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  1. Another one waiting. Glad I had the main one run already, this was a few extras along the way.
  2. As an erstwhile professional storyteller, I'd love to see more of this type of thing. I have heard about The Journal and would love to get there one of these days. There is one not far from us we still want to do, called The Gray L Quest. As I understand it, it has many false leads until you figure out the true final location. It's on our fall "to do" list. I had a lot of fun creating a little different kind of series of storyline caches. I put out three episodes, in the nature of an old radio serial. I had a loose storyline in mind, but waited to see a few logs from first finders of each to incorporate into the next episode. The women depicted are all real birding friends who allowed me to use their photos and basic personalities. (Well, the last one is me and I told myself it would be okay!) Where we live, there aren't very many people who truly enjoy puzzles, but each one is a puzzle cache in its own right. No "find these to find the final" kind of thing. Even though people around here profess to mostly hate puzzles, many have taken them on and enjoyed them. Plus, they aren't park and grabs, but hikes in the woods. I think the reaction of the locals here has shown that this kind of thing is really appreciated, even if they claim to hate puzzles and hikes in the woods. There are a number of different ways to approach it, and the examples here are more to add to our own "if we head that way" list. Here's episode one of ours. The featured birder is worth the look alone, guys! Not me, btw. http://coord.info/GC2RM2V
  3. I guess if we developed one more EarthCache, we could claim the unofficial triple prize. It's been awhile since we have, so maybe we should see what's out there. I'm helping my parents go through all their stuff so they can move to an apartment next week, and nabbed a geology text from Dad on Minnesota's geology. It can't have changed that much since the Korean War, can it? [] We have EC finds in 23 states and 2 provinces and 8 EarthCache placements. I do know on our recent trip west, we found an awful lot of PathFinder Mark and TerryDad EarthCaches, so thanks for all that work, guys!
  4. Since we were driving by, we checked out the location today. There is as the OP said, a side road that is a dead end. Right where you would turn from the more traveled road to that side road is the expected "DEAD END" sign. One does not really need to step off the road to retrieve the small container placed at the base of this sign, as all the others in this grouping were placed. No one is likely to even turn onto that dead end road, as travel to the next cache continues on the main road, anyway, and the sign is right at the corner. Having seen the placement, I still agree that if the neighbors find it bothersome, it should probably be removed. But it is well within the public right of way. Also, the container in place is the one originally placed. The cache owners do know about the situation...they were busy with the event. My understanding is that one of them is originally from that town, has family there, and was asked to help with this event.
  5. Just taking a guess here, but is this the cache in question? http://coord.info/GC35EJQ We found about half of these caches today, and plan to cache that area again tomorrow. This one was not one we found today, and knowing the nearby landowner's feelings, will be deleted from our list for tomorrow. Whether the gentleman in question is correct or not regarding the law, it bugs him. On the slip of paper that can be printed from the Groundspeak website and placed in a regular sized cache, there is some statement to the effect that "if there any problems, please contact (cache owner's name) to fix it." Knowing those rural roads, I can see why some of the folks out there might not be happy with the sudden increase in traffic. It looks like slbens was the first finder of this cache, not the placer. I'm sure the people who placed these caches did so in good faith, and I'm guessing they'll address the issue once they know about it. Personally we don't love caches right near someone's home, unless the cache owner lives there, but others may roll differently. We just returned from a long road trip that involved lots of 5 mile plus hikes with large altitude increases, so the easy caching today was welcome. We just aren't as young anymore as we'd like to think.
  6. That's what we try to do with the ones we've placed, ask the visitors to make some hypotheses or observations based on what they see and have read in the write up. Usually there is that need to do some kind of measurement, too or at least there's been that in the past. Retired educators here.
  7. I had one course in college in geology, one of those electives required for Liberal Arts majors. So, not a geologist by any means. I always struggle to develop really meaningful and interesting tasks for visitors to complete. I know others mention this, too. Are they any nice layman's guides to simple field geology tests that might help with this issue? Flow rate, pH all that kind of thing is instructive, but it would be nice to get some new ideas. Thanks.
  8. Harry Dolphin, Since I know you were caching in our neck of the woods (having discovered and logged our cruddiest EC!), I'll bite. Where do you suggest an EC in MN? There have been a couple really nice ones that the owner chose to archive in the past few months, so I'm wondering if it was one of those places. One in particular I wouldn't mind trying to recreate somehow (knowing that it has to be somewhat different than the original), but this lack of logging stuff has us kind of holding back from developing any new ones at the moment.
  9. We cut people some slack, knowing they might be in and out of internet service. The sequence of emails usually spans a week to ten days, depending on our own lives. I agree that if there's time to log, there's time to send answers, but we understand folks roll different ways and accept that. It's really been a fairly time consuming thing this summer, with one EC in particular. I'm not in any hurry to create any more, given this change in the logging practices we've been seeing. We do try and get people to explore and think, and I don't know if they come expecting a quick "find the answer on the sign" kind of EC and hope to slip through, or what the thinking has been for some.
