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  1. Can you share the recipe? I LOVE peanut brittle!
  2. Could be that it is Christmas and that is why Christmas traditions are on everyones minds so I will give one Christmas tradition and one 4th of July tradition in our family. We have been married for 26 years and our oldest daughter is now 25 with a 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son to round out the family. We always do our BIG Christmas meal on Christmas Eve followed by hours of playing cards and then settle in to open gifts from one another. The kids are allowed to open the gifts they got for eachother and my husband and I are allowed to open the gifts he and I got for eachother. The kids receive one gift from us each Christmas Eve which is a warm, cozy, soft and snuggly pair of PJ's that they always wear to sleep in that night. We also get a new pair of PJ's and when we all arise on Christmas morning, pictures are always taken while all other gifts are opened and everyone is in their new PJ's. After the gifts are open, we cook a full breakfast spread and lounge around for a few hours taking in the meaning of the holiday and enjoying the new "toys" left under the tree. Midday, we head to the movies and always see a double feature before heading back home to close out the holiday playing cards until we can't stay awake. 4th of July carries a tradition started by my parents their very first year married - watching fireworks at a local park (we now view them across a lake) and enjoying Rootbeer Floats with Homemade Vanilla Ice cream. We pack a cooler with some dry ice and all the fixins and load up the truck with blankets and chairs and head out early evening to play catch and claim our spot so that when the fireworks start, we can enjoy our floats and the beautiful display. Afterwards we pack up the truck and head home with the kids generally worn out and all head off to sleep with sweet dreams of a great family time had.
  3. We didn't have anything to do with your wonderful package... We really enjoyed sending out our missions, but that one wasn't from us! OH DEAR! Your name was on the mailing label right below mine so I assumed it was from you; was I not the intended receiver of this package? It appears that I owe my thanks to ljay for this package, but if I wasn't the intended receiver I am happy to forward it to its rightful recipient (minus the chocolates we ate).
  4. Butterfly Lady, I can't thank you enough for organizing this mission. This is the first one I have participated in and now I know better what to do when participating and the joy of giving and receiving with other geocachers. I have recently started collecting some geocoins and pathtags and this mission has been such fun and increased my collection more than I could have imagined.
  5. I MUST BE DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS HERE IN FLOWER MOUND TEXAS! THE WEATHER IS CHILLY AND MY SON RETRIEVED THE MAIL ON HIS WAY INTO THE HOUSE AND DELIVERED ANOTHER PACKAGE ADDRESSED TO ME FROM THE UK! The camera was still out and warmed up so I started the fun all over again! This time I snapped a pic BEFORE opening the package My son opened the package and was as excited as I was at the number of little wrapped presents that tumbled out Truly(sp) feeling like a kid at Christmas now, I opened each one to find more than I could have imagined in coins, caching supplies and treats I have to tell you that I twisted my ankle while reading instead of looking on the trail last weekend and saw the purple heart coin online yesterday morning and thought I had earned one and to my delight, there was one in this package! We each tasted the white chocolates and believe the stainless tool will come in handy on the trail. WOW, YOU REALLY WENT ALL OUT ON THIS PACKAGE AND TO BE HONEST, I DIDN'T EXPECT A THIRD ONE SO THIS WAS LIKE THE ICING ON TOP OF THE ICING ON THE CAKE! THANK YOU SOFI AND HOLMBIOM FOR SHARING A BIT OF YOUR CHRISTMAS JOY WITH US! MAY YOUR CHRISTMAS BE MERRY AND BRIGHT!
