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  1. I think you could bring more people in if you did add a tab to the geocaching.com stats. My wife for one has a handicap (knees that make for difficult walking/hiking) that makes doing any cache over a 2/2 impossible. Virtuals and locationless are better for her for the most part....how many handicapped people would join if they could add their stats up in one place?

  2. Even with the rain on Friday into Saturday....this years picnic at Thatcher Park was GREAT--all the diehards caching in the rain and mud......Great food, lots of friends-new and old, some great games and wonderful surprises (like 4 people picking their own names in drawing the door prizes).....Sunday was a beautiful day, a little windy but SUNNY!!!! I think everyone had a good time......

  3. I like the looks and features of the new page. The only problem I am having is the link that use to be there along with Filter Finds that would give me all the caches in NY. This was very useful in looking at upcoming Event Caches as they were always on the top of the list. At the present time I am going to the Hide/Seek a Cache and checking by State. This gives the same results with a couple of extra steps. Is the link I am referring to on the new page and I just missed it or is this the way I will have to search for event caches in the future?

  4. I would like to express my heart felt thanks to all the geocachers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that are attempting to locate the Remember 09-11-01 T.B. I can't remember all your user names right now but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all the effort being put in to this search. That you would put forth the time and effort for someone hundreds of mile away means a great deal to me. Thank you very much, Gandalf.

  5. Not very active is an understatement. They seem to be what use to be called “one hit wonders”. I just wish they had not picked up Babe on their one hit. Guess I will just give it a little more time. Maybe with some luck Babe will get back on the road, if not he will be my first contribution to the Travel Bug Graveyard. Thanks for the responses, Gandalf.

  6. Unfortunately “Babe on the Road” is not in a cache. He was picked up on 04/27/03 by zip&goo. Here’s their log;


    zip&goo grabbed it:

    Hello! Zip&Goo took the Babe on the Road travel bug from the Grizz2 cache on 04/27/03. He is in good hands. He may be traveling to western Michigan soon. We'll be sure to log his travels.


    According to the user profile they (zip&goo) are from around the DuBois, PA area. What I was hoping was that someone who knows them would see the post, make contact with them and either retrieve Babe or ask them to get him back into a cache. I appreciate your offer, but at this time the only information I have to go on is the last log entry. Thanks for the response, Gandalf.

  7. I have a problem that I hope someone in the Pennsylvania area can help me with. I started Babe on the Road T.B. in the Ft. Bragg area on Dec. 29th 2002. The goal was to get back to the Saratoga, N.Y. area. On April 27th 2003 Babe was grabbed from the Grizz2 cache by zip&goo. Unfortunately Babe has not moved since. I have tried to contact zip&goo through both the email addresses listed in the Member Profile with no success. The Member Profile lists zip&goo as being in the DuBois PA area. Is anyone familiar with zip&goo? If so could you possibly contact him (them) and find out where Babe is? If he (they) still have Babe maybe someone would be kind enough the retrieve him so he can get back on the road. Any assistance in retrieving Babe and getting him going again would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gandalf.

    If anyone gets information about Babe I will be watching this topic or they can reach me at gandalff@nycap.rr.com.

  8. The trucking industry has been doing this for years. There are Police Dept's. Taxi Companies, Power Companies (Niarga Mohawk, NYSEG) several major chain stores also track there vehicles (Sears, WalMart etc). Most of this is because of misuse of the vehicles by employees. Some the routing is done by a combination of GPS and computers. Isn't technology wonderful????

  9. I have never done a locationless cache and do not plan to any time soon. I have however done the benchmark hunting and will do any that are reasonably close to a cache. If the locationless caches are in there own category that would be fine with me. I vote to suspend them until they have there own category.

  10. My first caching experience was with Rusty O Junk. He talked me into going out for the day to central N.Y. So off we went bright and early in the a.m. On that trip I learned what bushwacking is all about. We did seven caches that day and on one I found out what a T.B. shortcut was. That’s when your GPS says that you are farther away from the cache with an easy trail and you go to where your GPS says you are closer but have to climb almost straight up. I have to say that it was a great time, went out and got my own GPS shortly after and logged onto Groundspeak. The only down side is that I did seven caches that I couldn’t log. Now I can’t wait for Spring so I can get out again.

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