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  1. This cache is in my area, but I have not hit it yet. I'll try and set aside time this upcoming weekend to venture down to it, and I'll liberate the postcard if it has not already happened.
  2. I watch caches for a variety of reasons, and I like this idea as well.
  3. quote:Originally posted by The Leprechauns:_August 3, 2002 B.C. by Fred Flintstone (36 found)_ What a cool spot. Took a rock, left a rock. Cache in good shape. Thanks for the cache. _March 18, 2001 B.C. by Barney Rubble (67 found)_ Cache did not do well surviving the winter. Rocks are strewn about at random, and most of them are cheap McRocks or have been reduced to pebbles. I picked up everything I could. Cache could really use a container. I brought my chisel but there was no log rock to carve on. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x .sdrawkcab dootsrednu tub sdrawrof devil si efiL Since logs appear with the most recent first, shouldn't Barney's log appear before Fred's? Okay, I really had nothing to add to this discussion, and my feeble attempt here was not nearly as witty as the one that I'm quoting.
  4. The real problem here is that no snowmobile manufacturer makes GPS devices. If we could simply get Yamaha of SkiDoo to purchase Garmin or Magellan, then we would have the powerful snowmobile lobby on our side. That would enable us to hide GeoCaches in wilderness preserves that were the mating grounds of extremely endangered species, provided that we stipulated that these caches could only be hunted from snowmobiles. Ok, so I'm just venting. I'm as perplexed by this as many of you.
  5. Do you think maybe if all the GeoCachers lie on the ground that the world will spin faster?
  6. TinSparrow


    quote:Originally posted by brdad:Don't forget Jeremy's recent $15,000 binge in Las Vegas. And I bet you guys thought he's been quiet because he was working on a new site... You may recall that in the early days of Federal Express, the Founder CEO recognized that he did not have enough cash to make payroll, and he took company funds to Vegas and won enough to keep the company afloat. I'm sure that Jeremy's alledged presence in Vegas is all about trying to afford the contract programmers who are working on the map pages, or something else very similar.
  7. TinSparrow


    quote:Originally posted by zoltig:They do eat. The frozen burritos and the cheesy spread. The way that I heard it, all they had to eat was the food that had been confiscated from other caches. I don't know what the hamster in the little is eating.
  8. quote:Originally posted by opey one:BTW, what GPS unit do you use drinkeii? In my case, I have a low end model Magellan 310 which has performed greatly. I also have a Magallen 310. It's a low end no frills unit, but the reception is so good that I can use it on airplanes. For a while I owned an eTrex Venture as an upgrade unit, but the eTrex would lose signal at the suggestion of trees in the area. I finally returned the eTrex and picked up a Magellan Meridian. You had mentioned earlier that the Magellan's only showed position to hundreths of a minute, but this is only true on the Magellan 310. Every other Magellan unit that I have seen expresses accuracy to thousanths of a minute. In most cases, accuracy to hundreths is all you need for search caches.
  9. quote:Originally posted by imeagle: We would probably get 25% of the cachers' in the hospital with sprained ankles or busted knees and someone would then have to maintain their caches for them. Another 25% would claim a workmans comp claim and so the business world would slow down to a crawl and the dollar stores would have to file for bankruptcy. The other 50% would spill their beer which would make the brewery stocks shoot thru the roof because of increased demand for their product. http://myweb.cableone.net/imeagle/images/Cache/eagle1.jpg If you fly like an Eagle the Turkeys don't bug you!!! Of that final 50% who spilled their beer, at least 4 of them would log into the forums to ask if this cache should have been approved, and 8 of them would wonder why they couldn't leave a pocket knife in their chair as a trading item.
  10. I selection of my favorite caches can be found in my profile. If I had to pick one, I might go with Rock of Ages, although Putt Putt Geocaching is one of the more bizarre urban settings that I've yet encountered.
  11. quote:Originally posted by SE7EN:Not to be persnickety, but your clue does not match the method. That's way it took me so long to figure it out. I ended up having to use the hint. Then it was child's play. The clues were carefully chosen, but I'm not sure which clue you might be refering to here, or how you interpreted the clue. I don't want to give away any more hints in this forum, but I'd love it if you emailed me with more detail.
