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  1. Or go to plan B... Toyota (Canada) is offering Garmin 60CS if you purchase a truck. My wife took delivery of her new Tacoma 4 door, on Friday. I take delivery of my new GPS on Christmas morning. Seems a fair deal to me :-)
  2. Apparrantly, if you buy a Garmin 60CS for about $35,000 Cdn, they'll throw in a free Toyota Tacoma. Or something like that. All I know is I'm getting a new GPS for Christmas. My wife can do what the heck she wants with the truck.
  3. My favorite hiking / dog walking place is locked down for season, as hunters are using the land next door. So I can't use a conservation area, becuase the things being conserved there are being shot, next door. Sigh....
  4. My Magellen 315 will let me enter coords in any system, then change systems... so now those coords show up in new system. Ie... Enter NOOKIE POINT as UTM save switch coord system to Lat/Long open NOOKIE POINT see NOOKIE POINT as Lat/Log. D
  5. I think I pay a fee to help cover the cost of running a park, where my taxes don't do enough. Paying for the rangers, the parking, the visitor center, the porta-potties, the search and rescue guys, etc etc etc. I doubt someone who can't afford a park entrance fee ($10.00 Cdn for my nearest Provincial Park) can afford to Geocache. Just my two cents (1.6 Amercian cents). Dave
  6. I was leaving glass insulators, from an old telegraph line, from ummm... not telling. :-) North of Lake Ontario. I stopped when I began to run out. The dogs are getting too old for the rather rough and long hike out to where I was getting them, and I don't go hiking without them.
  7. Military - where my tent is.... where the food is... where the pooper is.... not necessarily in that order of priority Diving - where the good spots are Hiking - How much further now... (SE Ontario res, check out Frontenac Park, Frontenac Challenge) Model Railways - Where nifty things are I wish to incorperate into my model Railway Business Travel - where the hotel is Looking Cool - I am a Clerk / Sergeant Major... I have a brief case AND a pace stick... When I talk about trains, Star Trek and Starwars the GPS just adds to my cool factor.... away ladies - away, for the love of God, I am a married man!
  8. been in the army 20 years... ammo - rhymes with whamo (like when your head gets wholloped with a branch) can - rhymes with dadgum (like when your head gets wholloped with a branch). Hope this helps.
  9. I too, have been guilty of not logging DNF. Sort of felt like I was insulting the owner due to my incompetance... I log them now, though, for all the reasons listed above.
  10. OH MY GOD I thought his name was up - n - at - it. I only just caught on... you-pea-n-ya-chit I am SUCH a chit-head. Now I understand.... would I want my 7 year old nephew reading all this? Nope. Is is a family site? Yup. Should he change his name.... nope... but I hope he does.
  11. I've been in the Army 19 years. Neve - not once - have I ever gotten PI. Even during an absolutly horrid ex, when the entire company got it bad enough to get sent home, there was I still in the woods. Not everyone is allergic to it. Put it in the notes, and do upgrade the difficulty, but don't move the cache (them that are allergic to PI can go in winter, or wear rubber boots or hope to evolve).
  12. Same thing with super old forestry practices. Effictivly, it was an industrial site, so large rocks in area are trouble. Piled them up. After they left the forest grew back, and the rocks stayed where they were. Olden days stuff is cool.
  13. I have 230 pounds of Golden Retriever and Akita Shepherd. Living out in the country, my rule is simple... I never take them anywhere they will have to be on a leash. I always take leash with me, and if there is ANYONE in the parking lot of our hiking area, they are on it until we're on the trails (or better yet, off the trails). The dogs are harmless. I know that, but how far do I trust them? Not one inch - not in traffic, not with other peoples kids and not with other people. The risk is too great. So if there were other folk / other dogs around, they'd be leashed the whole time. Long and short of it - I would not take them to an event where they'd be on a leash most of the time. They would not enjoy it. That being said, other dogs have other ways.
  14. Try a search for ones in Kingston... K7K 3E8 Some really nice ones close together.
  15. Has to be Diamond After The Rough http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b3-be7705fedb68 A beautiful spot, simply beautiful. If you see two hundred pounds of big stupd dogs, pulling 100 pound of skinny guy with a GPS, Binos and a packpack, that's us - we're there every weekend.
  16. So I guess I'm evil... I've been looking for "A world Apart" in Kingston, since it was first placed. Other folk have said "oooo easy" and "simple and pretty" etc etc etc. Everyone and their two year old was finding it. I simply could not. I did not fill the log with DNF.. I'm not sure why really... since it was a 1/2 (too easy to find, but not wheel chair accessable), I just did not want to fill someones log with evidence of my stupidy. I mean I looked for this thing about 50 times... once a week more or less since it was laid. No joy. Until today (wheeeeeee). After a while it would just get stupid. So I guess that's my excuse for not logging in attemps 35 onwards. Why did I not log the first few? I guess I'm evil. But you're right - I should have logged them. And will in the future... it's only a game, but the game has rules :-)
  17. Dave Lucas


    I have to say it.... Magellan man, for the love of God, get a Magellen.
  18. Well said. Why is it most threads degenerate to simply rudeness? Don't answer that, anyone - it's off topic :-)
  19. I still use a backpack. On the right chest strap I have a simple pouch for my GPS / Camera (they both fit in, but I usually have one or the other in my hand) On the left chest strap is a smaller pouch for a set of mini binos. On the right hand side is a water bottle pouch. When I get to the cache I take it off and relax. It's good for carrying all kinds of loot and munchies... and my dog leashes. BTW - Binrat - the new stuff is cool, but if I used it, then I'd still be at work ... nope, nope, nope - when I'm off, I'm OFF.
  20. True, but if my actual X coord is "0" and I take one reading and it says "5" then I am off by 5. If I average the following: 5 6 4 5 2 1 -6 -4 -3 0 3 then my average (that I post) will be the total (11) / the number of readings (11) = 1. Pretty darned close - better than "5".
  21. I've pretty well given up all aspects of Geocaching just because of the evilness and tone of the threads.... It's really sad - when I started, all you heard from newbies was "wow everyone is so freindly here" etc etc etc... not it's waaaaay too much trashing each other. I still think Geocaching is neat, but I tend to TNLN and not bother logging the cache or signing the log book Sad, really.
  22. Magellan 315. Love it. Would like to move up to one of their new models, with maps etc, but I need the money for model trains. Too many hobbies, too little time... and never enough cash :-)
  23. I was instructing Magellen 315 to my military unit this wknd. It got down to -30 and only one of them (I had 5) packed it in. We were carrying them in our hands while on snowshoes hiking around the woods...
  24. I use my GPS for Geocaching (NAD 27 & Lat Long) and for military exercises... (WGS 84 & UTM). So long as you enter the data into the GPS in the same format and datum it was given to you, you can then afterwards re-set your unit to speak in the other lanquage... well you can if you use a Magellan 315 :-)
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