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  1. I just noticed that someone is selling replacement covers for the USB port on the Magellan eXplorist 510, 610 and 710. I know that several people have had a problem with these splitting and Magellan doesn't offer the replacements. http://www.ebay.com/itm/111476641237?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Why wouldn't it? Owner's manual: http://www.navmantech.com/aumarketing/EDM/Magellan/User_Manuals/eXplorist_110_User_Manual.pdf B. It will do ok for Geocaching; however, I don't recommend the eX110. I have all of the Outdoor models made by Magellan, hence being a Beta Tester and I don't recommend the eX110 for a couple of reason. The first is that it is limited to only 500 Geocaches where the GC and eX310 can hold 10,000. Almost, the sorting capabilities and other functionality of the eX110 is extremely limited. Personally, I would pay the extra few dollars to buy the eX310 over both the eX110 and/or the GC. David Magellan Insider Alright thanks. Would it be worth it at a blowout sale for 50$? Local store just went bankrupt. Quite sad, family owned but I picked it up for 50$. Figured lots of positive reviews and for that cheap why not? For $50.00 it would be worth picking a couple of them up. They are good little GPSrs. Actually, they are the exactly same unit as the GC and eX310, except they limited the software. The biggest thing you will find is that it is annoying having to deal with the 500 cache limit; but it can be done!!! David Magellan Insider
  3. Why wouldn't it? Owner's manual: http://www.navmantech.com/aumarketing/EDM/Magellan/User_Manuals/eXplorist_110_User_Manual.pdf B. It will do ok for Geocaching; however, I don't recommend the eX110. I have all of the Outdoor models made by Magellan, hence being a Beta Tester and I don't recommend the eX110 for a couple of reason. The first is that it is limited to only 500 Geocaches where the GC and eX310 can hold 10,000. Almost, the sorting capabilities and other functionality of the eX110 is extremely limited. Personally, I would pay the extra few dollars to buy the eX310 over both the eX110 and/or the GC. David Magellan Insider
  4. I know this video isn't the highest of quality; but check it out, it might help... Loading PQs Video David Magellan Insider
  5. Yes, I have two of the units and I've been working with Magellan as a Beta Tester for years and I hate to tell you, the unit is toast. The reason the unit is doing that it because the software on the unit is corrupt and there is no way to reload the unit without special equipment. You could send it to Jungle Ghost http://www.jungleghost.com and have it repaired, but to be honest it would cost more than the unit is worth. Unfortunately the Triton line has several problems and when MiTac bought out Magellan the line was dropped before all of the issues could be fixed... At one point I did have the ability to repair the units, but I no longer have the stuff to do it! Sorry, David Magellan Insider
  6. I cannot give you an absolute answer; however, I can tell you - as an Android programmer - that the GPS functions within the phone has several settings that can normally be manipulated by the programmer. These setting include power level, sampling times and whether or not the GPX function actually use the GPS chip and the satellites or if the phone will just triangulated using the cell towers. It is possible that Virgin, being that it is not a contract phone, has limited these settings in their firmware. You might ask, why would they do that, the first reason to do that is that it dramatically increases battery life on the phone when the phone. Verizon is notorious for doing things like this; though the GPS in my Verizon S3 (Contract) works great.... David Magellan Insider
  7. Magellan stopped supporting the Triton once the new eXplorist line was released. Part of why this happened is due to the fact that "NEW" Magellan, which is now owned by Mitac inherited the Triton line and there were several problems with the units which Mitac didn't want to address. The best thing to do is to download an older version of the Vantage Point to use with your Triton. The older version can be found at http://www.jungleghost.com. David Magellan Insider
  8. The big question is, how much do you want to spend; because there is a huge difference between the low end units and the higher end units. One of the biggest differences is that thee lower end units do not have an electronic compass built into them, which the more expense unit do have. The purpose of the E. compass is to allow the GPS tobdive accurate direction while move at low speeds and when stopped, while the units without the E. compass will always require you to be moving in order to up date the direction shown on the screen! So, the question needs to asked - how much will the unit be used and how much are you willing to spend. David Magellan Insider
  9. Check to make sure the unit is set to the same format as Groundspeak uses for cache coordinates: Home → Other → Conversions http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=208 B. Thanks For your help but it didnt work. I just tried again in the right conversion and it changed the end of my coords from 054 to 053. This is a known issue with the device; however, since the different between .054 and .053 is only a foot or so and falls well within the given accuracies of the device (3 meters = 9.8), the issue hasn't been corrected and I don't expect it to be. It has been reported and it known. David Magellan Insider
  10. Ok, lets try a couple of things. The first thing that I need to you do is to connect the GPS to your computer and go in and delete all of the .gpx files from Geocaches directory; but before you do; please count the number of GPX files in the folder, because this is something I would like to keep track of. After you have deleted all of those files, then go into the Media>Images>Geocaches directory and delete all of the images in that directory. After you can done this then disconnect the unit from the computer and restart the GPS a couple of times and let it run for a few minutes and watch it to see if it continues with the problem. If the problem continues without the caches on the unit then please contact me at Zukicacher@gmail.com. If the problem appears to be gone, to ahead and load a single pocket query onto the unit and see if the problem returns. If so, again please contact me. David Magellan Insider