  10. We've noticed a trend that is a bit frustrating for us as EC owners. We have had many people log our ECs and never send an answer. We have a "three strikes" kind of sequence of emails we send to obtain responses. Some people do get back to us. Others may not, and once it's apparent they don't intend to do so, the log is finally deleted, with a note that they are free to relog once the tasks are completed. We understand if maybe one part couldn't be done for this or that reason, but at least try. We've had one come back today after the third strike, complaining about our "severe attitude" and that if people want to log things they didn't do, that's their problem. At about strike two, we point out that answering the questions *is* the logging requirement and it's unfair to those who did take the time to do the tasks and record their findings. There was the suggestion of swearing and hostility in this response, which was the first one from this cacher since our initial communication. What is everyone else doing? We realize some of this might be a smartphone thing, and to be honest, it's making it less than fun to create these things and monitor them anymore. We've been dealing with it quite a lot. Ideas?
  11. We always respond, and depending on the email received, might do a little back and forthing about the world's problems and such. Of late, we've had to email more than the average number of finders to request their answers. We're not sure what the deal is, as they usually have a number of EC finds and should know the protocol. Part of me thinks, "well, they're on vacation," but if they can log the find, they should be able to send the answers, too. We have also decided, as a previous poster commented, that the ones that get the tftc logs, get just a quick 'thanks.' We used to try and encourage more commentary, but that takes time and I don't think it really changes anyone's thinking.
  12. We've visited many of those same cemeteries Knowschad shared, and being a storyteller, I couldn't resist taking a photo of the one he shared, the stone where all the stories were told. One of the cachers in Wisconsin, known as marc_54140, had a really cool cemetery challenge. He would highlight some funerary custom, then in the days before ALRs were struck down, you would have to find another example and upload a photo with the location. Some were really tough. I have been told, after the fact, that I literally walked past one with a Circuit Rider designation two weeks ago. That was one of the tough ones. Many of us caching in the state have learned to really look for these pieces of history courtesy of that challenge. There is also an EarthCache in the Green Bay area by peach107 that features the zinc headstones, and requires travel throughout one of the larger cemeteries in the area. I once saw a really, really unusual stone on a blog written by someone who is a dulcimer player AND geocacher. I was looking for dulcimer stuff at the time, but this stone was almost surreal. Computer crashed, lost my bookmark. I think it was in Ohio or Indiana. I was trying to track it down before my trip east this spring, but no luck.
  13. Each and every one was a brand spanking new DNF for us. Would have been 8, but we went back and tried one again and found it that time. I would not brag about rerun DNFs.
  14. We set a new record of 7 DNFs yesterday. I think we'll be hosting an event when we hit 500 DNFs, which shouldn't be too much longer! Stopped counting the ticks at about 40. Trekkin' REALLY hates ticks (three times with Lyme, in spite of taking all the usual precautions).
  15. Do you do Artist Trading Cards? That's what these look like to me, and I'd love to find one to add to my collection. I was dropping some of my own into caches, sealed in plastic, but I never saw people mention taking them so I stopped that.
  16. Okay, I know Sharon and she knows I geocache and she has never let on! Right now she's busy rescuing injured herons at the destroyed heron rookery, but I will be speaking with her about this....LOL. If she wants a primo spot here next fall for "Birds and Beers," she'd better dish!
  17. We've long talked about a trip out that way in the fall once we retire. So...we're retired now, but we can wait one more fall. Thanks for the long notice and looking forward to hearing more.
  18. I went through the same steps and still haven't received our CA souvenir, either. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if things worked like expected.
  19. Point of information....the Wisconsin Geocaching Association has not allowed the logging of temporary caches at any WGA sponsored events for almost four years now. In fact, except for a kids cache, they haven't even been placed at our last two big events. Individual event hosts may choose to do differently and though we don't log temps, I really don't see why anyone who wants to log them for whatever reason should feel like they've caused offense.
  20. Lil Devil, Thanks for sharing that template, it's pretty cool. I'm working on that bookmark list as I have patience for the speed of gc this afternoon. What I've done so far is available as an incomplete bookmark list.
  21. Still pokier than all get out at 2PM CDT. If it weren't a rainy cruddy day here, it would not be such a problem for us!
  22. I use that app all the time, but it doesn't seem to allow me to cover all of North America, so I was hoping folks from other areas would share their knowledge and I can build a bookmark list for the D/T lovers among us!
  23. We had started geocaching rather casually. About a year into the game, we'd stopped completely due to some significant family stress that dominated our lives at the time. One afternoon on a crummy rainy fall afternoon, I looked at Trekkin' and said....."let's just go out and do a couple of hiking caches to get away from this." We found it to be such a wonderful break from what was happening that we realized it would help us through all that. Although those problems were finally resolved after having to make some tough decisions and things are now going swimmingly, we both agree that our enjoyment of caching is in some respects our continuing thanks to that "help" it gave us through one of the most difficult times in our parenting lives.
  24. This seems to be the rarest of the rare combos needed to qualify for the original Well Rounded Cacher, aka Fizzy, in California. There is one below the Mackinac Bridge near the Straits I'm hoping to find in another month or so. I know there is also one in Duluth MN, but the ratings change with the seasons. I found one more in the San Diego area about a womb. Any others out there in the US or Canadian border areas? I'll have more travel opportunities soon, and others might like to know what's still out there, too.
  25. We continue to add photos to any EarthCaches that request them, and some that don't. It looks as if most of the ones we own also continue to have photos added, although occasionally we get an odd one or two. EarthCaches in general take us to places where you'd want to take photos anyway. I've never loved the "stare at the camera and hold up your GPSr" ones, so for most of ours, we like seeing photos of people enjoying the area, or even just nice photos of the landscape. I guess we figure if the cache owner went to the effort to do the work of setting these up, we can thank them by honoring their logging requirements.
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