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  1. On 5/6/2021 at 5:24 PM, van der Decken said:

    For the time being (until TPTB remove the old code), you can still see your finds here and your hides here (granted, it's not doing it through your profile, but it's better than nothing). It might be worth bookmarking the links.


    Note to others: those links are specifically for Trekkin' and birdin' s finds and hides; if you want to use something similar, you'd need to add your URLified name to the end of this link fragment for finds: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul= , and, for hides, this fragment: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?u=


    Thank you!  I do hope TPTB can find a fix, though.

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  2. 4 hours ago, cerberus1 said:


    Yep.  We're sorta close to our state's border. When she was a FTF monster, the other 2/3rds got just as many FTFs out of our state.   :)

    Thirty miles or so could have us in one of two other states, so we'd have to click on every cache while scrolling...and scrolling...

    ...just to see where the heck it is.

    Time consuming, and just makes no sense (to me), when it showed plain as day before.

    We have that very same situation where we live.  We're still frustrated that because we have apostrophes, we can't view even our last 1000 finds or our hides from our profile, much less all of them.  I really miss that and being able to see what state a cache is located in, and when it was last found.  Our membership payment is pretty soon and we'll probably pay, but I'm not feeling like we get the same value as in previous years. :(

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  3. On 4/26/2021 at 7:53 AM, ChileHead said:

    I noticed now if I go to a player's profile that has an apostrophe (') in it, and click on the link to show their finds, I get an Error 500.  I verified this with 4 or 5 different players.



    This explains then why I can't click on "all finds" or "hides" and see them listed at all....in any order.  :(Will we now have to change our caching handle by which we've been known for almost 15 years?

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  4. My question is this.....we based our Adventure Lab on a local public art project.  Because of COVID, they are offering up some of these pieces for sale to help cover the operating budget for the local arts venue.  In other words.....some of our birds are flying the coop.  Some may re-appear in the spring but they don't have definite plans as of now.  Can we somehow disable our AL until the pieces are available again?  I do know how to edit things should they move to new locations and such.  Thanks.

  5. 1 hour ago, Ernie444 said:

    Your lab caches should show up on your profile as soon as someone finds them.

    We wondered if that might be the case.  I suppose we could post around in groups that it's available, but until the bonus publishes.....I'd rather wait.  


    We were offered one of these when they were first being put out about a year ago and said....naw.  We got an offer this spring and decided...well, okay.  We have only completed three of them, plus one at a mega, ourselves....so it shows 16 in our found caches.

  6. Thanks, we do see it listed in the area lab caches in the app, and on the builder site it shows as ours.  We don't have the little icon for "lab cache" in our regular gc profile.  That is really bothering one of us on the team, and I did add a reviewer note to our bonus lab, in case they're holding publication of that pending seeing the lab cache in our regular profile.


    Definitely a learning experince!

  7. So we created our AL, tested it until satisfied, removed all the tests both on the computer and in the app,  and made it public.  It shows up when searching for ALs in the area on the app, but in our geocaching profile, there's no sign that we own one.  I've read all the Help stuff, re-read the builder guide numerous times and searched on these forums.  What am I missing?  Thanks.

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  8. Another issue I'm having is this....I got the test link to open in the app (Android phone) but when I try to test the first location, I have the stupid driving directions from google and can't get to the actual screen to check that location.  Tech challenged here for sure!  Thanks for any direction.

  9. No matter how we try to view the maps from the site, it either doesn't ever work, or takes too long and times out.  We are on Chrome.  This has been an issue for at least a couple weeks.   I know weekends are usually more troublesome, but this is all the time lately.

  10. Those are awesome photos.  I wish I'd taken one of our guy, but we were busy trying to avoid a serious confrontation.  We did get to see why they have the name they have!  I've seen some really big Timbers, but never in such a situation to get a nice photo.  It's not unusual to scare them up along our gravel bike trail near home, sunning themselves.  There are logs from various caches in our area with Timber encounters.  We have some old quarries in the area that are now recreational areas and they'll hole up in the crevices there.  When our son was in high school, he told us about one that showed up on the soccer practice field and one of the crazier dads picked it up at the tail end and flung it over the bluff.  Stupid.  Just let the poor thing go where it wants to go, they are generally more afraid of us than most realize.