  11. I have an Explorist GC, and am able to see pictures...Don't know. Maybe it's only pictures in the description... Hello, Two things - first, the GC only shows pictures that are contained within the HTML description of the cache, but does not load nor does it display any of the pictures loaded in a caches gallery. Second, the only way to load the pictures is through Vantage Point or GSAK. Therefore, since you are running a MAC this becomes a problem. The only way you will be able to do this is to install a PC emulator, or install Windows, on the MAC and run one of the two programs. However, with that said - I a couple of GCs and an eX610 & eX710 and I stopped loading the pictures because to be honest, it takes a lot of time and memory on the unit with little reward! David Magellan Insider
  12. I've used my Nexus 7 to find a couple of caches. I'm on wifi only, so I don't have a map upon arrival, but it's handy to just get up and go, upon cache notification. I use my Garmin Oregon most of the time, and by the time I load a cache file, I could have found the cache with Nexus 7. I too have a Nexus 7 and I've been writing GPS software for it; however, you need to remember that this tablet does not have an electronic compass built into it! Yes, it has a GPS that tracks your direction, but the conditions you are talking about are do to the absence of the compass which would continue to update while you are standing still. This is similar to using a lower end GPS like the Magellan 110, 310, 510 or GC, which don't have the compass while the eX610 and 710 will constantly update while standing still. If you have a good quality smart phone, you might be better off. When I run the same software on my Galaxy 3s these issues disappear due to the fact that the phone does have the electronic compass in it; but then again the phone cost more than the tablet. David Magellan Insider David
  13. All of the units in Magellan's new generation of eXplorist will hold 10,000 caches, except the eX110. David Magellan Insider
  14. Somehow, their math and mine don't add up. 20 queries ≠ 10,000 caches...and that isn't even taking child waypoints into account. Regarding those "preloaded caches", nobody seems know how many are loaded to the GPSr before it is shipped so, 6NoisyHikers may just have a point. Depending on how many caches are already preloaded, it is possible that the unit memory is already maxed out. That said, 10,000 caches is one huge bunch of caches... and I rather doubt (just guessing) that so many are already loaded to the unit. This issue then brings us back to the parameters you chose in submitting the PQ. It is pretty easy to muck up parameters for a PQ, expecting to get 1,000, but in reality it sometimes returns much less. Before we get too carried away regarding Pocket Query downloads... ask yourself this one question: How long will it take you to find those 10,000 caches (assuming that you actually had loaded them)? The answer is: NEVER! That would happen because caches are archived continually. Some of those 10,000 caches loaded to your unit will not exist by the time you get to some (many) of them. End result is that you are going to spend hours (and hours) looking and driving to hunt for a cache that doesn't even exist anymore! By that same token, you will pass right by newly placed caches because your GPSr doesn't have them loaded to it. Easy solution: Forget loading 10,000 caches. Think in terms of hundreds, not thousands. Think in terms of working areas, rather than "everywhere". PQ's are cheap at 5/day, every day of the week. That alone could be as many as 35,000 per week... even more-so unrealistic to think about finding them all. You should load a new query to the GPSr each time you go out 'caching. Load only as many as what you reasonably expect to be able to find, plus a few more. Each time you load a new query, it should be in an area that you plan to do your hunting. It doesn't make too much sense to load a query 200 miles distant when you have no plans on going that distance. Long and short of it -- OLD data (more than two weeks old) is bad data, NEW data is most always good data. There is a side benefit to not loading the GPSr to the max. Many electronic devices, when the memory is maxed out, have a hard time functioning and as a result, they crash. Not fun when you are 200 miles out... Pocket Queries: Leave the day-of-the-week to run UNCHECKED Submit that (proposed) query; You will immediately (a link near the top of the page) be able to read the preview of the query results, even though the query never actually ran (saving you from spending one of your 5/day queries); If you are happy with those results, return to that query page, CHECK the day-of-the-week to run and submit it. If you were not happy with those results, return to the query page and adjust your parameters; Repeat. There's lotsa reading there... I hope at least some of it makes sense for you. Good Luck and Happy Hunting -- rather 'Caching. Sorry, but I have to disagree. I not only own two GCs, but am also a tester for Magellan Outdoors and I've have loaded more than 10,000 caches on my GC a number of times, just to see if it will work, and there are a number of times when preparing for a trip that I will load 5,000 to 7,000 caches along a route on my GPSrs before leaving the house and all of the new eXplorist will handle 10,000 caches except the eX110. As far as 20 queries = 10,000, when it was written the maximum number of caches in a pocket query was 500 caches, not the 1,000 we have today. GC.com expanded that, at the request of their users, after the GC was originally produced so