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  1. We have gone on trails that we hadn't been on before. Last year I intended to hike a lot with the kids and it never happened, but DD wanted to go for the streak so it has kept us getting out there. We had a weekend away so we saw new trails in another area, too. A couple of days I had to grab one myself because there was no time to go with the kids. But one Sunday the family went to see my in laws while i had plans with friends. My plans fell through so I went out for a series based on Alice in Wonderland that sounded too hard and too long to go with the kids. I was glad I didn't bring them, between thorns, disappearing trails, PI, and broken bridges! I am still scratched up. But it was a good challenge and I was glad I got them all! Going every day has also gotten DH out a couple of times that we may not have done, and he is starting to really enjoy it!

  2. 99% of the time I am with my kids, 5 and 2. I love getting them in the woods and even the little guy is getting good at climbing around. But something steep and slippery or something like that is not worth it! Sometimes we skip too because DS is in a carrier on my back and it may limit the spaces that I can comfortably get into. We skipped one today, DS was having snack and DD was going to come with me, but it was steep and if I slipped I would have been in the river and DS stuck in the car.I try to mix containers large enough to trade with micros, at least one, to keep the kids excited. I have done a few myself that I would not have gone near with the kids, or been more persistent than they would have stood for. So for me, they are my main consideration when looking at the map.

  3. Could be a puzzle or multi. It could also be archived. A puzzle or multi would not always show up at the actual cache location on the map. If its archived it wouldn't show up at all.


    There is a multi in the area. Didn't seem to fit the description of the final cache but it could be.

  4. I brought the kids out today and thought we didn't find the cache we were looking for, I noticed a piece of wood in a hole in a tree Third time finding a cache by accident! (Makes me wonder why I have such a hard time with some of them!) We'llthis one wasn't on the site, and the peperso who hid most of the caches in the area was one of the log signers. Was this pprobably a premium member cache?

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