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  1. quote: With all the FTF fevor that goes on in this area, it is amazing that this cache that I hid on April 20th is still unfound. With the right vehicle, this is a total driveby cache. So, how you you know that someone has NOT been there??? How do you know if you have a fevor?? or was that fervor?? marwagsalot
  2. single use cameras Frys has single use cameras on sale 2 for $1.99. I think that the limit is two pks. So, bring a friend marwagsalot
  3. I like the ability to eliminate all found caches, but I still would like to the "all" shown on one page as before, with a seperation between found and unfound. marwagsalot
  4. Don't get me started on the dog debate marwagsalot
  5. quote:No, I think it's more like having a welcome mat that you invite people to stand on but then cover it with friendly dogs if anyone tries to stand on it. --Marky Hey, enough with the dog jokes marwagsalot
  6. Well, I too am having the same problem. Yes, I entered my zip code, Yes, My coordinates are correct, Yes I entered my state. It still shows that I am 5800 mile away. Any suggestions???? Thanks
  7. quote:I was looking around on cafepress and did a search for geocaching and this was one of the items that I found. And some of us thought that you were going to come up with the thong! marwagsalot
  8. quote:It turns out the party that I suspected all a long was the knowledgable people to the crime. The details are too cloudy at this point but basicly, they took him off to Salida (across the river somehow). At some point, they used this friendly loving animal for target practice with a pellet gun. Then left him to die. If you want, I could round up a few buddies and we could take care of that skum. Hope the rest of the story is a happy one
  9. You humans complain about everything. First it's a little poop on your shoe, now this. marwagsalot
  10. My nephew’s favorite site on the web I especially like the pointer to FAQ #2...Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Kids Page I don't know about FAQ #2, but that's one good looking dog, Maybe he could help find those puzzle caches marwagsalot
  11. quote: Was this in reference to the parks Becky mentioned? If so, does that mean you might come to one of the picnics if it is dog friendly? You never know, perhaps my human might get softheaded and bring me, or perhaps I just might come alone
  12. There is also Vasona, Helyer and Central park in Santa Clara.
  13. Don't pick a place just because they allow quadrupeds. Almaden Lake is nice, so is Alum Rock, neither allow us but that the way it goes. Let the mutt stay home, maybe I can catch up on my sleep
  14. Just a reminder, there are places that my type cannot go
  15. quote:Now for another episode of Sherman&Peabody, where we learn of Mar and Tammie - two other dogs who own their humans! Whoa there Bullpuckie, jump out the wayback machine and get out of the 1900's. We no longer own our humans, we are now just their caretakers.
  16. When I was just a little puppy, my mother told me in was inpolite to bark with my mouth full. So, when I am attached to your leg, I think you will have to use your imagination about the translation
  17. The new camelbak bladders have a larger opening, making it easier to clean and fill than the old ones. My huaman has a peak bagger, and loves it, says it is more comfortable than any of the others that were tried. When my human lets my have a drink I don't notice any plastic taste, maybe they have changed plastics.
  18. Some of us know that even with all the hints in the world, we will never get it. One has to know their limitations. Now, if you want to find something that is hidden with just your nose, I'm your girl! marwagsalot
  19. How protected from water intrusion is the SD slot on the "Plat"??? If you are in the rain or boAT spray, will the unit get FLOODED?????????
  20. I'm not sure what the uproar is about, I take my human with me on all my cache hunts. There is about 45 or so caches that I cannot go to because I'm not allowed there. If someone would let me know before I get there, it would save both my human and I a lot of frustration. I have seen the same frustration with a lot of humans when they try to take strollers on terrian that they shouldn't, then then blame the person who placed the cache for not explaning that the difficulity level was a 2 if you walk, or a 3 if you have a stroller, or a 4 if you have cruthes, or a 5 if you have a wheel chair. To sum it up, the more information that can be provided can only make the experience better, Remember, you still have to find the cach, the added info just makes the outing less painfull. And no, I don't jump on people, and yes, my human cleans up after me.
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