  6. IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS...EVERYWHERE I LOOK! Yesterday I arrived home on a very cold December day (high of 27 in Texas) to find a lovely wrapped box sitting on my doorstep from Germany! I couldn't wait to experience a bit of Christmas Cheer from another country so I dove right in and then remembered my first mission package that was consumed before I took pictures so I stopped and grabbed the camera. This is the package contents with the postage label in the pic since I had already opened the box. I then began opening the little presents and what fun I had discovering 2 BEAUTIFUL coins and a Gingerbread Cookie (my favorite) inside. My Santa wrote me a holiday note inside the card and thankfully provided the English Translation We all tasted the Marzipan treats and especially enjoyed the Edelmarzipan - Brot which was very similar to a Mounds bar with dark chocolate and coconut. YUMMY! I am saving the Gingerbread Cookie for a lazy evening by the fire with a good book and cup of coffee. THANK YOU MATLOCK75 FOR THIS WONDERFUL HOLIDAY PACKAGE! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT LIFTED MY SPIRITS AND WARMED MY HEART ON THIS COLD DECEMBER DAY! MAY YOUR CHRISTMAS BE AS MERRY AS YOU HAVE MADE MINE!
  7. Received my coins and they are great! Tree should go up this weekend and then I will post a few pics; thanks for the cointest!
  8. I am having such fun reading all of the posts and seeing all of the pics for the very merry packages shared between complete strangers. I love this time of year and the effort made by BL to bring such joy to so many has been the highlight for me so far this year. I was thrilled to see our package that had the furthest to travel has arrived and am confident that our domestic parcel will arrive to the recipient before Saint Nick. We are waiting on one mission to arrive, but have had lots of fun with the mail as we have ordered way too many Christmas Coins which seem to arrive daily. We have also started trading pathtags so our mailbox has been very busy. THANK YOU BUTTERFLY LADY AND EVERYONE WHO HAS SHARED THE JOY OF THE SEASON; YOU ALL ROCK!
  9. I haven't personally decorated yet, but am including a photo of an amazing tree we discovered last year while driving at night just west of Flower Mound Texas. It certainly inspires me! ENJOY!
  10. Mission One: 1. Participating 2. Received Name: 3. Outgoing Mission Complete: International package sent with assurance that the enormous fee was necessary to have it arrive before Christmas. I hope you enjoy this package as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. 4. Incoming Package Received!: I had every intention of taking pics of my package with all of the goodies including a bit of gold from ME, but before the camera could snap a single one, the teenage boy in our house had gobbled up all of the lovely treats. LOL Oh Well, I have my very lovely Caching In The Holidays coin which I will treasure! Thanks my secret santa from ME; you made my holiday season start a bit early. Mission Two: 1. Participating 2. Received Name: 3. Outgoing Mission Complete: No sooner did I post my message yesterday than daughter entered the house with the mail which contained the coin I was waiting for. Package went out Tuesday evening; I really enjoyed putting together a wintery package since it is the closest we get to snow here in Texas 4. Package Received!: Thanks to all participating in this very fun mission! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!
  11. Just reserved a few; glad I caught this thread as these are so beautiful! Can't wait for them to arrive!
  12. Insomnia brings me here; reservation placed.
  13. Very Merry Christmassy! Email sent
  14. Just ordered a few for a Christmas Mission; can't wait to receive them
  15. Mission One: 1. Participating 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Mission Two: 1. Participating 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  16. email sent for 2 missions 1. Participating 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: I hope to send/receive internationally and appreciate your willingness to put together such a JOLLY mission.
  17. Here are the settings I have for the Spidering Tab: On the Limits Tab, I indicate to retrieve linked pages to a depth of 3 which is what I think trainlove was referring to.
  18. My initial answer was no, but if the grass grows long enough, your spouse could use it as a convenient place to hide her first cache (your body). LOL!
  19. I use Plucker with my Treo 755p and the images display as expected. Here is the settings I use on the images tab: Hope this helps,
  20. This is one of the MANY things I have come to LOVE about geocaching; the generosity of the players! Not only was Applewomyn generous enough to create this cointest and provide the prizes, but all of you were willing to be generous with a small part of who you are. I love the hunt...I love the community and I love COINS! lol Congrats to the winners and THANKS! Applewomyn for creating this cointest.
  21. Love seeing the recent posts and pics; isn't it cool that Jason cared enough about geocaching to have started such a great cointest? I for one can say that my summer was a bit more fun having participated in the Mr. Jiffy's Summer Meltdown cointest. THANKS Jason (Aka Mr. Jiffy)!
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