dashboard showing on map when custom dashboards are enabled Fixed issues navigating using a shortcut when prompted routing is enabled Fixed Coordinates menu item Fixed Where To items on the main menu Fixed shortcuts that switch profiles Added ability to enable and disable BirdsEye providers using shortcuts
  3. I removed a Zagg protector from my Oregon and my old iPad. It was so adhered to the screen that I had to use a hair dryer to get it to come off without using a lot of force.
  4. Since Zagg did not make an official cover for the Montana at the time I ordered my unit. I went with the Montana screen protector from Garmin. It comes with three covers in case you have a problem. I messed up the first install but it was easy to remove and did not stress the screen pulling it off. It also has an anti-glare coating that looks great outdoors. JFYI
  5. Hello, I have a Oregon 400t with CN 2009 on it. I wanted to turn off the street maps and only see topo maps that are built in to the unit. If I go to setup and map then map information/select map. I only see the CN 2000 maps to enable/dissable. I do not see the built in topo maps option to enable. Is it possible I accidentally removed the built in topo maps? If so how can I get them back? Sincerely Loren Smith
  6. Is there a way to display the elevation data for my saved waypoints using the Nuvi? I know I can see the data using Mapsource. Also is there a way to review my track logs using the nuvi?
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