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  1. So my GPS came in today and I loaded everything into it. Unfortunately I don't have any detailed map yet. City Navigator and related titles seem to be in non-existant supply. I understand v8 is coming out so I hope if I snag City Select off ebay, I can upgrade it to v8 Nav when it comes out... it was about the only thing I could get my hands on.
  2. Well, I'm from New Orleans. If I can deal with the mosquitos down here, nothing should bother me. As for beef jerky, well, that's my favorite food, so no problem! I even make my own... hey I wonder if that would be a good thing to leave in a cache?
  3. Hello everyone, I have always wanted a GPS so I finally ordered one (a Garmin 60csx) and have discovered the world of geocaching. I'm in New Orleans but will be all over the place, especially between Louisiana and Arkansas. I've already loaded up lots of GPS coordinates of caches in various areas and next week my unit should be delivered so I'm anxious to join the hunt, and I'm even more excited about deploying my own caches. I just wanted to say hello!
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