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  1. The 2016 OzMega is being held in Queanbeyan/Canberra.
  2. Great advice above. By April the chance of seeing snakes will be low between Canberra and Melbourne. I tend to walk with a stick and bang it on the ground. The vibrations scare them away. The stick is also useful to poke into holes to make sure it isn't home for an animal. Gloves are sensible, as is the compression bandage for a snake bite. Regarding the red backs, they have distinctive fluffy white eggs the size of a pea. If you see eggs the parents won't be far away. You can buy ice packs that are dry until you activate them which is the way to treat red back bites. Kangaroos are plentiful in Canberra, they are dumb and usually hop away if you approach and wombats are nocturnal. Wearing long pants in the bush areas is recommended and covering ankles with socks or gators also helps with ticks. I know it sounds like everything wants to eat you, it's quite fine, you may find more pretend plastic animal containers (snakes/spiders/lizards/birds) for caches than the real thing. Keep that stick handy. Also, if your heading to Adelaide you should check out what kind of BIG geocaching events might be happening in South Australia at that time. Have a great trip.
  3. No, it is gmail and was working perfectly until last week.
  4. Thanks, but email addy and preferences are as they should be.
  5. About a week ago I stopped receiving emails from geocaching.com including notifications of newly published caches and logs when people find mine, even after submitting a new cache I didn't receive the usual automated messages.I have a dedicated email address for all things geocaching and that address works fine. I haven't changed my address but when I forgot my password I logged in with Facebook. Are my emails now going to a Facebook email. I see there is a FB email address linked to my name but I have no idea how to access that. Another cause could be I got an iPad for Christmas and now access the app and website from my phone, Mac and iPad - might this be a cause? Any thoughts or solutions?
  6. I stopped receiving my emails about a week ago, including the automated messages when I listed a cache and those when others log one of mine. I was thinking perhaps because I logged in using Facebook when I forgot my password. I went into Facebook and removed the app this morning, I didn't like it continually posting logs on my page. Fingers crossed.
  7. I have recently been attempting puzzle caches and excitedly headed of to find GZ sometimes frustratingly using the wrong coordinates. Can anyone help with advice on how to work out the check sum please? It would also be great to know of some great puzzle examples that others have found.
  8. I have tried to encourage family members by showing off cool caches and then getting them into it. I think they can claim those caches - I made them search - saying "found them with Joey". What I love about this hobby is that you can do it on your own OR with others. I say go the team approach - you were all there and can claim it "found with XXXXX is good if you didn't sign the log at the time. Getting others excited is part of the fun.
  9. Hi I am Australian and sometimes see logs as 'Tomorrow'. Rather than log on the iPhone for the August streak I am doing this at home on the PC to be able to adjust the date. It isn't tomorrow until dark where I live so I suggest a PC rather than app log. I feel we Aussies are being ripped off a tad with the streak that others are doing in the summer holidays while we are working long days and trying to fit in a cache before after or at lunchtime while it is light in the crappy winter weather - That is why we are Aussies - hardly a challenge
  10. I must confess the hobby is addictive. I started with the free iPhone app, and loved it, but wanted more than 3 close apps and then paid the $10 app price - happy again. iPhone was good enough most of the time. Then got to the stage where I wanted to place my own but iPhone wasn't accurate enough to place caches. Then I paid about $100 for a hand held GPS that I struggled to work out how to use but makes it a tad easier. Still not content when I ran out of local caches I paid about $30 for premium membership. The Premium caches are great, more special and put out to a select few who won't trash them. In short I have evolved, and may continue to.
  11. Hi I am happy to adopt, have been up and replaced your container and put some new goodies in there too. It is an excellent hiding spot and I live on the other side of the hill. Will send you a message. Joeylovestreasure
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