their statement was not in error at the time of writing; though they should do a better job of updating their materials as well as several other things! As far as the GPS stopping at 200 caches there are a couple of reasons why this might happen. The first common issue is that you have been downloading the pictures for the caches onto the GPS and because of this the memory is full of pictures that are no longer needed, because the cache information has long since been removed from the unit. Yes, the unit should delete the pictures when the caches are removed, but it doesn't. Therefore you need to connect the unit to your computer and go into the images>geocaches directory and manually delete all of the pictures every time to you preparing to load the unit. Secondly, there is a known issue with the GC and HTML. On occasion, though it doesn't happen often, there is "bad" html coding in the descriptions data of the caches - which is posted online by the owner of the cache, not GC.com - which contains errors in the html coding. Unfortunately, at times when the GC comes to an error in this code it will throw and error flag and instead of continuing to the next cache the software in the unit stops loading the data in the GPX in order not to corrupt the database in the unit. After deleting the pictures, if you are still having this problem, please contact me so I can get a copy of the GPX file from you so I can track it down to the cache causing the problem because we have been working on this issue. This does lead me to ask, are you running the newest firmware for the GC? Thanks, David Magellan Insider
  15. Check out this video, it might help! Also, you might check out the Magellan Insider's Forum at http://www.magellaninsiders.com David Magellan Insider
  16. Please return the unit for replacement. If this is a problem, please let me know... Zukicacher@gmail.com David
  17. Chazbo, The GC doesn't have an electric compass in it, so when you slow down the GPS can no longer track properly so the trick is to keep moving. I've been caching for a few years and found my first 1,000 finds with a GPS just like the GC and once you get used to it, it will work great for you. Your smart phone, on the other hand, has an electric Compass in it just like the higher end GPSrs like Magellans eX610 and eX710 and the higher end Garmin units. One of the tricks that I learned was to keep moving until the GPS said I was at GZ and I kept moving and made a circle back to see if it took me to the same place; by doing this I never had a problem with the unit freezing or jumping. I hope this helps, David Magellan Insider
  18. Have you checked the satellite screen to see if the unit is locking onto at least three satellites? David Magellan Insider
  19. The file you will be looking for is found on the HDD USB drive of the unit under Geocaches and the file name is log.txt. David Magellan Insider
  20. I have loaded GPX files to my Magellan 610 & 710 using my Android and a Micro SD card. David
  21. Zaise, The locking clip on the mount is actually in a different location on the Touch models from that of the Compass (eX110, eX310 and GC) models. If you try to use the belt clip with the belt clip that is designed for the Touch models you might end up loosing your GPS! David Magellan Insider/Beta Tester
  22. What operating system are you running? Windows XP SP1, SP2 SP3; Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8 and is it a 32 or 64 bit version? Also, have to tried downloading the update again to see if the file was corrupted in the download process? David Magellan Insider/Beta Tester
  23. Can you access the device as a USB Drive on your computer? David Magellan Insider/Beta Tester Yes, if I open up start>computer I can see it listed as a drive. I noticed it comes with like 1000+ cache on it that I don't want. I guess my next question would be, how does one delete them? If I ever figure out how to put new ones on! Try this, because it actually works better than using the Navigator within GC.com. Connect to your GC and go into the Geocaches directory. Once you are in the directory, delete all of the .gpx files in that directory and then disconnect your GC and let it restart. This will delete all of the caches on the GPS. Then create a pocket query and download it to your computer. If the PQ downloaded as a ZIP file, make sure to extract it. Connect your GPS to your computer and then copy the .gpx file, but not the *wpts.gpx, to the Geocache directory on the GC. After the file is in the Geocaches directory, disconnect the GPS from your computer and allow it to boot. At that time you should have all of the files from the PQ loaded in your GC. I know that the Magellan Navigator is an easy to use, when it works; however, there are several problems with using it. When you load caches using the navigator it loads every cache as a separate GPX. Because of this the Win CE operating system in the GPS has to deal with a greater number of file handles, which slows the GPS down. However, using the PQ GPX file you are able to load thousands of caches and the Win CE operating system only has to deal with one file. Also, since the Navigator is web based there are a number of things that can keep it from running. To figure out what is causing your problem with it we would have to begin by looking at which web browser you're running, which add-ons you have loaded and the list goes on an on... Please give the PQ a try and let me know how it comes out. David Magellan Insider/Beta Tester
  24. Can you access the device as a USB Drive on your computer? David Magellan Insider/Beta Tester
  25. Ys One, I am going to send you a Private Message with my contact information. Normally Jeff is really good about answering his phone and responding to emails and I don't know why he hasn't; however, when you get my information please feel free to contact me and we'll see what needs to be done to make sure your Magellan Experience is a pleasant one. David Magellan Insider/Beta Tester
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