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  1. Social media platforms is a gateway for newbies to the hobby. It is alarming to see dirty laundry being washed out there. The obsession of some people to try and tell others how to cache is not helping.
  2. Interesting to see some names appear in both hide and find lists. For some reason I thought there would be a bigger correlation between the two.
  3. Back in the day we had to drive a long way to find our first virtual. Now there is one around every corner. Great stuff.
  4. Day 51 have arrived and this will be the last day. Thanks to everyone that went on the journey with me. The messages of encouragement and suggestions was really appreciated. Hopefully not too long before we can be out and about caching again. Thanks again.
  5. Your skills at searching for information on the internet is key. Both in key words you are looking for, and how you search for images. Wikipedia is always a good place to start.
  6. If you identify the song in question one, it will help you.
  7. I have changed the question. That will help for the non Afrikaans speakers. Enjoy.
  8. Having a lot of time on my hands during lockdown, I decided it was a good time to work on some puzzle ideas that I had floating around. While getting the puzzle mechanics sorted for the one idea I had in mind, I got sidetracked while testing it and went on a little journey. With the lockdown now extended, I decided to share my journey. It might just save you from some Cabin Fever. Hope you have fun. Feedback are welcome. http://www.tjokker.co.za/geocaching/Virtual-Vacation/
  9. Spesbona

    D vs T

    In my opinion, asking someone for the final coordinates for a difficult puzzle, is the same as asking someone to sign your name in a logsheet up a mountain while you are sitting at the bottom. Why does it seem morally more acceptable to do the former. I often see logs where people "proudly" claim that they did not solve the puzzle, but logged the cache while in the company of someone who solved it. But very seldom see a log where someone claimed that a third party did the difficult terrain for them. Is there grey areas? Maybe fine to ask for a hint when you are stuck, but not so much to just ask for the final answer. I am not judging, just interested in an honest discussion how people feel about this. Even if the answer is "It does not bother me what other people do".
  10. Hi Danie. It seems that GC7EGJP Whale Trail Vaalkrans is wrongly identified as in the Eastern Cape. Maybe a reviewer can fix that. Those cardinal caches is surely something to put on the bucket list. Hopefully one day we will get there. Thanks for keeping the stats going.
  11. Karma is one of those stats that you can do only so much to improve. Placing caches, even quality ones, only get you so far. Living in an active caching community, or an area visited by lots of tourists is of course ideal. The other, more drastic step is of course to cache less, but who would want to do that.
  12. I would assume that a good portion of them might be tourists?
  13. I am not surprised by the event statistics. In our area(Nelson Mandela Bay) it went from about 15% in 2017 to about 31% in 2018. Although the total amount of new caches was about the same, the number of events, more than doubled. It could be an interesting discussion why that would be the case. Thank you for keeping us entertained with all the stats, Danie.
  14. For me the obvious reason is so that the icon on the map can display where the cache is actually hidden. That helps in a number of ways. (It calms my OCD lol) But seriously when looking at the map to find a spot to hide a new cache you can easily see available spaces. Then when out hiding the cache, either with your phone or GPSr you can see the proximity of caches if it is going to be a close fit. The more of your own mystery caches you have, the more helpful this feature becomes. Then the confusion part. When clicking on the Corrected Coordinates feature a box will pop up with the following message. Corrected Coordinates (hidden from others) If you read that sentence, especially the part in the brackets. Not sure how people can think that it will change the coordinates on their cache so that other cachers can see the corrected coordinates.
  15. I understand that feeling. Glad to hear that the reviewing process has started. Will be on the lookout for the new puzzle.
  16. I just woke up one morning, and it was not that much fun anymore. Picked an interesting number not too far into the future and the decision was made to stop then. It gave me enough time to prepare mentally for the stop. So when the day arrived it was no problem at all. I suppose for some people it would be easier to stop on their terms, and for others when they have no other choice, meaning there is no more caches available within reasonable distance or similar. You will have to decide for yourself what applies to you. It is easier when you replace one obsession with another. So I started solving puzzles. And no, I did not fall into the trap of solving a puzzle a day and go on a streak. All of a sudden I had lots of time on my hands, so I started placing caches again. Now it is my time to give back to the community again. I am still far behind on that, but it is a work in progress. The rush of getting a great log on one of your own caches, quickly fades the memories of your streak. Good luck with your decision either way.
  17. Thanks for the update. Interesting to follow the progress. Looking forward to the next instalment to see how the Planetary Souvenir chasing effect the stats.
  18. It would be interesting to follow these stats as the year progress.
  19. Hi Danie. Thanks for all the effort and redoing the stats. It seems the Eastern Cape was not as bad hit as some of the other provinces on the finds side. The planting of caches might be another story.
  20. Hi Danie. Love your stats. Just a quick question. If I count the found logs for 2017 on the cache listing I get well over 320 "Found it" logs. Am I missing something? 1. GC31WXR Table Mountain Travel Bug Hotel CapeDoc Cape Town 269 finds I have a feeling the negativity and fighting on social media in 2017 did not help things either. Keep up the great work.
  21. It seems the provinces names are in the wrong order for their respective stats.
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