  12. quote:Originally posted by SimonG:_I've cracked it!_ I have nothing to contribute to the discussion. I just wanted to brag. Congratulations. Turnabout is fair play, and I'll take a stab at yours. And for those of you in distant areas who solve the code but are not in a position to physically find it, feel free to "Post a Note" to the cache page indicating your partial success. [This message was edited by TinSparrow on April 10, 2003 at 11:14 AM.]
  13. quote:Originally posted by Eswau: What is a cache audit log? On a member's only cache, the cache owner has an "Audit Log" link which allows the owner to look at who has viewed the cache page. Yesterday perhaps seven people had viewed it, and today the number is up to thirty seven with multiple visits by some people.
  14. I was amazed this morning to see that my cache audit log showed many hits from out of area cachers. I did some searching and discovered this thread. In the past I had found this cache, and I wanted to do something equally challenging but closer to home. I struggled somewhat with how much unencrypted text to use in the description (or even the hint), but in the end I decided to use as little as possible. This type of cache won't appeal to everyone, but I'm aware of some folks in my area who are diligently trying to solve it.
  15. There is a puzzle cache called the dragonfly scroll which went for more than five months before the puzzle was cracked. This may not qualify as accessible based upon the difficulty of the puzzle.
  16. I'm sorry to notice this thread so late. On the way out as I was removing the cache debris, I came across a "Park Rules" sign which (of course) states quite clearly no hunting or trapping inside this wild space. This is such a great park and the 12 stage cache which ended up here was very well done. It's a shame to find evidence of some lowlife acting in this manner, and it's sad to see this happen to a great cache.
  17. If an Earth Day cleanup event does not crop up in the Columbia area, then count me in for this one.
  18. As a former Connecticut resident, it's easy to sit trapped inside during the bitter cold of winter and to think of warmer climes, but I feel it's constructive to note that these warmer locations are not all of bed of roses. Some of these locations have distinct problems and hazards which one tends to forget about as one is trapped inside for the winter up North. For example: (1) The ice in your tropical rum drink melts faster under the hot Caribbean sun (What a pain that is!). (2) You're lounging outside in your hammock reading a book and you accidently kick your flip flop into the sand and have to retrieve it (How annoying!). (3) You're constantly late going anywhere because your so completely transfixed by the amazing beauty of the tropical paradide that you find yourself in. I hope it's quite clear that those balmy tropical locations are not all that they're cracked up to be. Hope this helped.
  19. Here is another cache which has never been found, and probably won't be for some time. This one I feel very strongly about that it should NOT be archived: As North As It Gets The criteria for achiving can't merely be that a cache has not been found with a certain period of time. Some other factors should be taken into account, such as: Is the cache being maintained? Is the owner still active? Has the cache been compromised? Has the cache been found by so many folks that there is a trail to it?
  20. I've had very good success by logging the cache using the "Cache Should Be Archived" selection. It seems to me that the admins review such caches, and take whatever action they feel is necessary. I have gotten quick results both times that I have done this.
  21. You could always hide a suitable container at this spot stocked with very similar items, and maybe then you could turn the tables on the culprit as cachers began finding his false cache.
  22. Here is what my national spread looked like the last time that I saved it. Since then I've drawn a line from Dallas to Albuquerque. Maybe the new map server will allow me to generate a new one.
  23. If this really is a high traffic issue, then I wonder if it would be possible to either allow the found caches to be shown late at night (when traffic is lower), or maybe only allow found caches to be shown to premium members (and perhaps even then only late at night).
  24. This has been an interesting discussion, and I'm glad that I posted the original question. For all those folks that were able to describe episodes where two or more GPSr's were used at the same time, it seems that the following models ALWAYS compared favorably (in terms of reception): Lowrance GM100 Magellan Meridian Platinum Magellan Map 330 On the other side of the coin, these units NEVER came out on top when a side by side comparison was performed (once again reception was the judging criteria): Garmin eTrex Other models (V comes to mind) were mixed in how many times they compares positively and negatively. I'd still love to hear comments from other folks who have had similar side by side experiences.
  25. It's only a matter of time before I upgrade my eTrex, and my main complaint with it is its problematic reception. Since this is perhaps the most important criteria for my selecting another GPSr, I'm curious to hear of stories of GPSr units with outstanding reception capabilities. Have you been GeoCaching with a friend and one of the GPSr's functioned well while the other lost signal? Do you own two GPSr's and have you noticed that one unit always outperforms the other? I'd love to hear about experiences like this.
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