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  1. on the "trade up or even" idea (don't know how to quote multiple posts) how would you (or anyone) feel if I (as owner) took your unactivated TB and left an unactivated GeoCoin? Or... a complete microcache or minicache? I'm not intentionally stirring the pot, nor throwing up a straw man. People say "Trade even or trade up" but I'm not always sure what is considered "up," especially when it comes to geocaching items. Blue
  2. I'm no math major, but 11 is clearly more than 8, which is 10% of 80. I think 11 / 80 is .1375 - almost 14%. Blue
  3. Here are a couple of ways that I've tried in the past. Partially, though, it depends on the resources you have available to you. At the top of my list is the CacheMate program that runs on palm-based PDAs. If you've got a palm device, you should really treat yourself and look into CacheMate or something like it. Coupled with a Pocket Query (have to be a premium member) it's hard to beat this one. Next best (for my taste) is the mapping feature with zoom (need to be a premium member to use zoom). You go to one cache, get a map of it, and then zoom out until you have sufficient caches being displayed. Then you click the "identify" radio button and it shows you a page that includes a map and links to all those caches. It really helps for finding a cache that is near you. Of course, you also have to browse each of those caches to get the actual coordinates. You can also get a decent map without being a premium member, but you can't adjust the zoom to show more or fewer caches. Just like most other things- you spend a little more money, you get a little more convenience. Blue
  4. A few days ago I dropped a note to you with a question to clarify the puzzle (through geocaching.com) but I haven't heard anything back. Is it possible it fell to your spambot? Blue
  5. I'm uncomfortable with the idea of logging your own cache, even if it's a traveling / moved cache. If you've seen a cache container and know what it looks like, that's a significant part of the puzzle that you've skipped, and you're not working in the same conditions as a regular seeker, unless there are actual photos of the cache container provided. I haven't hidden any caches, so take this with a grain of salt, but I see it as one of the costs associated with hiding a cache, along with the container, the FTF prize, and the initial trade items.
  6. Here is how I get a bunch of .GPX files into CacheMate, relatively painlessly. I run Windows XP. My browser is FireFox. I think that helps because FireFox allows me to associate .GPX with the CacheMate File Converter program. My PDA is palm-OS based. Here are the steps I have to go through: 1. Navigate to the cache webpage 2. Click the "GPS eXchange File (*.gpx)" button 3. (First time only) You have to tell Firefox how to open the file. I've already done it, so I can't walk through the steps, but in a nutshell you want to tell FireFox to "Open with" and then browse to the directory that has the CacheMate program in it, and then go into the File Converter directory and select the cmconvert.exe file. 4. Then, click OK and the file goes directly into CacheMate converter, without saving the .GPX file to your hard drive. 5. the converter runs automatically, you have to accept your download options and it imports the file. 6. Highlight the cache name and click "save". Save as any name you want. This is a .PRC file. 7. (the cool step) the converter automatically puts the file in your upload area, so the next hotsync puts it into your PDA, and the next time you run CacheMate on your PDA it finds the file and integrates it. 8. (If desired) manually delete the .PRC file. 9. Repeat with the next cache. Gripes and wishes (with this system. I'd also like to be able to download multiple caches as GPX instead of LOC): A. Each time this happens, a new instance of the cmconvert.exe is launched. I'd really like it if things were set up so that the new GPX file got loaded into the currently-running copy, and then you could do a single Save operation at the end. B. You have to acknowledge an awful lot of popups for cmconvert. I'd be glad if the status line were used to indicate how many points were uploaded, rather than acknowledging a popup, for example. C. You have to tell CacheMate about each cache separately when you run it. I wish there were some faster options there. But overall, it's been a workable solution and I can live with it.
  7. Is there any way to download a GPX file with multiple caches in it other than through a Pocket Query? I notice that for a regular search I can check off several caches and then download a single file with multiple waypoints (.LOC) and it would be so nice if I could do something similar for GPX.
  8. My question would be: How do you know that the cache had "clearly been removed"? What is your criteria for making that statement? Yeah, and I wouldn't trust your judgement either, which is why I took the conservative approach and logged a DNF rather than a Needs Maintenance. And, no, I'm not about to get involved in a discussion of criteria. That whole path is flawed. It would be nice if the FAQ had some guidelines about when to suggest that a cache isn't being maintained. And it would be nice if the FAQ had some guidance about each field on the form for logging a visit.
  9. I checked the FAQ, and it indicated the mechanics of logging a visit, but nothing further. I'd like some guidance on what information to include in the log, and especially some guidance on choosing the "Type of Log" I went to a cache that had clearly been removed. I sent the placer a message about it, and haven't heard anything back. At this point I want to log my visit. What do "Write Note", "Needs Maintenance" and "Needs Archived" imply in terms of Found It / Did Not Find? Do they affect the stats at all? Taking the conservative approach, I'd say that if one didn't find the cache, one has no business declaring that it needs maintenance. I happen to be convinced, but that doesn't mean I'm right. Do I log a "Did Not Find" and then log a "Needs Maintenance" directly after, so the hider can delete that second entry if I'm wrong? Thanks for any help.
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