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  11. It was a really unusual situation.  It was a few years ago, when there wasn't really any winter, and we were doing a multi in a Corps of Engineers recreation area.  The cache is owned by friends of ours, so yes, they heard about it, LOL  We were actually up high above the shoals, and my husband had just said...."Walk a few feet behind, that way if I jump because of a snake, I won't knock you over."  The setting was reminiscent of what we know, Timber Rattlers.  Next thing you know, here's this snake crawling across the trail, so we stopped to check it out.  It coiled and leapt, then continued into a tree hole at trail level.  A knowledgeable person told us it was kind of early for them, it was probably just heading out for the season and going back to its hole....and we came between it and that hole.  From what we were told, they head for high ground during the colder seasons and go back by the water once they have a sense they won't be flooded.  That's what we were told, anyway.  Our friend Jeff said in all the years they'd hiked there, they'd never encountered one.  Go figure.  We're used to finding a pokey stick before putting our hands into anything, so we know that much.  ;)   We met another cottonmouth when we were doing the Exclave EC in Kentucky.  We went as far as we could, then sent our answers as best we could determine, and the cache owner allowed us to log our find.  We had less than 500 feet to the coordinates, but decided we didn't need an EC that badly!

  12. Thank you, that is all very helpful.  The first cottonmouth encounter surprised us with its method of striking (it missed).  Our vipers are pretty timid and not really aggressive like that was.  It's good to know where they like to hang out there....we can keep the dog's nose away from those spots.  Thanks again!

  13. Okay, so here's a question from a Northerner.....we're going to be spending the month of February in Natchez MS.  There are some caches that look interesting for day trips with our dog, but the last time we were south, we had 2-3 encounters with cottonmouths in Arkansas...mid-March.  What kind of viper activity could we expect say, going for the oldest cache in LA (GC763) or similar searches?  My google searching didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know in general about snake activity.


    We aren't total snake newbies....we have our Timber Rattlers and massasaugas where we live.  It's just...those are *our* snakes and we know what to expect of them.  That first cottonmouth encounter was quite startling to us.  Thanks for any guidance.  We're looking forward to this whole snowbird experience.

  14. I am experiencing a similar issue with my iPod. I like to use it in the field to read EC writeups more easily.  It is the iPod version right before they added a camera to them (version 4.2.1) and it doesn't get wifi outside a hotspot.  So the last few times I've tried to get to the geocaching site to upload my PQs onto the device, I get a message that says it "can't establish a secure connection to the server."  I can get to other sites online when I'm at a hotspot.  I use Geosphere for storing my PQs in an offline location for use in the field.  Thanks for any advice.

  15. We attended one on that date, too, but that was for the souvenir for that weekend.  Now for this first week of this game, supposedly one gets 10 points for attending any event from the 17-23.  I noticed that the time stamp when I logged was for tomorrow, so I went back and edited to reflect that we attended the event today.  Now with all the new changes in logging, I hesitate to delete the original log and relog to get the corrected date and the correct points.  This summer's game is maybe just too confusing for my simple mind!

  16. I looked around to see if this was already discussed.  If so, I missed it.  We attended an event today.  As I understand for this first week, attending any event will earn 10 gold coins.  So why am I only getting 7 after logging our attend?  Thanks!

  17. We had the "back door" approach to logging a PMO cache so that our grandkids could log such caches under their own accounts. We were trying to help our grandson catch up on some find logs and the method, if it still exists, seems to have changed from what we had. I don't want a big debate about PMO v. non-PMO, I'd just like to know if the rules on this have changed, or if there's a new back door. The one we were using was to go to a non-PMO cache, change the "ID" to the target cache and log. The url that shows is now different and we've tried a couple things, only to get the 404 error. Thanks.

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